Black Beauty: Victimized as bait dog, then hit by car and now being helped

In San Antonio, Texas a black Labrador retriever has lived through a life of hell. An emergency 911 call to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC came in over the Christmas weekend begging for help. Black Beauty needed a miracle. This was the plea from a local homeowner:


“One of the strays that found their way to our house has now been hit by a car. It’s limping like it has a broken leg and a wound on her belly. Can anyone help? Need someone to foster her or I’m going to have to call the dog catcher.”



When Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, received the emergency notices, she knew if Black Beauty had been transferred by Animal Control to a local shelter, the dog would have been euthanized. Sadly, there are limited funds to help injured animals; the statistics to end the lives of so many homeless pets reflect extremely high numbers.

“As you can see by these videos Black Beauty is critically injured,” added Stacey. “She’s severely limping, has cuts and gashes all over her body, hair loss, she’s emaciated and weak. She’s been transported to the emergency hospital for immediate medical care and will continue her medical care in San Antonio at our vet partner. We are hoping we can save her leg with surgery.”

On Wednesday’s update, Black Beauty has been scheduled to be transported to a San Antonio orthopedist for a treatment plan for her hind leg. As of this time, she is limping, but even though advocates can not wipe away her past, everyone is pitching in to rebuild this dog’s life. Even after all the suffering, Black Beauty remains loving and affectionate.

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