Body of abandoned dog found tied to a tree

Body of abandoned dog found tied to a tree

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In an area of Miami-Dade County, known for being a dumping ground for unwanted dogs, the body of an abandoned dog was found tethered to a tree. According to Thursday’s NBC Miami, by the time the abandoned dog was discovered, his body was badly decomposed.

The dog, dubbed “Angel,” was found by a woman who volunteers her time feeding strays in the area – though she reported the dog’s death to county officials, it took over a week for anyone to come and pick up the body.

After the body was finally picked up and removed, a cruelty investigation was launched – but will anyone ever know who was cruel enough to tie a dog up in the middle of nowhere? To abandon a dog and leave him to suffer and die? A resident who learned about the tragic situation on Facebook hopes that investigators will find a clue to lead them to the person responsible – Virginia Dieppa told NBC Miami, “I hope that they can find whoever did this, I hope they can collect the evidence, hopefully they can pull some fingerprints off the collar of the dog.”

On Thursday, Redland Rock Pit Abandoned Dog Project Inc., stated:

Hoping “Angel” receives justice….he endured so much pain and the evil person that abused and killed him must be punished for this.

Officials in the area advise residents to call the County’s 311 service and speak to someone if they discover a concerning situation such as this.

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(Photo screenshot via NBC Miami News)

16 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    If this is common to this area, how about someone setting up camera’s to catch the monsters abandoning dogs like this. I also hope Angel receives justice and the evil person who did this is punished but I highly doubt they will ever find the POS that left this dog and walked away, unless someone who knows who did it cares and turns them in.

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      Cameras would be a great help to catch these maggots who dump animals – you’d think with this cruelty going on for so long that officials would be able to figure this out but NO!

    • Dee pruitt says:


  2. Red says:

    I hope the monster who did this is found and suffers being put in a jail cell with an animal lover…… If this person IS NOT FOUND…. I hope karma gets them and they suffer a long, trying, painful time.

  3. Darla says:

    RIP sweet dog. I am sorry you suffered so horribly at the hands of some POS that you still loved, no matter what he/she did to you. I would like to find the spawn of Satan who did this and do the same to him/her. Let them suffer.

  4. Kathy green says:

    It would be nice if a volunteer in the area would go to this place every couple of days where animals are abandoned. It might prevent something so horrific and save a precious life.

  5. Star Shelley says:

    This is terrible, I t took a whole flipping week to come out and investigate, and yet it say to call 311 and report!! Some of this officials don’t give a damn.

  6. Kathleen Drude says:

    A woman who comes to feed the strays well why didn’t she notice this dog! The area is known as a dumping ground for unwanted dogs! Really? Why did it take a week to pick up angels body? Please! The truth is that if anyone in that area truly cared they would be there every day to monitor the situation! We already know the cops won’t help!

    • linda says:

      We don’t know how often she goes there to feed the strays, however, IF she did report the dead dog why did it take so long for them get there.

  7. Maria Demartinis says:

    I pray that the Savage Scum who did this Dies the most Horrid Death!!! Only Pure Scum can harm such an innocent nanimal!!!

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    Maybe it is time for Miami-Dade Co. to set up some cameras in this dumping area to catch these human maggots who dump innocent defenseless animals like trash – and to those incompetent county officials – YOU are partially responsible for the death of Angel for not showing up for a week after being informed about him. There is a solution to this problem and Miami-Dade is doing nothing about solving it. Glad I don’t live there.


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