Black swans cry as heartless man steals and stomps on their eggs

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Two devastated black swans cried out in sorrow as a man described to be in his 20s  stole four of their eggs in a park located in eastern China. The man then deliberately stepped on one of the eggs when onlookers confronted him. Authorities continue to search for the man, who wore a face mask and a pink cap, who scaled the fence inside Yangzhou’s Slender West Lake and laughed at his disgusting deed and escaped without being spotted by security.Black swan cries 2

According to the South China Morning Post, the two black swans tried to defend their nest and poked at the man with their beaks. The man turned around and kicked the swans injuring one of the bird’s wing. Witnesses yelled at the man to leave the eggs alone, but instead of leaving, the jerk intentionally stomped on one of the eggs. As one swan sadly lowered his head to the ground in abject sadness, the female swan raised her neck towards the sky and cried.

An older man finally dragged the young man out of the area. The Slender West Lake’s management issued a statement saying they were “deeply angered and shocked” by the incident. Article Six of China’s Wildlife Protection Law protects swans, who are listed as protected and an endangered species. What the idiot culprit most likely didn’t know is that the eggs of a black swan are not edible, cannot be incubated and can burst when left in hot temperatures.

China’s social media exploded in outrage over the intentional act of cruelty and expressed their anger that more than 30 people had been standing around and didn’t do anything in time to save the eggs and protect the black swans:Black swan cries 3

“Do all the people around just watching it like a show? Or are they too busy to do live-stream and putting it online,” commented one reader on Weibo.

“Our country owes this man’s father a condom,” another person wrote.

The Yangzhou Police Department are investigating and are asking for the public’s help in finding the “punk.”

(Photos via Weibo)

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  1. It’s China, what do you expect. Look how they treat dogs and cats?? They torture them by skinning, burning them and boiling them alive before eating them. This happens thousands of times a day in Asian countries. Just another horrific act by the Chinese that never seems to end. Think I’m kidding? Do some research and checkout Facebook page Guardians of Chinese Animal Protection. It will break your heart.

  2. What a worthless scumbag. Not much of a fence that he had scaled. Poor swans. Very beautiful birds that mate for life. I hope the injured one is ok.

  3. HORRIBLE! Obviously, the idiot doesn’t know that all animals have emotions. Or he just doesn’t CARE. I hope when they find him, someone stomps on HIS “huevos”!! I’D like to have the CHANCE. POS! ???? ????

  4. What is wrong with people? I would have literally climbed the fence to stop him. When the old man dragged him away that was an opportunity to have him arrested.

  5. And I see these ahole onlookers taking pictures of this maggot as he continued his cruelty – but then again, its China what do you expect? Someone SHOULD have jumped the fence and given this masked maggot the beating of his life. His mask should have been jammed so far down his throat he suffocated – THAT WOULD BE JUSTICE.

  6. Why was the man wearing a mask…. probably because it was a terrible act of abuse and he would get caught. We all wonder: what makes a person do such a thing… we all know: REAL men love animals! So… what is he? Are there enough words that would describe such a mentally sick man?

  7. That bastard needs to be found and charged to the fullest. There was ABSOLUTELY no reason for him to do this other than to be an ASSHOLE about it!!!!!!

  8. Swans mate for life one of only a few species of all creatures that live on this earth! What this piece of shit did was the equivalent of having your children killed in front of you! Just let that sink in for a minute! Having your children killed in front of you and this pair tried to save their children but this pile of shit just kept destroying their nest then stomped on one of the eggs! Those who were there could have stopped this killer but they didn’t! This pair will never get over this! They will grieve as human parents grieve! To those who watched you witnessed murder! To the pile of shit who did this you murdered children!

    • sorry kathleen they do not mate for life its a myth. Humans get confused because it appears they are manogous they are not. This is nothing like having your children killed in front of you This pair will get over it in 5 mins. and she will lay more eggs almost immediatally. Once the eggs are stolen and destroyed they make more. Swans and geese are constantally loosing their eggs to meat eaters. They do not greave as humans do. You have to be kidding me its a wild animal and can roll with the punches. You seem sensitive , maybe you should get involved in swan and geese population monaturing in your local area. They have a process of oiling the egg. the female will think the eggs are alive so she incubating them then fall comes and the baby season is over . now they are able to fly and they rite it off to “eggs did not hatch . then they leave the breeding ground. Why you are confused is that you see a swan or a geese sitting in ponds and lakes in the summer. they come back every year. You think it is the same couple. but most likely is not. they loose their flight feathers and they are grounded for 5 months when their flight feathers fall off they are grounded and have kids with out the temptation of flying away.
      Murdered Children!? Do you understand what those words really mean?

      • in response to Ellen cotton: in 1974 I was gifted 2 sets of black swans by my grandfather and I can assure you they do and did mate for life! They among other reasons are why I became a vet! Now as far as not feeling the loss of the nest and their eggs? Are you totally deluded or just partially! Until you can match me in experience and years of dealing with this breed of swan you would do better to keep your opinions on this topic General and of no consequence!

