Blind dog rescued from muddy swamp after she escaped from her yard

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A blind and nearly deaf old Labrador retriever ended up in a muddy swamp on Monday in Beaconsfield, United Kingdom after her owner accidentally left the gate to the backyard open. Nearby Bucks Fire Service sent their crews out to help, after the dog ran through a field which quickly turned into a muddy swamp she couldn’t escape.

According to the BBC, Crew Commander David Jones, of the Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service  assessed the situation stating:

“The dog was about eight-feet away from solid ground, and when we tested the depth of the mud with a wading pole, we found that it would be chest-deep if a person entered it.”

And so the brave firefighters first calmed the dog’s owner down so the dog wouldn’t pick up on her mom’s anxiety. Then they were able to use a telescopic reach pole the men were able to attach to the dog’s collar to stabilize her so she could be pulled out of the mud and walk on her own. Rescuers wanted  the dog to be gently pulled out with their guidance instead of sending a person in the muck – likely to get caught himself and need rescue.

It was a successful rescue effort as the dog was slowly pulled to safety. She was extremely muddy, but uninjured. The firemen did report the dog looked a bit embarrassed, and it is hoped she won’t try to be a quick escape canine again. Of course, the question always enters into our minds however – can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Many thanks to the firemen who, not only save the lives of men, women and children, but don’t hesitate when it comes to our four-legged pals either.

(Photos of blind dog in muddy swamp rescued via Bucks Fire Service)

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