Brokenhearted 11-year-old Roxy traded in for kitten at Florida shelter

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RESCUED! Please check out all of the other great dogs in need of home at the Orange County Animal Shelter. Every dog has their own story, and every dog deserves a loving home.

For over a decade, Roxy had a home. Tragically the bitter irony is the very place she was adopted from as a puppy, the Orange County Animal Shelter in Orlando, is now the place she was returned. This time, an adorable little kitten took Roxy’s place – her bed, her toys and every warm caress and pat atop her head she had known for so many years. We can only hope the brokenhearted Roxy did not see her family walking out of the shelter with their new pet.Roxy by Cris 2

When shelter volunteer Cris Ferreira Reed arrived on Saturday, the heartbreak of Roxy’s plight was revealed.

“She is in ISO (isolation) and the ACO told me she was growling and snapping. I got permission to give it a try…. She crawled into my lap. She was just scared. She can sit, shake and is very obedient. He begged me ‘to take her today.’ I wish I could…”Roxy by cris 4

A Facebook link to help Roxy can be followed here. Please share this senior’s story with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Click here for her adoption photos and her listing. Animal ID: A047268    Room No.: WD08. “Hi, my name is Roxy. I am an approximately 11 year old bl brindle and br brindle spayed female.  I tested heartworm negative. I weigh approximately 48 pounds. I have been at Orange County Animal Services since Tuesday, February 21, 2017.” If you are looking for me, please come to Orange County Animal Services at 2769 Conroy Rd., Orlando, FL. The phone number is (407)836-3111.

(Edit: Please note the kitten was not adopted through the OCAS.)

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155 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    There is no way that ‘shelter’ should have allowed those scumbags to walk out with that kitten. They’ll only do the exact same thing to him or her in about 10 years! In fact, their picture should be sent to every shelter and rescue to make certain they cannot adopt from ANYONE in the area. I feel so sorry for Roxy, and that poor little kitten.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      Your are absolutely right! As soon as this kitten becomes a cat, it will be dumped just like Roxie – these people should NEVER have been given another animal – they have proven themselves to be uncaring irresponsible pet owners. I truly hope Roxie gets a safe loving home – senior dogs are great.

      • Kethualee says:

        Agreed.the shelter shouldn’t approved the application for the kitten ‘s adoption.From the way the owner send back Roxy prove that the owner is an irresponsible owner.

      • Joyce Hering says:

        It says the kitten was not adopted from that shelter. But they could have at least gone to the vet and sent her on her way surrounded by people she knew and loved. cowards…

      • mike says:

        Joyce why on earth would they have brought Roxy to the vet? She wasn’t sick. They no longer wanted her.

    • Susan Sganga says:

      Exactly! You surrender you elderly dog because they are just getting old so you get a kitten and when the cat gets old they will be returned too. They have been MADE to pay a fine for returning that poor baby to help with any vet expenses AND not allowed to adopt another pet.

      • Sue Ruhl says:

        Most people who either just let a dog out with no thought of taking him/her back, or release them to a shelter are doing it because the dog (or cat) needs veterinary care!!! The people either don’t have the money or don’t want to spend the money to help their pet in old age!!!

        I volunteer at my local, no-kill shelter and also belong to an animal welfare group for the benefit of that shelter, as well as low-income citizens in our country. We raise money to help pay vet bills for the shelter and community dogs and cats. Last month we paid over $10,000 in vet bills!!!! Did I mention we do a LOT of fundraising??? We are so fortunate that in our small community, we have many loyal donors and animal lovers!!!

    • laura says:

      how can the shelter allow someone to turn a dog in and walk right out with another pet??? something is wrong with this place. in our shelter they would have been put on a black list where they can no longer adopt.

      • Will says:

        Fred, it can be inferred that they got the kitten from the same place from the article: “We can only hope the brokenhearted Roxy did not see her family walking out of the shelter with their new pet.”

      • Debbie says:

        The Shelter obviously made money for the kitten, sad thing is if no one comes in to adopt the poor old girl, they’ll put her down, why I say that, look at the actions they took, an old trade in for a purchase , that shelter needs to be investigated for inhumane procedure processing on animals, I sure hope the girl catches someone’s heartstrings and gets a loving home for her last days, about 4 yrs the most, unless something medically was happening they didn’t share, cause why would a shelter take on a 11 yr old dog, such a sad world we live in, people are mean, not the animals.

