Brokenhearted owner surrendered puppy wearing Christmas sweater to pound

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A brokenhearted owner surrendered his six-month-old Labrador retriever puppy to the Harris County Animal Shelter on Saturday. The puppy, named Taz was dressed in his Christmas sweater. A volunteer at the shelter was present when Taz and another dog were surrendered. Their heartbreaking story is reported as follows:

Ali Gallegos Harris County Animal Shelter Pets In Need 
“I was there when Taz was surrendered with his mom yesterday because their owner had to leave the country to care for his mother, her health deteriorated and they’re facing hospice care. The owner begged his friends in town to pet sit but no one wanted to help. The owner sat outside the shelter crying and holding tight these two dogs and begging them for forgiveness. Then once he handed them over to the shelter staff, he was crying more while looking at the kennel admission forms with their intake pictures. It was so heartbreaking seeing a tough man cry and it was so disappointing knowing none of his friends/family offered to help him with Cookie and Taz.”

Taz is an owner surrender, and therefore can be adopted immediately. The adoption fee is  $50 dogs, $80 puppies, $20 cats, $35 kittens (includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, rabies and microchip) Seniors and military ½ off adoption fee. A Facebook page can be followed by clicking here. Please share Taz’ plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

(Photos and video of dog wearing Christmas sweater and Cookie courtesy of volunteers for Harris County Animal Shelter Pets in Need)

The Harris County Animal Shelter is located at 612 Canino Road in Houston, Texas. Additional photos of the pets can be seen here:
Please call the shelter staff with questions: 281-999-3191; Press 0

Check out Taz’ short video here: 499093 (description included)


Check out Cookie’s short video here: 499090 (description included)


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    • Someone in the area could also adopt them together & then give them back to owner when he returns!! Come on people we need this to happen, they also could set up a Go Fund page to help feed them!!

      • Great idea Pam! If someone would be so kind to foster Cookie & Taz until the owner can return it would be wonderful – and a Go Fund page to set up for food and any vet care – I cannot believe no friend or relative would help – heartless. There are other options instead of surrendering.

      • Our shelter offers a safe home,safe haven for people going through divorce, tough times, illness, etc and cannot care for their pets for an extended time. The dogs are kept at the shelter, fed and given attention and love until the owner is able to take care of them again. It’s a great program.

      • I agree with the others folks. It would be best if someone could adopt them (foster them) and when the owner comes back, send them home with their DAD! It would help this person help the parent pass and be awesome KARMA FOR THE PERSON fostering the puppies.

      • I most definitely would help so these two can be fostered together until dad comes back! Please keep us updated if this is possible. Thank you

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking!! I am absolutely willing to foster them and sit for free for the owners until they return.

    • Houston, Texas. I was thinking the same thing – I wish there was a rescue that would foster the dogs until the owner returns. If I was in Houston, I would do it – it wouldn’t be easy because I have two elderly Yellow Labs with health problems but this foster is very temporary. It makes me sad that the owner had to surrender them.

  1. There has got to be someone who would take these two dogs on. Its very sad to see them in the shelter. So come on please adopt these 2 adorable dogs and get them out of there

  2. Pretty sad not one person could help!!!! How hard could it be???? Something should have been done to prevent this! Aren’t there any animal lovers close by that could help keep this family together???? Blows my mind!!!!!!! A go fund me for boarding until he gets back???!!!! Not right!!!!

    • I wish I was closer – I would do it even though my hands are full with two elderly Yellow Labs with health problems and I work full-time. This foster would be temporary and someone should be able to do it. Makes me sad.


    • It’s not the owners fault. It’s his “family” not stepping up to help him. I’d be ashamed to be one who refused to help him .

      • You are way out of line Josephine Frazier. The owner is heartbroken because he couldn’t get anyone to take care of his babies while he leaves the country to care for his dying mother. Sick, heartless relatives and friends is what you should have said. How can family and friends turn their backs like that and call the man a relative or friend?? =( =( =(

  4. Hard enough for a pet to loose his owner, but when it is obvious that the owner is very upset about giving up his dogs and crying about it, that is a hard thing to watch knowing this man is doing the best he can for his dogs and caring for his mother. I pray that this shelter push these two dogs as well as others in their facility. Two family dogs without a home. Hope they can be placed together. Maybe the owner will return quickly so he can keep his dogs with him.

  5. Why can’t the shelter hold the dogs until the owner can come back & get them? If his mom is in hospice she probably won’t be here long. I know shelters don’t have alot of money, but you could help this poor guy out. So sad!! Prayers for this guy in Jesus name Amen!!

  6. Groups like Best Friends have programs for short term foster care for situations like this.. there must be a way this owner can keep his dogs. So many people surrender their Animas becuase they are no longer wanted..this is heartbreaking.

  7. No one at the shelter could of helped him with a pet sitter instead of taking two dogs into a crowded shelter.
    The staff are very cold hearted people they could of made a happy Christmas for this owner and the dogs. Instead stood there and watch this happen. They must resources even a rescue group to take the dogs until the owner returns.
    Staff wins the Scrooge award

  8. Instead of adopting out a man’s dogs who obviously loves his pets why not network for him for someone to foster for him while he is gone. I would do it in a heartbeat if I was in the area and if I would others would. Come on people have a heart for the good humans that truly care for their animals. There are so many bad owners out there we need to help the good ones any way we can!!! This man needs a Christmas miracle!!!!

  9. Hope and pray these two dogs get adopted together and are back in a loving home soon. They would have still been with owner if he had not gone to take care of his elder mother who needs his care. Hopefully the owner will be reunited with the two dogs he also loves as he does his mother. What a hard situation to be in. I can imagine how he felt turning them in and crying right there for all to see. My prayers go with him.

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  11. So sorry! ! Why can any of his frend help him? ?? I whish he can take them again after he have helped his mother ❤❤❤❤❤ Ny heart is broken for this family ???????? Somenody help them !! ITS CRISTMAS ???????????????????? BIG HUGS FROM SWEDEN ????????????????????????????

    • Work through the shelter Charlotte, maybe they have an address for the man and you could work with the shelter so the owner can know you will take care of the dogs until he returns.

  12. How about a go fund me page to house the dogs by the responses I know alot of people would donate including me why no comments from the shelter it’s their job to do what’s right for these dogs

  13. Update! Rescue to get them yesterday. I am working with a rescuer who has agreed to sponsor & board these two as long as needed until the owner returns. I called the shelter yesterday & left my info with desk clerk. I advised what we’ll do to help. I told her to please have rescue group coming to call me because most cannot do what we’re referring to. I’ve heard nothing. If you have any info to the rescue who stepped in or if you’re the rescue please advise. The main thing here is yes they are safe. However the RIGHT thing to do is rightfully put good will toward this man & put his family back together.

  14. Great news any donations needed to help with their help I would happily donate please keep us posted has the owner of the dogs been notified this will be a great Christmas for him and the dogs


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