Horrible conditions found at breeder facility

Breeder banned for 15 years after horrible conditions were found at facility

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A breeder has been slapped with a 15 year ban after investigators found horrible conditions for the dogs who were in her care. On Friday, the Scottish SPCA (SSPCA) issued a release about the investigation which led to the ban on 55-year-old Morag Jackson of Stonehouse.

According to the SSPCA, there were 36 dogs and puppies who had been forced to live in two wooden sheds and a garage. Inspector Joanne Boyle stated, ”

“A West Highland terrier hidden away in a carrier had a severe skin complaint and also had alopecia. She had no access to light, food or water. The canines were being kept in disgusting conditions, the bedding was soaked with urine and there was a lot of feces.”16473891_10154065563606876_1251463902124767155_n

In addition to the poor living conditions, the investigation revealed that the dogs had been forced to consume filthy water and food tainted with “debris.” Inspector Boyle commented on the poor condition of the dogs who had been in Jackson’s care:

“The dogs had a series of health ailments which could have been easily treated with veterinary treatment. A number of the dogs had a lice infestation and bad skin conditions which would have been causing them a lot of pain and discomfort.

Jackson had attempted to appeal the court’s decision, but she lost her bid to continue breeding. Inspector Boyle said:

“We welcome the fact that Jackson has been dealt with by the court and the sentence handed down. We hope she will give serious consideration about her suitability to care for other animals in the future.

“Thankfully, the dogs have now received the proper treatment and have made a full recovery.”

(Photos via SSPCA Facebook page)


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  1. Red says:

    Is this monster NOT serving any jail time? REALLY??? She should have 5-10 YEARS in prison, $100,000 fine AND the ban on breeding FOREVER……………

  2. Edward Nagle says:

    you fuckin stupid people you let her walk she should be shot but instead throw her in prision and give contaimated food and water then beat her a hose

  3. pennysdachshund says:

    This is SO not Right ::: This should have been a lifetime ban:::: and she should have to let the Authorities Check unannounced several times a YEAR to MAKE DAMN SHURE SHE IS IN COMPLIANCE!!!! The AUTHORITIES ARE JUST TOO DAMN LAZY AND GREEDY!!


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