‘Our baby girl got her wings’ after man set cat on fire

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In a heartbreaking announcement on the Facebook page of the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County in Montgomery County, Indiana, on Sunday evening came the sad news of Phoenix, the rescued cat on fire last week:

Animal Welfare League Of Montgomery County Indiana  It is with a heavy heart and alot of tears I tell you our baby girl got her wings . Fly high Phoenix.”noah-riley

The cat dubbed Phoenix was discovered last week in Crawsfordsville cow-tied with a rope, drenched in gasoline, set on fire and with a firecracker lying on top of her which had not ignited. The sweet female cat had been showing signs of recovering, but her condition quickly took a turn for the worse; even as early as Sunday morning, the updates  still looked optimistic. By the evening however, another post indicated Phoenix had been experiencing breathing problems, and veterinarians feared she had a build up of fluid in her lungs indicating a secondary infection. Less than an hour later, Phoenix died.

The cat on fire was rescued on Wednesday after a retired fireman saw a flame shoot out near the community airport. Phoenix was found in critical condition lying in a mud puddle which authorities stated initially saved her life keeping her skin and fur from burning. The next day the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office arrested Noah Riley, 19, after he stated he had been following the media posts about the cat and wanted to “get the issue resolved.”

Riley faces two counts of animal cruelty. Read the previous story here.

Rest in peace Phoenix. We will all help you find justice.

Photo of cat on fire Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County.

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  1. Well ! the Psychopath Bastard that torched this animal that did absolutely NOTHING to deserve this Deserves more than a stern lecture from a judge who will not be vested in the interest and let go with a $50.00 fine and 1 week probation!!! This is where we need a tall tree, tar and feathers!!!

  2. He should be arrested for murder because this is what this POS did, he murdered this poor little cat! Rest in peace little Phoenix, may Noah Riley rot in jail!

  3. J’espère que cette ordure, ce résidu de capote va payer au maximum et qu’il aura les mêmes souffrances que se pauvre bébé. Assassin , crève en enfer , ENFOIRÉ, sous merde.

  4. Set that filthy bastard on fire! It might sound harsh (might- who am I kidding?!), but this scumbag might as well get used to burning, since he’ll do it for eternity anyway.

  5. This”issue” will only be “resolved” when this dickless POS is in prison and hopefully the other inmates have their way with him before they beat the
    sh!! out of this worthless excuse for a human. Waste of space and air. Praying he doesn’t get a dickless judge. We have to make believers out of these a$$holes.

  6. The monster who murdered this sweet cat deserves the same done to him. Sociopath – he’ll move on to humans, probably after killing more animals. He needs to be locked up for life – or cow-tied, drenched in gasoline, and set on fire. I prefer the second option myself.

  7. This absolutely rips my heart out. There is nothing so painful and horrible as serious burns. I cannot fathom how this poor, innocent cat suffered. Her pain is over now. She would have had a long and agonizing road ahead of her. My heart aches for the vet and staff, and all those kind, compassionate animal lovers who are left with hurting hearts. Asking why is futile. The septic scum who did this is vicious and has not a shred of empathy or compassion. “It” is a clear and present danger to society. You cannot carry out something as vile and vicious as this and be expected to show gentleness and kindness to humans. There’s no magic little switch. He needs to be put in a jail cell for a long, long time and I don’t think that intensive psychological intervention will make one whit of a difference Rest in the arms of God, little Phoenix. At least you knew caring, gentle hands that tried to help.

  8. Oh poor little phoenix,how sad.She didn’t deserve this.Make this worthless coward pay for what he did and whoever lets him off easy should be punished too.This is just so senseless and sad please please make these horrible people pay This has got to stop.The judge should be forced to look at all the pictures of this poor cat and if they don’t do something then they should lose their job and a few other things.

  9. NOAH RILEY. Never let this name vanish from the internet so here’s a big “f*** you” to NOAH RILEY of INDIANA.

    Write it loud so it stays in the Google results forever, even if he uses an online reputation management service.

    May this 19 year old man never have a normal life. Preferably I hope it’s a short one, too.


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