Baby donkey rescued with hole in her forehead down to her skull

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When villagers in the area of Rajasthan, Udaipur, India found a baby donkey with a huge hole in her forehead, no one could believe she was still alive. Needing immediate life saving veterinary intervention, volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited were notified, and there in a farm area, rescuers found  tiny April nursing from her mother.

The baby didn’t put up much resistance as the men gently placed a rope around her neck and helped her into the animal ambulance, but not without the baby’s mom who had not been far away grazing along the path. Back at the hospital, the critically injured animal had maggots crawling out of her gaping wound, and so medication to kill the insects was immediately applied; that would take hours to work  before further medical treatment could begin. When the maggots were finally dead, April was sedated and started on antibiotics while the staff  removed the dead maggots, thoroughly cleaned out the wound and then bandaged it.

Within ten days, April’s condition had greatly improved; so much so she had been eating with gusto, and the wound which exposed her skull had begun to heal over. 

And now after two months, spend a few minutes, sit back, relax and smile as April’s life takes a positive change because of the kindness of Animal Aid Unlimited. To donate, please click here.

Photos via freezeshots from YouTube.

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