      • Dear Kathleen,
        It is illigal to have been presented to you a pair of black swans. Thay are federally protected. I find it hard to believe that (erp)this is the great motivation to becoming a vet since your bag would be dogs cats and maybe horses and live stock.
        You love to spin little fantasys about ya bad , Im a Vet so i know better. You do not.
        Maybe a little less walt disney and a little more contempary and updated information about protected wild life should be your motovation
        Perhaps your illigally owned swans could not have an oppertunity to mate outside this pair.
        did you ever stop to think? In the wild in flocks they get lost in the flock and for what ever reason they are sepporated. then they mate with whom ever. As far as being a devastated for the rest of their lives because the eggs were stolen is just nonsense. Honestly im alittle embarassed for you.
        You do understand that most swan and geese eggs and nests are destroyed and eggs stolen by wild animals for food. it is extreamly rare for a swan to hatch chicks to adult hood they are food for many animals. thats why when eggs are stolen they are able to lay a few groups of eggs within the mating season.
        But Kathleen i am concerned about your inability to understand the wild animals. You seem to lack the maturity and detachment of your own feelings that you put on these animals.
        Anyone who could think these animals will be devistated for ever!?
        Is Not an animal medical professional. You feel the need to lie about being a vet. You are not.

      • You’re a vet? You can’t spell simple words are you kidding? Fantasy? No my life is quite real thank you and I love it! I would love to know what schools you went to! All you have to do is read my profile! My work in both rescue and catasrophic injuries is documented! Where’s yours?

      • Who said i was a vet?
        Earth to kathloon!!
        I just know more than you.
        Dont worry, Youll get over it
        you always do.

    • why would i need to read a profile you wrote about your self katy d.?
      your compleat and unadulterated essence is laid out before me in your posts and replays. And for all the world to see.Its your thoughts and words I am judging you on Kathy. I dont investigate peoples profiles on people here kathy. I couldnt be that personally intrested. Your comments here are the real you. I know the real you.
      Oh by the way i understand you were trying to find me on face book and other obvious social media.
      Howed it go?
      Really? Your that intrigued? I have that effect on people. Well if your that curious about me
      You know where to find me. Ask away.

      • In response to Ellen cottons: who do you think you are my name is not Katy d it’s not Kathy! You presume much you ignorant uneducated human! My profile and everything in it is a matter of record! My reputation in veterinary medicine and rescue stands on its own merits! Don’t challenge me again you moronic useless flap of skin!

      • Response to Ellen cottons: I tried to investigate you thru social media? You are truly delusional! Listen you ludicris version of a human! In my world you don’t exist! I have no desire to know anything about you, your pedigree or lack there of! Your ignorance shines thru each time you post something! By all means keep giving me reasons to slam you publicly! As I suggested prior please get yourself a dictionary so you can spell even the simplest words properly!

      • Kathleen,
        Still at it?
        Why do you let me fluster you so. It Seems to me
        I got Your “goat”.
        Or is it your dog?
        or black ducks? Dont let me get you down. Peaches.

      • In response to Ellen cottons: sweetness you couldn’t get to me if you tried! I just can’t tolerate ignorance and I don’t suffer fools! So don’t flatter yourself! But by all means keep spouting your idocy it is amusing for myself and my colleagues to watch you hang yourself! Lmao dumb ass human!

  9. If I am not mistaken, it says in the article “an elder man grabbed the culprit and yanked him away”. Would this have been a relative who is now hiding him? Why was he not caught on the spot if apprehended??? Please keep me informed of the follow up, even if it is in China?? Thanks!

  10. Swans are one of the few creatures on earth that mate for life! What this pile of useless skin is the equvilant of watching someone stomp out your babies lives! This is thing didn’t stop until he had made sure those eggs were destroyed! The one swan stepped in to save his babies and got kicked and injured by this filth! What I don’t understand is the fact there were people all over the place one of them filmed this thing while he was stomping out this swans children! Why didn’t anyone step in? The bottom line is this, these two magnificent birds will never get over the loss of their babies, they grieve now as we grieve for them! Hang this piece of shit then shoot his parents for having him!

    • “the bottom line is these 2-swans will never get over the loss of their babies and we grive for them”
      No the bottom line is you are pretending this swan couple are incapible of ever having children again or they can be daunted in their strong and natural instink.
      1- to live
      2-to procreate. With out a thought to what happened in its past. its all apart of the life of a big duck.

      Take a chill pill sister you are sounding more and more like a person who has had absolutly no professional
      animal medical back round. No vet would post such nonsense about a devistated for life water fowl.
      Im sorry to tell you this but you sound idiotic. You are not a vet. Your pulling a george castanza, lying about what you do for a living because it sounds nice. but anyone can tell your not a vet. you blew it with the “greaving for ever” You lie and its obvious.

      • Response to Ellen cottons: this will be the last time I spank you publicly you illiterate individual! Now from a spelling stand point! Get yourself a dictionary or perhaps go back to school? From my background like I said my profile is in black and white! I have nothing to hide! As far as my feelings for animals versus humans! In a heartbeat I pick animal over human especially when they are ignorant like you! Now you want to go head to head with me bring it! I promise you will lose!

  11. That is one heartless POS. I pray that he is found and charged. Unfortunately I highly doubt he’ll be found and if he is he won’t be punished. So sorry swans.

  12. news flash and this is how it works.
    once a nest of swan or geese eggs are broken or stolen .
    and this is the really great part.
    they lay more. Pretty much immediatally. its what they do.
    Its how the species survive all the other animals who steal their eggs.

  13. in china ,
    it takes an old man to bitch slap a young destructive punk.
    Do you really think for one moment this kid is not known to this park and locals. Trust me.
    He is and has been delt with. He would be the kid limping in the pink hat with egg on his face….errrr
    egg on his nike


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