Body cam of Red Bluff cop shooting 2 St. Bernard dogs not released

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The body cam video of a Red Bluff police officer who shot and killed a family’s  two St. Bernard dogs will not be released. According to Action News, the incident which occurred two weeks ago, will not be made public as decided on Monday by the city attorney.

In an email to Action News, Lieutenant Matt Hansen forwarded the following email:

“Our City Attorney has just been able to see the body camera video and get briefed by the Chief. He is of the opinion that since this is still an ongoing investigation that will likely end up in litigation the body camera video and 911 calls will not be released at this time. The officer involved in this incident and the personnel at our department continue to receive threatening emails and phone calls from animal rights activists. A release of a even a portion of video showing the officer’s actions were justified would only be met by demands for more. The shooting of the animals is graphic and in of itself disturbing. We can see no good coming from its release.”

According to the Red Bluff Police Department report, police had received a call regarding two St. Bernard dogs running loose on Nelson Drive. The person calling in the situation told authorities the dogs had chased a little girl riding her bicycle, and the dogs were acting aggressively. When the officer arrived, he  used pepper spray to deter the dogs at which time the dogs ran away. The officer said he followed the dogs in his patrol car trying to find out where they lived. When they entered the yard of a home, the officer exited his patrol car and spoke with a neighbor, but suddenly the officer said the dogs began to bark and charged at him aggressively; the officer stated he became trapped between his car and a fence as the dogs approached. He  pulled his revolver and fired several shots at one of the dogs closest to him contending the other dog kept barking aggressively. He then fired at the second dog killing him.

A conflicting report by eyewitness Amy Ball paints a different account of the situation, stating the report written on the Red Bluff Police Department’s Facebook page is completely false. When Amy first spotted the dogs in her front yard, other dogs began barking at them. The St. Bernards, who just moved into the neighborhood with their owner, had escaped from their backyard with Amy stating the dogs were not bothering anyone and just exploring the area.

Amy stated the officer pushed the dogs with his vehicle, and moments later fired multiple gun shots. Even though she screamed at the officer to stop shooting, the officer continued until one dog dropped and then took aim at the other dog which had been walking away.

The two dogs, Alegra and Annie have since both died. Why so many shots were fired at the dogs remains unknown. Animal advocates can’t understand why the complete body cam video can’t be released – everyone wants to find out what really happened.

Rest in peace sweet dogs.

(Photos of dogs shot in Red Bluff via Amy Ball on FB)






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(Photos two St. Bernard dogs via Facebook Amy Ball, Kevin Hutchinson)

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20 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    If he feared for his life, he should have gone back into the car and gotten animal control to get the dogs. Shoots not just one but two dogs because he is afraid. Glad he isn’t fighting for us in Iraq or elsewhere. Two beautiful dogs dead because he is not trained to deal with dogs of any size. Killing is so much easier.

  2. Cynthia Johnson says:

    If there is nothing to hide why not make video public. The cop acted out of stupidity and needs to be held accountable.

  3. BA says:

    WOW theres a shocker…..why show it public before they can edit parts and change things around so its the dogs fault NOT the gun happy creep…..neighbor saw this sub human push them with his car and slaughter them!!!! they wont release it as they have to make sure it “looks right” and will protect this creep..they need to come up with better lies..dogs are always aggressive so they need to be slaughtered!!! shame on this creep and the police dept protecting an animal abuser and killer!!!!

  4. vicki hood says:

    Good ol’ boys stick together. That’s what the majority of police do. They are police because they love control. Poor innocents had to suffer death for that attitude. Harder and harder to find good in some people. RIP babies. We don’t quit. There will be justice. There will be truth.

    • BA says:

      THERE excuse “its graphic” well I bet it is – seeing a loser creep with a gun SLAUGHTER 2 innocent dogs would be…..don’t release it public but the owners need to see if this creep is lying….the neighbor saw exactly what he did and how all of it could have been avoided…..animal control hater with a gun!!!!! JUSTICE FOR THESE DOGS AND THERE FAMILY!!!!! lies and lies – show the proof and don’t edit it to protect this creep

  5. susispot says:

    I have to believe the body cam would reveal the dogs were murdered for no good reason. Dogs bark, dogs chase bikes. That does not make them dangerous. It is a horrible thing for the owners of the dogs. May you rest in peace Alegra and Annie. You shouldn’t have had to pay with your life.

  6. jennifer mitchell says:

    This repulsive filth bag dog murdering yank oinker pig cop needs to be wiped off the planet.Death wish for this arsehole and a slow and painful death! Yank cops are detested globally.Most of them are vile,lazy,corrupt scum!

  7. Daniel Clarkson says:

    Of course they don’t want to release the footage, because it will prove that the cop shot the dogs in cold blood. That makes them just as bad as the cop.

  8. Cynthia Como says:

    Well of course the video won’t be released because as usual law enforement is doing what they do best when a shady cop does wrong….cover up for the bad apple and then twist the truth! I of course would never watch the brutal,unjustified murder of two beautiful,innocent dogs. And as we all know this trigger happy POS cop will not be disciplined or suffer any consequences for this depraved act of dog abuse…….so typical! I do not believe for even a micro second that this trigger happy cop was justified in his actions….I believe the many witnesses who all saw the same thing and all say the same thing. Heads should roll in this case……if only!! ????????❤️RIP ALEGRA AND ANNIE❤️???????? You did not deserve to be gunned down and your lives were precious and ur lives mattered❤️

  9. Helen says:

    It’s obvious the cop was wrong and shot the two beautiful dogs out of fear. Why not release the video if the cop’s shooting was justified? This cop needs to be suspended without pay until further investigation.

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another cover up is all it is – this spineless hunk of shit of a cop was so ‘scared’ he shot two dogs – sorry, this whole story is a load of crap – I am glad they are getting backlash from people – and I hope it continues – why not release the video? Because it shows this idiot cop was not justified – just a punk who should NEVER have had a gun – THAT is the reason and they know it.

  11. Red says:

    The police need to realize – if this nitwit was this petrified of two dogs to unload his weapon as he did….how in the world will he react to a person, on the street, that scares him!!!!!!
    Good Lord…. no wonder they will not release the body cam – it would show what a 100% monster this A.H. excuse for a cop is!!!


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