Baby elephant killed in auto accident on Malaysia highway

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A young elephant was found dead on the side of the road in a pool of blood recently after he was killed in an auto accident in a Malaysia national park area. According to authorities at the Perak Department of Wildlife and National Parks, the two-year-old elephant’s body was found along the roadside of the Gerik-Jeli Highway.

It is believed the baby had been hit on the head, and he died instantly. By the time authorities arrived, the elephant family had already left. As Malaysia develops, elephants need to be respected and allowed to roam freely and safely. The incident drew a lot of anger on social media, as many area residents expressed their sadness for wildlife and  how these animals continue to lose their homes;  paying the ultimate price – their lives.

Signs along the highway warn drivers of elephant crossings, and although authorities state accidents like this rarely happen, environmentalists fear the increasing destruction of the animals’ habitat have forced elephants to venture out closer to roadways. The BBCNews report drivers are being urged to be “extra careful” when using the highways.

“We have already erected signboards to notify motorists that there would be elephant crossings along the stretch of the highway,” stated Loo Kean Seong, director of the parks in Perak. “So they need to be more responsible, especially when they are driving late at night or early in the morning.”

On the Facebook group, Management & Ecology of Malaysian Elephants,  advocates for wildlife state the signs are easy to read, and they are there for a purpose.

“When you see a sign that states slow down, just slow down. It’s a simple thing to do. It’s still their home so just respect it.”

How does anyone miss seeing an elephant on the road Facebook readers continue to ask? Tragically it makes us lose faith in humanity. Did the driver even stop and stay with the baby while he died? Rest in peace baby. You will be missed.

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(Photos via Alicia Solana Mena/Meme via Management & Ecology of Malaysian Elephants)

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  1. Heartbreaking…… problem is tracking down the crummy driver who hit him……

    Really: how does one miss seeing a group of elephants???

    RIP poor baby…… you were murdered by a cruel human…….

  2. RIP baby elephant. We must respect and be more careful since we are the ones taking away the land that has always been theirs.

  3. In the unsettling rampant abuse of all animals I wouldn’t be surprised if this was an intentional act! This is truly heartbreaking! As humans we are suppose to SHARE this planet with the animals God created and put on earth with us,we don’t have the right to take over at the expense of the animals! I,for one, would never want to live in an a world without animals! I don’t think humanity can exist without animals and animals can’t exist without us,why isn’t that perfectly clear to all that live and breathe? And when I say we can’t exist without animals I am not talking about animals being food for humans because we all know humanity can exist just fine without consuming the flesh of an animal! I wish they were able to find who did this,be it an accident or on purpose! RIP BEAUTIFUL BABY ELEPHANT

  4. Why drive so fast ??? Än elephantbaby is not little! !! Thé human must see! !! Its so säd horribel discatimg ????????????????RIP baby !!!

  5. Land greed leaves elephants, big primates and others with little space. The theft of land is even destroying indigenous tribes. They are being murdered for things like palm oil. This is ruining the environment and big corps are laughing. It only gets worse until people like you and i wake up and protect and serve.

  6. So sad, apparently no-one cared enough to stop after striking the poor creature! I love elephants; they are social , family oriented and full of personality. Such a shame some ppl couldn’t care less about animals.


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