Bonded shepherds taken in at shelter – nobody has come forward for them

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Several weeks ago, two bonded shepherds, dubbed “Luke,” and “Leia,” were taken in at the Victor Valley Animal Protective League Humane Society in Apple Valley, California. The dogs are beautiful, and friendly, but nobody has come forward to claim them as their own.

According to a volunteer who photographs dogs at the animal shelter facility, Luke and Leia adore being near one another (neither are fixed and there is speculation that they may have been a breeding pair), but Leia becomes very stressed if she is separated from her friend.Bonded shepherds

Luke and Leia have no idea why they are locked away behind bars – right now, they could use the help of strangers. Please share the adoption information for these beautiful German shepherds. Luke and Leia are located in kennel C-17. It is believed that Luke is approximately four to six years of age and Leia is three to five years of age.

VVAPL Humane Society
Phone: 760-247-2102

(Photos via Susanna Roy)

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  1. Anina Cahova says:

    Could you please give us the link to the photo thread of these sweet furbabies so we can help share & network them? They are nowhere to be found! Where exacly are they now? Is that shelter on FB?? Thanks!

  2. Kathleen Drude says:

    These two beautiful shepards may have been on their own for a while! It could be that they found each other or they were part of a backyard breeders group! The fact no one has come forward to claim them is very interesting! Who ever adopts them it’s best to keep them together as the have bonded! Spay and neuter so they will be much happier! To separate them would be criminal as it would create a very stressful situation! They deserve to be loved in a happy home with a big yard!

    • Aurelia Askew says:

      I volunteer at a small No Kill shelter in Texas that uses foster homes.. Within the past year or so have successfully adopted out a pair of bonded Pit Bulls and a pair of 10 year old bonded Dachsunds , one of whom was blind and the other had only one eye. Somewhere in California, there is someone with a heart for a pair of German Shepherds. I hope they hurry, because being behind bars must be terrifying.

    • Sherry says:

      GSD rescues are full to the top with dogs. Dogs just like these…sad but true. And yet people keep breeding and buying dogs!!! Adopt do not SHOP and spay /neuter!!!

  3. Denise says:

    God speed in finding these two beauties a home together they obviously need that for their well being, we don’t know what they have been through. Someone who cared would be frantic, so I find it suspicious and think it best to find a new loving home. There are Shepard rescues to contact to get them out of this situation. I also beg that good home checks are done I can’t bear to see these animals placed and then returned badly abused. We are failing them!

  4. pennysdachshund says:

    WHY are they LOCKED in a cage with NO ONE who cares for the??? BECAUSE the are CALIFORNIA POS PEOPLE ( THE GUPPIE GROUPIES) who care for nothing, no one, but money , fun in the sun, no responsibility, no feelings, no compassion, hope they don’t have young children, parents who are getting elderly, because GUESS WHAT !!! they will dispose of THOSE RESPONSIBILITIES too AS SOON AS THEY ARE FACED WITH A CHALLANGE!!!

  5. Margaret baldi says:

    Would be willing to take both we live on a large farm where they would. Have love and freedom to enjoy sunshine ponds fields woods etc. But would like to have both fixed. I live in Va. How would I go about this

  6. Rosemary Walsh says:

    Penny daschound, Please try to leave constructive messages instead of your
    anti-california rantings. I suspect that you had a bad experience with one
    California rescue group. Get over it! It happens in every state, especially in the mid-west where puppy mills are legal!


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