    • Lauraomega Burdine says:

      Sadly it happens all of the time. People dump animals and then walk out with a puppy and the shelter doesn’t care because they say at least they are taking one out. They don’t care about them being horrible pet owners.

    • Pam Fox Swank says:

      These are Two Different Shelters. They took Roxy to the Orange/Orlando City Pound. Then they adopted from The SPCA which is in the same area, different buildings, Two Seperate Organizations.
      I have adopted from The Orange/Orlando City Pound. They are very caring and they would never have allowed that family to have taken a kitten after dumping there dog. It is a great institution and I speak from experience in dealing with them.
      Please research before bad mouthing them. It is unwarranted. Roxy is Lucky she was taken there and not the other place. They would have put her down. These people will keep her until she gets a home.
      There is a misconception about pounds. Animals are not put down unless they are very sick or aggressive to humans and are not adoptable.

  2. Kathleen Drude says:

    Again a human has betrayed an animal! In this case having gotten Roxy from that very shelter! Animals don’t forget their origins! The sad part about this is she knew where she was and why! This senior needs to be adopted and taken out if that place! Please don’t let her beginnings become her ending as well!

  3. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Comment peut on abandonner une âme aussi douce simplement parce qu’elle est âgée , quelle trahison, quelle cruauté.
    S’il vous plaît, trouvez lui une vraie famille jusqu’à ses derniers jours, elle ne mérite pas de finir dans une cage.

    • Sue Ruhl says:

      Debbie, most shelters, by law, have to accept any dog or cat who is not outwardly vicious. They also cannot stop any person from adopting another animal, unless they are prohibited by law from doing so. These are two of dozens of reasons we need to change the laws in every state to HELP animals so they have rights!!! They have feelings, they feel happiness, sorrow and pain, just like humans. Why don’t they have any more rights than the very few they have now????

  4. Susan Bissell says:

    I agree with everyone that posted here. What will happen to the kitten when it gets old??? The same thing that happened to Roxy! The shelter shouldn’t of adopted a kitten to them! Mark our spread the kitten will be back when it is old for a new and younger model!

  5. SLV says:

    I hope Roxy finds a good loving home. Seniors are the best and if I lived closer I’d take her in a heart beat!!!! Shame on the “owners” who betrayed her….you’re a disgrace and a poor example to children.


    im so heart broken .every one of these dogs and cats need a loving home. Which means the person who is adopting them needs to show love as well. I wish my house was all together and I got my yard set up she would have a great time. I also have two older dogs. My chihuahua is almost 15 and my maltese is 13 years old. My daughter and her boyfriends pup is only a year old.

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    So they took in a dog and let the POS’s leave with a kitten! What do they think these people will do with the kitten when it has become old and not so cute anymore. Disgusting! Sharing you Roxy, hope you find your way out.

  8. Marc Graham says:

    Why exactly did that shelter do anything but put their coolest boots up that family’s ass instead of entrusting another defenseless soul into their undeserving hands? At what point does the insanity stop?

  9. willie hines says:

    I guess since not a puppy anymore and a senior dog now the family thinks she is not fun or needs to much time since old , This is so fucked up this shows the famiy character. Really loooooosers no heart no soul.enjoy your kitten just let the cat know now when she is older she will be trashed too.

  10. Mimi Thompson says:

    They never should have been allowed to adopt another pet. Shame on this shelter. There should be a registry for owners who dump their pets so they are not allowed to EVER have another pet. This is disgusting and the shelters should never allow this to happen.

  11. Kathi says:

    Who does this kind of crap? You don’t go throw your doggie away cuz it’s older snd get a kitten! You are stupid fugly people who need a hard slap enough to make you think!!

  12. 19thcenturylady says:

    There should be a national database of people who turn in pets like this. Shelters should access it and if you have turned in a pet because it got “too old” or whatever lame excuse you should not be allowed to adopt. This would be a great computer project for a high school or university computer class. Every shelter in America should have access to a database for rescuers gone wrong, rescue organizations gone wrong, animals abusers, hoarders, and people who dump a pet for no good damned reason. It would save pets a great deal of heartache.

