Burned puppy in Kansas City with severe burns winds up as having been an accident

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In Kansas City, Kansas, a four-month-old puppy with horrible injuries was found just south of Ferree and Argentine Boulevard. On Saturday, the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City began treating the burned puppy, who when found, suffered from second and third degree burns covering half of her body. According to the organization’s Facebook page, authorities believed the puppy dubbed Aurora had been an innocent victim of an intentional act of animal cruelty.

On Monday, the Kansas City Kansas Police Department’s investigation revealed the puppy accidentally knocked over a pan of hot grease while the owners had been cooking. The family told authorities they tried to provide Aurora with the proper medical treatment but could not afford it and didn’t want their dog euthanized. They stated they contacted Animal Control “as a last resort” to pick up the puppy – knowing she would be given medical treatment.

“The story that was seen on social media and was seen running down the street was not true,” Officer Cameron Morgan with The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department told 41 Action News.  “An incident occurred with the family that actually owned the puppy. They have been in contact with us. Somehow in the communication, this separate story was leaked out that the dog was actually set on fire. The dog was never actually set on fire, but did sustain burns to her, just not by a fire.”

According to FoxNews, veterinarians examining the pup, said her injuries were not consistent with gasoline or any type of flammable accelerant. How the accident happened has not been explained, however the investigation does continue. Police do not expect to file any charges at this time.

“If this were my pet, I’d be heartbroken. I’d be really heartbroken,” stated Officer Morgan.

Aurora continues to make progress and is reported to be doing better every day. The puppy is also deaf – there has been no correlation between the accident and her lack of hearing.  To help with the puppy’s recovery, please click here. Aurora still has a long way to go until she is ready for a new home.

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(Photos and videos courtesy of the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City)

And when you’re this cute, you get turkey for breakfast. Check out Aurora’s video:

Turkey for breakfast.

Posted by Humane Society of Greater Kansas City on Sunday, April 30, 2017


13 replies
  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    OMG, she’s deaf? I want her! I lost my deaf hound girl, Ran, just over two years ago and I miss her SO much. This one isn’t a hound, but I’d love to have her. Glad to find out she’s getting better….

  2. Cynthia Como says:

    Poor baby! I’m still baffled by the fact that she was found running down the street,unless that is also untrue??? Get well soon Aurora

    • ellen cottone says:

      tina, just a thought the owners tried hard to decieve. this does not look like a greese and fire burn . if a dog catches on fire from greese she could have been thrown in a kitchen sink. nothing ran down the street on fire, what did she open the door her self or did they hold the door open and not try to put her out.
      they are a lyin sack of Sh*t anyone who believes them is a fool.
      So you got it. How and why would a puppy pull a pan of greese on her self . if she pulled a pan of greese ontop of her it would be on her face and the dorsal part of her back. no the injury is not consistant with the story.they dont deserve an apology. They should never be able to own a pet. and i would investigate the family members.to see if there are any other Greese fire injuries.

      • Nancy Raymond says:

        I agree Ellen Cottone, this whole story sounds very suspicious – I, too would like to know how a puppy could have pulled a pan of grease from a stove. Something stinks big time and these people are trying to cover up an act of cruelty. I hope she recovers and gets a safe loving home.

    • myriam lefler says:

      Yes indeed: very hard to believe that this was an accidental burn — judging from the nature of the burns. Non assistance to a living being in need, harmed by your negligence (at best), and deceit are criminal actions.

  3. Wendy Houghton says:

    That’s what happens when an assumption is made.

    I hope an apology was made to the former owners.

    • ellen cottone says:

      An apology to owners who originally lied about greese fire story? its still a mystery as to how the injury happened but it was at the hands of former owners. how should the apology go?

      • Cynthia Como says:

        I read yesterday that the grease story is a lie and that when the owner called she told the authorities the puppy was a stray! She finally admitted that she owned the puppy and the puppy was left untreated for almost five days! She said that she wanted the puppy to get help and thought if she told them it was a stray they would rush it to get help! The whole story is fishy and we will probably NEVER know the truth.

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