Big Dog Ranch Rescue reaches out for three last chance dogs scheduled to die at shelter

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Three last chance dogs were lucky enough to have been rescued from the open admission Miami-Dade Animal Services on Monday. Barely one day after a holiday weekend, the kennels were crowded, the barking of frightened dogs deafening, and innocent lives were scheduled to die. Big Dog Ranch Rescue was there; the rescue angels who provide love and devotion to the most vulnerable.

Rescuing is not a job for the faint of heart – meet volunteer Jennifer Paige DiCaprio, who frequently shares the freedom walks of the last chance dogs. Her soft, reassuring voice puts them quietly at ease, and with each and every team member at Big Dog Ranch Rescue, the ultimate purpose continues – saving the dogs. And on Monday morning, first came two German shepherd blends – Tim and Tanya. Both dogs were so scared, Tim kept his face tightly tucked into the corner of his kennel cage; Tanya barely moved.

“There are days we are grateful that some of these dogs are unable to speak because we probably couldn’t bear to listen to their past, ” the organization posted on their Facebook. “If Tim and Tanya were not rescued by 4:00 p.m. today, they would have been euthanized. We would not let that happen, and in a few  weeks we will be sharing photos of the adjusting to their new life and trusting the world, but they have a long way to go before we get there. Right now they need a trusting foster and a lot of medical care which we are assessing right now. They are very traumatized and will need a lot of love and support. But even in a short time they have come along way with the staff loving support.”


Posted by Jennifer Paige DiCaprio on Monday, April 17, 2017

And in addition to the traumatized German shepherds came the addition of Arnold. This adorable four month old puppy had been hit by a bicycle and had been agonizing in pain. He was left, so young to suffer a disabling injury alone. Arnold is on his way to the organization’s veterinary partner where he will receive the emergency help he needs. And then – this adorable little dog, with the happily wagging tail despite his injuries, will be available for adoption and find a life of love, play and companionship.

#LookWhoWeSavedTodayOh dear, another busy day at the Ranch. For every dog we rescue, there are ten more waiting in the wings. Thank heaven there are a team of rescue angels, and our supporters like you who help us carry the load. But these videos take our breath away–even the strongest of us. Today we saved three dogs from Miami Dade Animal Services. The pictures and videos are difficult to look at, but they have to be shared. The pain and agony these dogs suffer should never happen, now they are safe and sound but have a long road ahead of them.How can this face not melt your heart, how could anyone be cruel to that face. This is Arnold, a four month old puppy who was fending for himself on the streets of Miami. The little guy was hit by a bike, and was left lying on the street until Miami Dade Animal Services picked him up. He was in agony, as you can see by the video of him, at the shelter before we got to him.We will be sharing Tanya and Tim with you later, we wanted you to watch this video and let Arnold have his moment. The face of an angel.Tanya, Tim and Arnold are safe and sound, we know that no one will ever hurt them again. We can promise them that! So please keep these three in your prayers tonight, and, if you can, donate to their care. we would appreciate it.We can’t save them all, but together the ones we do save will never suffer again and will have a life filled with only love. We cannot stress how important you are to us, and our ability to rescue these sweet pups. We need to work together to find foster and forever homes for all our dogs so we can save more dogs like Arnold, Tim and Tanya. All and all, this is a success WE saved them, but it is hard not to feel the sting of their suffering and wonder why these gentle innocent creatures had to suffer like this. So tonight as you are snuggling next to your furbaby, remind them how lucky they are, and hug them close as you tell them they will never suffer or be unloved again.If you can help with their care please go to

Posted by Big Dog Ranch Rescue on Monday, April 17, 2017

But now he is on his way to receive amazing veterinary care by our doctors. Arnold will not suffer anymore and hopefully he will make a quick recovery. Then he has his whole life ahead of him, injury-free, where a new family can cherish his resilience and protect him from harm. Thanks to the Rescue, soon this puppy will be able to love, play and run around again!

To help with the care of Tim, Tanya and Arnold, please go to

Photos and video of three last chance dogs, courtesy of Jennifer Paige DiCaprio and Big Dog Rescue Ranch.

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Check out Tim’s video here. Soon he will feel better:

Posted by Jennifer Paige DiCaprio on Monday, April 17, 2017

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    HUGE THANK YOU TO BIG DOG RANCH for saving these three beautiful dogs – you just made life better for them – your kindness and compassion is greatly appreciated. Please keep up the good work!

  2. julie lightfoot says:

    All these wonderful organisations are truly fantastic you all deserve medals may these poor dogs find love and a comfortable rest of their lives home thankyou so much for all you do

  3. Cynthia Como says:

    Thank you to all involved in saving these poor helpless innocent dogs. My heart and soul aches for each and every dogs all across this country who suffer and are euthanized by the millions every year! It’s TRUELY heartbreaking and so,so unfair! Why can’t we as a society get togeather and come up with different solutions for this out of control overwhelming problem with dogs,the problem is huge and the solution we have to kill them is,in my opinion unacceptable. It has to start at the top with the law makers and the judicial system.Jail those that abuse and neglect animals and those that let them roam,unaltered. How I wish that all puppy mills were outlawed and shut down and that breeders would willing cease and desist for a few years for a start,and vets would go into communities and volunteer their services for spay and neutering,while it’s not a complete solution it’s better than we have now and it’s a start towards trying to put a dent in the over population of dogs. It’s so sad,so heartbreaking and very frustrating! Thank God for all the angels out there that work so hard at rescuing. Happy life to these three fur babies


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