Bull injures matador in Mexico

Matador injured by bull
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Late last week, a matador was seriously injured by a charging bull during a competition in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. According to Saturday’s publication of the Mirror U.K.., the matador who bore the literal brunt of the angry bull’s wrath was 26-year-old Sergio Flores.

Flores was impaled by the bull’s horn during a tournament on Friday – the matador was dragged around the ring after the bull’s horn impaled him beneath his arm. Flores was tossed into the air and shaken violently before being released from the bull’s horn.

The injuries from the huge animal are significant – so much so that Flores’ survival remains in question. Animal welfare advocates have been less than sympathetic to the matador’s injuries, in light of the brutal nature of this blood-lust “sport.”

(Stock image of matador via Pixabay)

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  1. Correct….. NO SYMPATHY for the monsters who are bullfighting. They get what they deserve. They starve these animals, drug them and put stuff in their eyes to help disable them so the Monstadors can look like really tough guys running around and torturing them until they die.
    As the saying goes………………….LIVE BY THE SWORD…..DIE BY THE SWORD, or in this case the bulls horn!! GO BULL, GO BULL, GO BULL

  2. Hurrah for the bull !!! It is about time that they get to even up the score for all the brutality and torture they have subjected these animals to all these centuries. This is NO DIFFERENT than dog fighting. It is all done for greed. Everyone who attends this atrocity and supports them, should be arrested. This is animal abuse, bottom line. It needs to stop and stop now. Close them down. Best wishes TO THE BULL.

  3. He deserves what ever injuries he got. They don’t care about torturing the innocent bulls, stabbing them, scaring them, eventually watching them fall and die from loss of blood while the humans clap and cheer. The bull looks up with eyes begging for help only to be stabbed some more times. I’m glad he got gored, I hope he’s in agony, I hope he’s scared, honestly I hope he suffers for weeks then dies!!!

  4. I smell the sweet scent of karma!!!!!
    That you bull for for doing a good job of making this matador look like a b*#@h

  5. No sympathy from me either. It was the matador’s choice to harm this bull for entertainment. Maybe that’ll wake them up to the cruelty.

  6. Banning this gruesome activity is the way to stop these injuries, and has the side benefit of bulls not being killed for the enjoyment of people.


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