Body of emaciated dog found in trash

Body of emaciated dog found in trash
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A press release has been issued by the RSPCA regarding the discovery of an emaciated, young pit bull who was discarded in the trash. According to the animal welfare agency, the skeletal remains were found in a bag in South East London by someone walking a dog on January 28.

The young dog, estimated to be around one year of age, was found in Fairlawn Garages in Cherry Orchard Estate, Charlton. RSPCA Inspector Callum Isitt said:

“This was a gruesome discovery for this passing woman, who was walking her children home.
The dead dog was inside a black bin bag, with his head hanging out the top.

The inspector added:

“This was a callous way to treat an animal – just chucking him away like rubbish – but what is especially concerning to me is the neglected state that the dog was in and what may have led to his death.
He was massively skinny, to the point of emaciation, and had very long nails. My guess is that it is likely he was starved to death.”

According to the authorities, the dog did not have a microchip and he was wearing a red fabric and choker-style collar. Anyone with information is asked to call the RSPCA at 0300 123 8018.

(photo via RSPCA)

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  1. How could someone do this and then look at themselves in the mirror ? If they did look in the mirror they would only see a worthless evil coward good for nothing piece of shit.They Should beat the person who did this starve them to death and throw them in the trash.That poor dog what a horrible way to die.I hope all people who do these horrible things get what they deserve.

  2. How can people do this kind of thing. If for some reason you don’t want or can’t keep a dog for heaven’ sake find someone who take him and give him a good life. Doing this kind of thing is inhumane and cruel. A person like this should be given a long sentence. Along with Opie dieting today it is so overwhelming and cuts to the soul. Love you sweet boy. You are safe now and very much loved. I am so sorry people failed you. Rest now and get well. You will get all the love you can stand and enough to hopefully make what you have endured become a distant memory.❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Why is there no reward to offer to catch the aweful person that did this??? Is the dog trash?? It’s nails are so long..obviously never cut or walked on. This story goes deeper that it appears. Someone needs to make a stink.This new site pet rescue is nothing but aweful stuff…what kind of people live in this area???


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