Bengaluru woman who bashed the heads of 8 puppies to teach ‘mother dog lesson’ fined

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It was a heartbreaking story of a two-year-old stray dog named Ammu in Bengaluru, India, digging up her 15-day-old puppies from their graves and trying to nurse them after a woman killed the puppies by bashing the little ones in front of their mother to “teach her a lesson.” On Friday the culprit was fined for animal cruelty. According to the Times of India, however, the woman named Ponnamma, the wife of an honorary flight lieutenant, didn’t even bother to hire an attorney.

In the disturbing crime, which occurred in March 2016, according to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, her cumulative fine was Rs1000; in U.S. currency the fine equaled $15. Following the verdict, the Humane Society International India stated they will appeal the sentence, and even though they are relieved she was found guilty of animal cruelty, the small fine was not an acceptable punishment.

“There are so many studies that show animal abuse is linked to human violence. Based on these studies, the US has made cruelty to animals a heinous crime. Unfortunately we have not recognized it yet,” stated Shreya Paropkari, (HSII)

Ponnamma said she wanted to teach Ammu a lesson for having her puppies in a drain pipe under her gate. After the death of her 15 day old puppies and trying to nurse them, residents could hear Ammu wailing for them at night. The neighborhood is dog friendly and a lot of local people would help the strays by feeding them. Although one of the villagers took Ammu in and gave her a home, the dog never recovered from the mental anguish she endured while helplessly watching Ponnamma bash her babies heads against a rock.  Ammu later died from distemper.

Rest in peace Ammu; we hope you were reunited with your puppies.

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See the heartbreaking video here:

55 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    It just goes to show the mentality of the people of India. At least somebody took her in but then to let her die from distemper? Have they no brains? It seems they need a lot more education but at this point would they even care to learn? Probably not. RIP Ammu you are with your puppies now.

    • anna says:

      this woman makes me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if she was here with me, the first thing i would ask is HOW DARE YOU?????? WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO DESTROY WHAT GOD HAS MADE???????????????????????????????? THE POOR DOG—POOR PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Heather H. says:

      Amazing these ignorant people…and from the supposed enlightened Country of India. One of the world oldest Civilizations and yet so very very heartless. Somehow evolution is going backwards there. A fifteen dollar (US) fine for bashing in the heads of tiny helpless babies is RIDICULOUS.

  2. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Bash that bitch’s head to teach “it” a lesson then use the red dot on its fugly face for target practice. Maggot filth like that doesn’t deserve to breathe air.

  3. slv says:

    Wow!! That POS needs some serious help. Someone like that shouldn’t be left to walk the streets. Karma to you b@tch!

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    And how does killing this dog’s puppies teach this dog a lesson? Someone needs to bash Ponnamma’s ;head in and may be SHE will learn something! Fining her the equivalent of $15 is certainly NOT going to teach her anything. This story is disgusting as is the woman that did this!

  5. susispot says:

    Such a monsterous deed. She, that hag, needs to be beaten within an inch of her life. I’m saddened to hear this dog’s life was cut short by distemper. But she was loved and she now RIP with her babes.

  6. Marsha Flynn Squibb says:

    You filthy son of a bitch!!!! Karma is a bitch you fucker!!!Hope you and your family come down with a horrible disease!!!!!!

  7. Helen says:

    This woman is evil to the core. I’m surprise the mama dog didn’t attack this POS for killing her puppies. I want to take a bat to this human trash and bash her head in. RIP Ammu and join your babies on the rainbow bridge.

  8. Bill Bradley says:

    She should share their same fate, She is but a ignorant animal her self. There is no place in this world for a low life like that.

  9. Bunny Peters says:

    $15 fine for murdering 8 precious babies (& ultimately leading to the death of their distraught mum) is DISGUSTING………

    This POS is a future serial killer and should be locked up forever…….. keeping this POS alive is truly a terrible waste of resources………

    There is a special place for her in Hell where she will burn forever for her cruelty…… Just hope she gets there ASAP, after a painful, terrifying death…….

    Ammu, you and your precious puppies would have been welcomed and loved had you been in my neighborhood……. RIP Ammu and your precious puppies. You did not deserve to die simply for “existing”………

  10. Debbie says:

    What a sorry piece of trash worthless scum. No lady, she is devil woman! May this come home to her and may it cause her pain and heartache when she watches what she loves die miserably. It is coming to you, devil woman. Evil one, it comes home! Say it, it will be done.

  11. ellen cottone says:

    The country that invented karma.
    This is how one mother from India treats a less fortunate mother from India.
    And she gets to go unpunished. Yes.

  12. Vin says:

    Put this crazy old woman in jail. Use her as an example to others in India. It is for reasons like this. That tourism is bad or people do not want to travel to India. The laws for animals are bad .

  13. ellen cottone says:

    Imagine being so well off, that common Decency does not
    Apply and there is no punishment for being intentionally and utterly crewel to a mother, unlucky enough to have givin birth In your sewer pipes?

    You had to climb into the bowel of your fabulous home to the pipes under your home To kill the babies of a desperate mother. In front of her?

    Such compassion, such mercy, such empathy. To a desperate and homeless new family from the streets unlucky enough to have giving birth in the vicinity of your hate and indifference.
    Karma must be a crock of shit if she has no fear of it.