  13. Donie Deaton says:

    Sadly, when I worked in Veterinary Medicine and Rescue while living in FL, used to see people change their pets with their “redecorating” so the look fit. Makes me sick still to this day but at least sweet Roxy wasn’t dumped by a road in nowhere… ????

  14. Andrea says:

    I wonder if their information is public record. That is a shame that a shelter allows someone to turn in a dog and get another animal. They should be put on a do not adopt list.

  15. Donna Campbell says:

    I can not even imagine taking one of my animals and just leaving it…that would be very similar to dumping a baby…only this one has 4 legs and fur and will always be a “child”. How could you break that old heart! I wish I was there..

  16. Anne says:

    They could have kept Roxie and adopted the kitten if they wanted another pet. Roxie would probably have loved the kitten and they snuggle buddies. Now we’ll never know. AH’s

  17. Becky McKay says:

    A friend of mine went to adopt her this morning. OCAS told her Roxy has been adopted and will go to her new home today. I don’t see that update on here, so I hope that was true.

  18. Frank says:

    I should have realized that app it is not like a car that you just traded in and trade up. They’re probably bunch of the minions the most heartless people I know you probably voted for Hillary. I don’t mean to offend anybody I’m just upset and I retract anything I just don’t want to take it out because I wanted to display my anger. And I agree with everybody that commented before me that they should have never letting them walk out with that kitten did not doing anybody a favor just like that one person and I think that a first comment they said just expect them back in 10 years because no time to trade that one in. That is just so rude I just can’t believe people are so heartless and I agree they should have their photograph taken and put in some type of book for dogs dog abuse. I wouldn’t want to be one of their children probably trade them in also. I don’t let me get off of here before I get crazy about this but I can’t believe somebody do something that wrong to an innocent pet that serve them for so many years are really. God forbid if their parents are still alive you know they’re going to a nursing home. I’m out of here

  19. Cindy says:

    Shelter should not adopt another animal to them, after dumping their fur baby like that. Bad shelter, poor girl. I hope someone can get her out. I hate people who are cruel to animals. They don’t deserve to have them.

  20. Cheri K. Mabbitt says:

    Oh how I wish I could have her… but I have no way to go get her… Shame on those people who dumped her… I’ll bet they are the type to also dump their parents, grandparents in a home, rather than let them and Roxy live with them until the end of her days…

  21. Susan Hubbell says:

    I wonder if the people will eventually bring back the kitten and trade it for another pet. I believe that the shelter was wrong in allowing the family to adopt another per

  22. Erin Sidenberg says:

    I just adopted a 3 year old cat from a rescue center and had to go through an interview process have 3 references and after what felt like a life time was approved. It makes me sick to think these people walked in with an older dog and left with a kitten. It’s great the center is telling people this but why are they not taking responsibility for their part in it. THEY LET THESE PEOPLE ADOPT A KITTEN knowing exactly the type of people they were!! The only reason I can think they would do this is money the people paid to bring the dog to the Shelter and paid for the kitten and instead of doing the right thing they took the money and made a space for more cats. I think both parties are disgusting in this instance and should be ashamed

  23. Amwdhammod says:

    Hello is there anyway where money can be donated till that puppy finds a place or a person to adopt her I would loved to take care of her but I am in Colarado and have two blind dogs

  24. Amed hammoud says:

    How can we help financially please I can help out … I would have adopted her but I live in Colorado and have two blind dogs

  25. Jo-Llyn Copp says:

    I agree with every single person but a
    what gets me is they should have NEVER TRADED out an old one for a new one! I’m APPALLED at this Adoption Center! They should be shut down immediately!!!

  26. Mari says:

    I adopted a “mature ” cat that had been turned in to Orange County Animal Services. Turns out the cat was much older than they said he was, and also a very sick cat. Their services were non existent as far as vet services. Their solution was to bring the sick cat back and pick out another! I brought the cat to my vet, spent a small fortune making sure that the last year of his life was as comfortable and loving as I could make it.
    I was not impressed with management and their lack of empathy & solutions .

