Boarding facility and owner charged after death of dog

Puppy died after being injured at boarding facility
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A Virginia boarding facility, and the business’ owner, are facing charges following the death of a dog who was badly injured at the kennel in August. According to WTKR News, an investigation was launched after a dog named “Fenway,” suffered horrible injuries while staying at Coastal Dog Services in Newport News.

The boarding facility’s owner, Rick Tvelia, has claimed that his staff believes that Fenway suffered his injuries after his collar got stuck in fencing. Shortly after the incident, a statement about the deadly situation was released, “The dog’s collar got stuck in a fence and the dog ‘in a panic’ injured itself trying to free itself.”

By the time that Fenway was seen at a veterinarian, he had a raging infection and his kidneys were compromised. Despite extensive (and expensive) veterinary care, the young died passed away.

At the conclusion of the Newport News Animal Services’ investigation it was determined that charges were warranted. Tvelia is facing two counts of cruelty to animals and two counts of a boarding establishment failing to meet the adequate care requirements.

While investigating the situation, the animal services agency also resulted in charges for a June incident which claimed the life of a dog named “Bruce.” Details about that case have not been released.

Prior article about Fenway can be found at this link.

(Image via Jason Fox/Family photo)

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  1. Very hard to believe the owner’s version of what happen. More likely another dog attacked him? If he did happen as the owner said, why didn’t they take care of the dog immediately. Where were they that they couldn’t take dog to emergency vet? Too many holes in their story and again, a good dog dies because of neglect.

  2. We took in a little dachshund (Penny ) about 8 years ago … from who …..a local “PET SITTER ” that came to people’s home to provide “excellent” care for their pet’s” Penny was going to be put down because she supposedly ate plant food and was poisoned !!! No way she was starved to the point of seeing her entire rib cage, backbone , eyes sunken in, and she was SO frightened and cringed when someone approached her… There was no way you could hold her , as she was so scared she tried to get loose , cried high pitched and voided… My own vet was shocked… She is now 16 and going blind . and we still have her…I often wonder how other dogs were treated by this “professional” ! It is a shame that 2 dogs had to die before something was done, BUT so happy it finally was addressed!!!

  3. There is no way the injuries this beautiful pup suffered are from her collar being hung. I hope they somehow get to the bottom of this and lock away whomever is responsible!! Pups should NEVER be left unattended when they are at a facility for ANY REASON!!!!!!!!!!!! HANG the owner of this place and whomever was on duty at that time!!!

  4. I am so glad to hear that this story has gone nationwide…..I’m sure there are more cases of this kind of thing happening…..please be your animals voice….5 dogs are know to have been attacked or mistreated at this facility and lost their lives.

  5. That is ridiculous hope these people get the maximum penalty for causing this poor soul his death. I would be furious if he was my dog.

  6. Here we go. The journey for justice for Fenway begins now! I hope we see the outcome that is fair and right for the family that lost this beautiful dog. He was not properly cared for at this place.


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