    Fuck karma and fuck India. For allowing the problem of strays and the lack of punishment for animal crewelty. this woman killed 8 new born in front of a helpless new mother.and the penalty was….. well !?
    nothing really. So where is the lesson India?
    Your way over due in the enforcing right from wrong dept.

    You allow this India and if you want it to change then begin to enforce that animal crewelty is wrong and will be a punishable crime.
    You have to instill with example that no one has a right to kill a family in front of a mother. Time for india to teach this lady a lesson.To teach her a lession. But you won’t because this is India.

    The oldest country in the world the home of the other scam artists, the miserable and selfish and pathetic Buddhists. This is India. Still struggling with the basics.

    Pathetic excuse for a country who chooses to live in the dark ages. Because the only thing important in India are Indians with money and some social standing. You india are internationally known to be a country of animal abusers and neglectors you are on the international animal shit list.
    You have been under the radar for some time now.Get your shirt together India. This is 2017 welcome to this century.

  14. ellen cottone says:

    Look at the picture of po no mamma as she tries to explain herself to the dog sympathizers.
    Her pain and suffering lessons begin. your never to old, too rich or too stupid to suffer the consequences of cause and effect. Looks like your one crusty bare foot over the line po no mamma. Your life long campaign of selfishness and I don’t cares have caught up with you.
    now you pay starting with….
    You are hated by the locals.
    And they are unpredictable. Sleep with one eye open po no.
    Now isn’t it too bad you don’t have a nice loving dog to protect You? Look after you, while you sleep?

      • ellen cottone says:

        Thanks linda!!
        I have adopted a haiku/ Dr Seuss fusion of piercing observation.

        I think you know I love to state the obvious.
        But from the a slightly different angle. It helps me sleep thru the nightmares these heart wrenching stories and images give me.i know you get it. Justifiable

      • Helen says:

        Found it! My sis linda loved it and I had to find it. A keeper. That said after reading it a picture comes into my head along with your poetry.

    • ellen cottone says:

      well now im really blushing Helen,
      since i dont really know poetry i will have to say with a baby killer like mo po
      it was done thru me not by me. it wrote it self,

  15. paula calabrese says:

    heart less bitch i would love to torture this woman the way she tortured and kill those puppys i have no remorse for this sick Bitch i hope she doesnt get away with the charges, i hope this all catches up to her, stupid sick hearless Bitch they need to throw the book on her No Excuse for what shes done to those babies. i hope moma and her babies reunite in heaven rain bow bridge, RIP moma and her babies

  16. paula calabrese says:

    Karma is a Bitch it will get her in the long run. i hope it goes around real good with a heartless brainless selfish No good Bitch who ever walked . this what you call someone who has no respect for Life. no morals. no respect for animals….. theres no excuse for animal abusers i dont care what issues shes got in her life mentally. i just hope that justice is served!!!!!!!

  17. Nancy Raymond says:

    I hope this miserable cruel piss poor excuse for a human dies a horrific, painful and slow death – she proved herself to be a friggin’ coward and took her stupidity out on helpless innocent puppies – for what? To teach a lesson to an innocent defenseless animal? Shows you what a douchebag she is.


    Evil, coward piece of crap bitch! Hope someone rapes her in jail, and then have her vagina cut in half!


    I hope this bitch gets her karma soon, and her satan awaits her to forever burn in hell! I pray that this lady will have all badluck and misfortunes for the rest of her worthless life! A coward, and pure plain evil bitch!

  20. Sherry says:

    This filthy foul bitch walks away with a mere $ 15 fine after murdering 8 puppies in front of their momma. India’s laws are apparently more pathetic than ours. Glad to hear they are dissatisfied with that and appealing. There is no punishment cruel enough to fit this crime. Since the momma dog is deceased now too and I glad that she could be reunited with her babies. I think God will have to deal with this animal abuser.


    I wish and pray that someone bashes her kids to death infront of her, and only then maybe she’ll feel the pain as the dogs mom did before she takes her last breath. Believe me that in every senseless life you take and in this case, this bitch took 9 lives which means she will suffer for 18 lives that will be taken. The amazing part about time is that it favors you now and it can destroy you in another time. Time turns like a wheel, and when it’s not your time you’re on the bottom of the wheel. Hope this evil, ugly satan woman will get her karma so bad she’ll die of an excruciating disease after watching her family die.

    • ellen cottone says:

      The thought process your putting your mind thru is also adding to world violence and kaos. Her children are innocent of this crime. They are already suffering from her Crime so is her husband. Her crimes will follow her into her next life time.
      Every one knows it there. This is india

    • Pamela Garlisch says:

      How would you like it if somebody did that to your kids if they were running around? Do you consider a life not worthy of saving? You are a monster and I believe your God teaches to be compassionate of all lives not to kill them.

    • Gizmos Mommy says:

      You’re nothing more than a sick, savage inbred maggot POS. With such a repulsive name as yours, I’d do the world a favor by bashing in your head. Rabid troll.

  22. Micele says:

    I’m sorry but don’t they stone people to death in India and I believe that this calls for that kind of justice on this woman I don’t give a shit who her husband is and what rank he has….From the looks of her picture she looks like a sociopath it be doing the world a favour if they elimimated this piece of shit from society.


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