Blind and shaking in fear, tiny pup clings to volunteer whimpering for help

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UPDATE: Returned to owner.

A ten-year-old Shih Tzu blind and shaking in fear has been at an Orlando, Florida shelter for three days. He lies in his bed shaking; who could blame him? According to the shelter, he was found as a stray. How does that happen to a tiny blind dog? Volunteer Cris Ferreira Reed tells his story:

This little guy is 10 yrs old and I saw him laying on his bed trembling in fear. I can not tell you how heartbreaking this is…. I held him and he whimpered clinging to me for help…. I felt like the worse person in the world leaving him there. Please help me get him out.”

Click here for this little pup’s adoption listingAnimal ID: A376579    Room No.: WD61 “Hi, I am an approximately 10 year old fawn and white neutered male.  I have not been tested for heartworms. I weigh approximately 10 pounds. I have been at Orange County Animal Services since Thursday, May 04, 2017. Find out more about our adoption process here. If you are looking for me, please come to Orange County Animal Services
at 2769 Conroy Rd., Orlando, FL. The phone number is (407)836-3111.

Share this senior’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. A Facebook page for this little dog can be followed by clicking here. Advocates have pledged funds for a reputable rescue’s help.

(Photos of dog blind and shaking in fear via Cris Ferreira Reed)

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  1. Yes how does a tiny, blind dog end up on the streets? Surely someone is looking for him, someone must love him and want him back? I know if he were mine I would be beside myself wondering what happened to him and hounding all the shelters until he was found. I suppose his owners are NOT like me though. Maybe he was too much trouble so out of sight out of mind. Keeping the poor little guy in our prayers and will be sharing from Upstate New York.

    • I see he has been returned to his owner, I’m so glad someone loved him enough to find him and take him home.

  2. I am heartbroken for this precious little prince. He deserves to be a loved and treasured family member…….. clearly he WAS in a different situation before being brought to the shelter.

    Perhaps he was accidentally let out (I fired a painter who went into an “off-project” room and let my 2 elderly chihuahuas loose onto a busy street with high commuter traffic)…… kids can be careless and leave doors or gates open…….

    It’s also possible his human went into a facility that doesn’t allow pets (or his human passed away) & the “so-called” family “turned him loose”…….

    No matter the way he ended up being a “stray”, it’s heartbreaking…….

    Is there a Florida “Frosted Faces” rescue that can help this senior?

    Prayers this little treasure is rescued and is in a new furever home ASAP……..

    • I wrote to Glimmer of Life Small Dog Rescue in Southern Florida.

      I am hoping they can help (or know someone else who can help)……

  3. I Hope that a nice Person steps in and takes this Special needs Dog in. He should not be is this Shelter. He needs a Loving Home. I beleave in ID CHIPS for all Animals.

    • Go on the internet – Animal Train Animal Rescue Transports – there is a note to email Rhonda – click on that and it will bring you to a space to email her. This is an all volunteer transport. Good Luck – this little dog needs a safe loving home.

      • Sorry, I made an error – The group is called Freedom Train Animal Rescue Transports.

  4. OMG! This is making me cry! How utterly heartbreaking,being blind of course just adds to the terror! Please dear God let this poor sweet baby be rescued PLEASE! This baby is tearing my heart and soul to shreds and I am powerless to help him!


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