Babysitting dog ‘Charlie’ never had to be taught to love family baby

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How is it that a dog seems to innately know how to take care of a human baby? There are so many different things humans constantly learn about their canine pals. In this heartwarming story of Charlie the Beagle, it seems there was never any question as to the amazing talent this 24 pound, floppy eared pal had towards the newest member of the family.

Charlie the Beagle met baby Laura the moment she came home with her mother from the hospital; a lot of sniffs and licks and the bonding began:

“We taught our dog how to play keyboard, how to change traffic lights and how to swing a baby crib, but we never had to teach him how to love our daughter,” Charlie’s owner said, and when you watch the video, the reasons become clear.

While Charlie may not be able to change a diaper the way Laura’s mom does, he sure has the patience to swing the baby’s crib and gently play with her. He can pull the baby’s doll and moments later returns to rest the doll carefully on the baby’s back as she closes her eyes to take a nap. This sweet dog shows us how to face every new day with a smile and a zest for life.

We do encourage every dog owner to ALWAYS be in the room and close to both baby and dog no matter how bonded they may be. NEVER leave a baby, young child or toddler alone with any dog. Let all of our stories about babies and dogs be happy and safe.

(Photos and You Tube courtesy of babysitting dog Charlie and baby Laura)



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  1. pamela bolton says:

    this was absolutely precious. And to think, people get rid of their dogs BECAUSE they are having a baby. Go figure that logic….


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