Dog believed to be a bait dog

Beautiful dog covered in maggot-infested bite wounds, possibly a bait dog

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A beautiful dog, covered in maggot-infested bite wounds, appears to have been used as a so-called “bait dog.” Bait dogs are typically used in the blood-lust “sport” of dog-fighting to train fighting dogs to be game enough to injure and kill.

possible bait dog

According to Pupz N Palz Rescue, the young Collie, dubbed “Mitchell,” was found near death in Modesto, California, in July. His severely wounded body was infected and infested with hundreds upon hundreds of maggots which were feasting on his battered body.

The rescue group described his pitiful condition upon arrival:

His neck was swollen so badly with deep bruises, abrasions and deep wound from an embedded chain leash that was wrapped around his neck. Holes so deep it took days to fully flush them to rid all the maggots. Dead tissues covered his back end. Not only did the maggots eat the dead skin but also into the fat and muscle as well. 

Since the time that Mitchell was found, he has undergone extensive treatment, including multiple surgeries. Amazingly, despite the severity of his wounds, he is expected to recover.

Mitchell’s supporters are hoping to find whoever is responsible for this cruel situation – Just Food For Dogs, a dog food company, has offered a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible.

Donations for Mitchell’s veterinary care can be mailed to:

Pupz N Palz Rescue
2625 F Coffee Rd #193
Modesto Ca 95355

Or via PayPal.

WARNING EXTREMELY GRAPHIC AND FOUL LANGUAGE Update on Mitchel the new FOUND purebred Collie just off the Mitchell onramp in Ceres late last night. I just thank God Nicole got him or he likely would not be here today. With a gash in his neck from embedded collar to severe matting he was taken to Dr B today. He had a high temp maggots coming from holes in his neck and would need to be sedated to be completely shaved down to see just what we were dealing with. Bloodwork was done to ensure sedation was able to happen today. He was under about an hour half completely shaved and wounds flushed. Dr B said this was the worse case he's ever seen of maggot infestation. He also said though that it's the maggots that probably saved his life as they help with infection. He also received bag after bag of IV fluids as he was extremely dehydrated as well. I honestly don't know how this dog was still standing let alone running in and out of traffic getting into the freeway. :(THIS is the result after all this. I'm sorry but I'm beyond PISSED right now. This either happened over time of abuse or perhaps even a bait dog.I'm telling you right now that if this so called owner wants to come forth now….we have documents now through our vet and we will fight tooth and nail for this dog!!Tears came tonight seeing this. Then came the upset tummy and feeling of just wanting to get sick. NEXT came rage!! Extreme rage…why..who could do this??I hope we never cross paths is all I can say!!!Original thread with the gofundme link too. Please share and/or donate if you can

Posted by Pupz N Palz Rescue on Wednesday, July 19, 2017


More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.

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15 replies
  1. Michelle LaSeur says:

    The cruelty shown by people and by those who think it is fun to pull teeth and have bait dogs means we need very strong & harsh laws for this kind of cruelty. If you think it is fun to be part if dog fighting, may you get life without parole. Next you will be violent and cruel to people. There is a strong correlation between cruelty to animals and becoming a murderer. The fbi in the US takes it very seriously now. It wouldn’t be too much to sentence dog fighters to a fight against a lion and the man is unarmed. No normal or healthy minded human beings find dog fighting entertaining. Healthy humans throw up and want to save the dog.

  2. Debbie Gilliam says:

    I pray they catch the dog fighting ring that subjected this precious collie to that horrendous treatment…..when will there be an end to dog fighting?

  3. Patty says:

    How is Mitchell doing now ?? Any updates ?? I know they have to film to document, but they stand there and repeat the SAME thing !!!!! GET THE MAGGOTS OFF THE POOR THING AND GIVE HIM SOME PAIN MEDS !!!

  4. Adrienne says:

    Just Food for Dogs we thank you so much for the $5000 reward. Hopefully someone will see this and provide information about this wonderful dog. Dog fighting must be made a priority in this country.Arrest those involved and permanent jail time, no release or fines.

  5. slv says:

    Poor Mitchell….I pray that he makes a full recovery and finds the loving home he deserves. Please catch the POS who did this to him.

  6. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    HORRIBLE!!! I hope you do find who did this and make them pay for this abuse. Whoever did this needs to go straight to PRISON!!!!

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    The FBI can take dogfighting seriously BUT until these bastards are prosecuted to the fullest extent it will never stop – dogfighters are never convicted for the maggot puke they are – the sentences are so low it is not determent. It is time for ALL authorities to ensure these poor animals get justice – THEY are the victims. I hope Mitchell completely recovers and gets the safe loving home he obviously never had.

    • Gail Calhoun says:

      Yes it is exactly as stated. I can not comprehend why the law lets them get off light, afraid to hurt them? Updates on this story and the out come for the dog and the search for justice

  8. Gail Calhoun says:

    Updates please! I hope who is responsible are caught. Too many areas of certain places in the U.S. are fraught with criminal activity. Likely this is someone’s stolen pet to start with. All who see this posting please share the information wildly

  9. Cynthia Como says:

    My hands shake as I type and the tears run down my face. And I struggle to find the words for this horrific,horrific abuse,torture and suffering of Mitchell. I see the bandage on his leg so he has been to the vet where he was shaved to better see his horrific wounds,and I’m sure he has been given meds for the pain. As for the maggots,it states in the post it took several days of flushing his wounds to completely remove them. I wish I has magic power to heal this beautiful dogs injuries in an instant. I just want to scoop him up in my arms and love on him forever. Dog fighting ranks right at the top with Yulin dog meat festival. It is suffering and torture at the highest level and all that take part in it do not deserve to breathe air. PRAYING FOR BEAUTIFUL MITCHELL AND I AM THANK GOD ABOVE THAT HE WAS FOUND!!! OMG!


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