  27. Katherine Martinez says:

    The view must be nice from of those saddles. Half of these comments blame the shelter, but the reality is that a kitten got a new home and the dog is going to be with someone who will truly care for her. If shelters and rescues groups refused individuals who have ever given up a pet, then even more animals would be euthanized because of space. People shouldn’t pretend to know what the circumstances were for that pet owner. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t dream of giving up my dog (who’s going on 14yrs) but I also feel blessed that I have never had to make that type of decision.

  28. kathy moraes says:

    I agree with nearly every comment here…..why is it allowed to take home another … whose unconditional love will likely be exploited and cast away as poor Roxy was ….. there should be protocol created and accepted by all Animal Shelters…if leaving an animal there, you cant adopt another., and share the peoples information with all local shelters prohibiting adoption of any animal. To share life, love, & heart with animals is one of the most precious gifts God ever bestowed upon us….its heartless to see those who exploit it….

    Tuesday – 28 February 2017 – 9:51pm

  29. Kathy Harriman says:

    On the Facebook page this article links to, it sounds like Roxie has been adopted. Also, it said she was found as a stray and when the shelter contacted her owners they said they had gotten a kitten.

  30. Elisa says:

    I would so take her for the rest of her life if she was closer. Poor baby. I hope and pray she gets a forever home for the rest of her days

  31. Solveig Pettersson says:

    They should not have any Cat or dogs! !! What a horribel behaving! !! No animals will be in this family! !!!

  32. Jeffrey DeFosse says:

    The Shelter sould have never allowed them to adopt anything. the dog was loyal for all those yers and this is how they repay her ? How could anyone do that WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE ,.? they are True PIECES OF S@#T! I only wish that family ill-will in everything the do!

  33. Heather Bertucci says:

    Never NEVER do you allow a person to “trade in” a pet. I’ll take ANY pet back that I adopted out, no matter how long it’s been, but if it’s been more than two weeks (sometimes during a trial period a pet and family just don’t mesh and that’s different) and you return a pet …you will NOT be adopting anything else from me AND I’ll call every rescue in a 3 state area to endure you don’t elsewhere as well! SHAME ON THIS SHELTER AND SHAME ON THESE PEOPLE!!!

  34. Bebe says:

    Why would they even allow that???? What kind of person does that????? I would have had no kind words for that family and would have told them to go where the sun don’t shine and find a pet there.

  35. Denise says:

    I see these silver faces so often, too often, is this what our society is coming to? No appreciation for loyalty, years of companionship and love? I am sure these people were no picnic as owners either if they could do this. The shelter should never have allowed them to adopt under these conditions having a crystal ball for the future of the kitten. I am praying a senior rescue will save Roxy and let her know that her loyalty was not in vain. Please step up!

  36. Stephen says:

    I will take her she can live out her life with me and my puppy she is more then welcomed send me an email please on more detils

  37. Dorianne Barnett says:

    So very sad.So unfair to Roxy. At least the jerks turned her back to the shelter. She is safe and being cared for. Please someone take her.

  38. Laurie Saiz Parks says:

    If you read even just the headline you would see the kitten was not adopted from the same shelter. Please be informed before you vilify an organization that is doing their best to help unwanted animals.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Actually, that “edit” that was added to the bottom about the kitten not being adopted from the same shelter was added after most of us had already commented on this. The headline clearly states “Brokenhearted 11-year-old Roxy traded in for kitten at Florida Shelter, I don’t see where I would get the idea they hadn’t gotten the kitten from the shelter. I, and I’m sure most of us would not vilify a shelter had that edit, at the bottom, been there in the first place. So we weren’t sufficiently informed so please don’t judge us for commenting with the information that was provided at the time.

      • Cheryl Hanna says:

        That edit was made at a later date, and it was only after I checked and checked again when I was finally able to contact a rep who was able to clarify the situation. (I did not state the kitten came from the same shelter.) Many times the plights of these dogs are a race against time, and as writers on their behalf, we don’t always get all of the details. Be assured, it is always our intention to speak on behalf of those who have no voice, and when additional information is made available, we publish it.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Cheryl, you and Penny Eims do a wonderful job, You won’t get any criticism from me, I fully understand you write these stories the best you can with what information is forthcoming at that time. Keep up the good work, many of us appreciate you getting these stories out there, I share them and contribute for the causes when I can.Thank you for what you do.

