Bam Bam, the powerhouse pup needs a home

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“Bam Bam,”  is an appropriate name for this nine-month-old male Staffordshire/Dogo Argentino mix. He’s loud, a real powerhouse, and thinks barking is a cool way to communicate. But underneath his noisy, almost intimidating exterior, this big boy is a total lovebug. All his siblings adore him, and he is quite the favorite with his rescuers at the Animal Coalition Unlimited.

This lucky puppy had an interested adopter back in April 2017. They asked if the Coalition could keep Bam Bam for another 6-8 weeks while their brand-new home was being finished.  In good faith, the Coalition accepted the terms, knowing it was a good opportunity for Bam Bam. But Bam Bam’s good fortune was short lived. After two months passed, and no word from the adopter, the Coalition sent a formal reminder asking for the status of their new home. The response was not what they wanted to hear.  The adopter had decided to adopt another puppy from a different rescue, completely forgetting all about Bam Bam and not even giving the Coalition the courtesy of a response. It was a disappointment to Bam Bam and a hard lesson for the coalition. When no deposit is required to adopt, people so easily change their minds.

Since 2014, Animal Coalition Unlimited has been running their entire operation based on trust and good faith. Unfortunately, those values are often disregarded and the result is another homeless dog. But this oversight has not dampened Bam Bam’s spirit. He is still a favorite among the rescue and his siblings.  He needs a home environment where neighbors will not make a big deal out of this very talkative dog.

To see a snippet of Bam Bam’s personality and how well he can handle himself with other male dogs who try to dominate him, visit his two minute video here   

He handles them very nicely without letting them walk all over him. However, please put all expectations away, when you first meet with Bam Bam. His strong appearance, and intense bark, can intimidate anyone who doesn’t know him. Have a few treats ready for him, and say the following phrase with confidence: “Bam Bam do you want a cookie?” You will see a total love bug shortly thereafter; but, of course he is still going to bark (hence his name, Bam Bam).

Animal Coalition Unlimited, located in Oregon,  does not adopt their dogs out on a first come first serve basis but rather on the philosophy of finding the most fitting home for each dog. If interested in Bam Bam, please send an email to

Bam Bam will also come with a bag of grain free Petcurean Now Fresh, his bed & all his favorite toys.
To schedule a meet and greet with Bam! Bam!, please fill out the application form here

Visit Bam Bam’s page on the Rescue Me website

For updates on Bam Bam, visit the Animal Coalition Unlimited on Instagram

If you cannot adopt Bam! Bam! but would like to donate to his care and boarding please send all donations via

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  1. susispot says:

    I hope they are investing some time to curb the barking. I know from experience a barking dog is a real pain in the butt. Barking 24/7 for many years wore on every nerve in the neighborhood.


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