Breeder dump?

Breeder dump? White shepherds abandoned at the edge of Texas town

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Guest Post contributed by Rebecca Bridges

At first, residents of Odessa Texas thought they were seeing ghosts.  Five, sometimes six, White German Shepherds, also known as “ghost dogs” could be seen on the edge of town, elusive and afraid. Sadly, they weren’t spirits at all, but real dogs, dumped by an uncaring owner or breeder on the side of the road.

 A Facebook post by a concerned citizen, Courtney Owens, brought the dogs, now called “The Odessa 6” to the attention of Karen Blanchard, founder of Sauver Des Chiens, a Sealy, Texas based rescue that specializes in german shepherd and large breed rescue.

 “When we saw her post, we immediately sent her a message to discuss how we could help,” said Blanchard. ”Courtney didn’t hesitate to get involved to get these dogs to safety and find us a rescue friendly vet in the area,” aided by her friends Sharon Odom and Denise Price, also of Odessa, TX.

The Odessa 6 are a family — Mom and Dad, plus  3 Female Pups and 1 Male pup about 6-8 months old. 

 Just 36 hours after the dogs were rescued from the side of the road, all have been bathed and dipped, been tested for heartworm and tick disease (negative for both, thankfully) and have settled in to enjoy high calorie, high fat food. All will be spayed or neutered once they regain weight.

 One female pup has an old hip injury and will be transported to Houston for further evaluation.  The adult female, sadly, is pregnant again. Once her pups are born (due soon), she will be spayed, and homes found for her puppies.

 “Rescue work is expensive, but the lives it saves are priceless,” said Blanchard. “Our vet bills for The Odessa 6 will be expensive, but it’s worth it. Our name, Sauver Des Chiens means “to save the dogs.”  It’s what we do. “

 Those who wish to donate toward the care and vet bills of The Odessa 6 can donate via Paypal (, via their site or by mailing donations to PO Box 1091, Sealy, TX  77474

(Images contributed by Sauver Des Chiens)

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15 replies
  1. Helen says:

    Glad the Odessa 6 family was rescued and now safe. It must have been a backyard breeder who dumped the entire family on the side of the road.I hope the authorities make an effort to pursue the POS who abandoned the dogs and charged this low life with animal cruelty. It’s Texas after all,so I’m skeptical any serious effort will be made.

  2. ellen cottone says:

    Those dogs are workaholics
    who need a job.
    they were saved and will do great things ,
    these rare white , not so German shepherds
    they should be cherished and loved

    Their former owner can not defeat them.

    now please try and find the former breeders.
    I am afraid the have just moved on to over breeding poor females of another breed.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    SO HAPPY this Lovely family was RESCUED AS a FAMILY!!! The breeder should be neutered/spayed themselves…. what ROTTEN , SELFISH, MORONIC, PUKES!!! Instead of taking them to a shelter or rescue they dump them to get hit, starve, torn apart by wild animal’s !!! These riff-raff scum bags shed more light on the plight of the decent residents of Texas have to contend it!!!!!

  4. vicki hood says:

    Good save. Good people. Too bad Texas is about the worst state for cruelty and their laws are very lax. The law in Texas seems to work against animals. Some really bad cops there that often shoot dogs for no reason. Just some of them. Wish there were more officers that show kindness to all innocents.

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    How can someone dump these beautiful dogs? I’m so happy they have been rescued and hopefully will find loving homes.

  6. Cynthia Como says:

    A huge,huge heartfelt THANK U to all involved in the rescue of these gorgeous dogs!❤️ I have always thought white German Shepards were such beautiful dogs! It’s heartbreaking to me that the mom dog is pregnant again because we have such a massive problem with overpopulation of dogs and the heartache that comes with that overpopulation. I am so relieved that this group of fur babies will now know love and find their forever homes soon! GOD BLESS THE ODESSA SIX AND THEIR RESCUERS❤️


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