  39. Brian Watson says:

    Some relatives of mine had a Schnauzer for at least a decade. Someone told them to give her away for something to do, I guess. They gave her away when they should have doubled their efforts to keep her safe and warm, with lots of affection in her old age. I had never heard of anything so heartless and foolish at the same time.

  40. Jane says:

    Why would the shelter give the family a kitten after they surrendered the dog? Sounds like a story to tug at the heartstrings. It’s not necessary, just her pic is enough

  41. Kelly says:

    I don’t think any of these comments should be made because no one knows if the details are correct or better yet, what all the details are.
    What if this story is embellished to encrease the chances of finding this senior dog a home. What if there’s a new child in the house the dog is snapping at? Older dogs often don’t adjust well to toddlers. What if they have been forced to move somewhere that has a weight limit on dogs? What if the dog has severe incontenence issues but the family didn’t want to put her to sleep?
    No shelter would allow a family to adopt another pet if they brought one back unless there were circumstances beyond the family’s control.
    Stop judging what you don’t have first hand knowledge of.

    • Kathleen Drude says:

      This is in response to Kelly: did you grow up with brothers and or sisters? Did you always get along? Did your parents send one of you away because you didn’t get along all the time? Your comment is very disquieting! I feel sad for any animal you have had or will have! There are conditions that if not met will result in that pet being sent away! Aren’t you special!

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Kelly: If there is a new child and home, they have been “forced” to move somewhere where they can’t keep the dog or the dog has severe incontinence and they don’t want to deal with putting her to sleep, I call BS. All these stories would be legitimate embellishments to increase the chances of the dog being adopted so why lie? I raised my two babies with a German Shepherd, I have never NOT been able to find housing that wouldn’t take my Shepherds (it may take awhile but it can be done) and at the very least you have a dog for 11 years you owe that dog to be with them when and if they need to be put down for any reason. As we have found out, this shelter did NOT adopt out the Kitten to them and the one that did, most likely didn’t know they had just abandoned their 11 year old dog. So why shouldn’t we comment about something that we feel is very, very wrong? We certainly aren’t hurting these people’s feelings, They don’t care, they did the deed!

  42. Esther says:

    I don’t believe this is a true story.
    Roxie must have been lost, or her owner died or maybe she is sick and the owner could not afford to pay for her meds or possibly an operation and brought her to the shelter so they would take care of her needs.
    No one brings in their beloved pet just because it’s old and trades it in for a cat. There has to be more to this storyline

    • tina says:

      You would be surprised how many people do bring their seniors to the shelter. Many cases have been posted here and in face book.

    • mike says:

      Either you’re naive or choose not to believe that many seniors have been brought to shelters by their owners for various reasons. They don’t want to spend the money on senior vet care, want a new pet or they just don’t want the responsibility of seeing their pet to the end.

  43. EmileJ says:

    Jesus Christ! A dog is not like a f***ing car. You don’t just trade one in for a new model (or species) when it becomes old and an inconvenience. Bloody owners……

  44. Marsha Creson says:

    Please someone in Orlando give this baby a home . Let the last year’s be the greatest. I will never understand how can you get rid of a family member. Why did you guys let them adopt a cat? They prove not to be good people toward the end. You do not give back your dog.????

  45. Me. says:

    They should not have been allowed to adopt another pet when they dumbed one especially a senior , shame on that shelter.

  46. Donna says:

    Shame on the whole family. I hope their kids dump them somewhere when they get old. But what’s more shameful is YOU allowed them to adopt another pet. How did they even get approved? It will be back too in a few years!!

  47. Sherry says:

    Glad she was rescued. The animals that brought her back should not have been allowed to adopt another per. They are idiots that do not understand family live and I hope Karma kicks them in the butt

  48. O Olon says:

    Per the story OCAS did not adopt the owners the new kitten…………….but I’m with the rest of you I wish that they could put a black check on their name and address so they couldn’t adopt any animal at any shelter. They are not responsible enough to have animals if they do this to their animals.


  49. Steel Hyaena says:

    I am sitting here with twelve-year-old Valeia, my dilute torbie kitty. She’s been with me since a tiny kitten. I can’t imagine ever, ever giving her up. She’s sitting here under my laptop stand, so I can pet her while I work. And that’s how it will always be.


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