Aventura woman shown kicking ShihTzu numerous times

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In the upscale city of Aventura, Florida, a 24-year-old woman was caught on video abusing her ten-pound Yorkie and ShihTzu mix in an elevator in the Artech condominiums. The disturbing video, filmed on September 20, began as the small dog scurried into the elevator ahead of her owner. As the woman turned around after pressing the button for the floor she wanted, she cornered the puppy and kicked it numerous times. When the elevator stopped, the woman left and the dog was left alone to wander around the building.

Detectives identified Keevonna Wilson as the woman in the video. According to News10, Wilson has been charged with animal cruelty. Investigators report Wilson became irate after the dog had an accident in the elevator.

Miami-Dade Animal Services seized the tiny dog named Chastity on September 27. A veterinary examination determined the dog to be in good general health, however Chastity had bruises on her abdomen and the outside part of her ears. The dog appeared to be in pain when her abdomen and lower back were touched. She is currently in a foster home, and will be made available for adoption in the future once the shelter has been granted custody.

As for Wilson, she posted a $5,000 bond and awaits a court date.

(Photos of Aventura woman kicking dog via News10)

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Video is disturbing and graphic.






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    • Now that would be justice for the poor pup! All animal abusers should be euthanized immediately after they get the same treatment they did to the poor innocent animal. There is no justice for any victims in this country it is always about the “poor criminal”. Eye for eye justice is the only way to clean up this earth of worthless humans.

  1. Dip Sh** BIMBO!!! She needs to be locked away. Minimum 5 years, $5,000 fine and a life time ban on ever owning or living with another pet. She is a sick, useless, UGLY waste of skin.

  2. Please put her in jail….the little dog wouldn’t have had a accident if she had given her a chance to go before they went in the building….she doesn’t deserve a pet….if she isn’t put in jail, there is nothing to stop her from doing it again to another animal.

  3. Once again I won’t watch this video for my heart and soul can not take seeing or hearing a helpless dog being brutally abused! I know this area well and it is a very upscale area,goes to show u the abuse,torture and killing of animals knows no bounds! I have zero confidence that this vulgar POS will be punished in any meaningful way! At the very least she should be banned from EVER owning or being around animals for the rest of her miserable life! Can u imagine when she reproduces? The thought sends chills downs my spine!!! I hope bad luck and misery follows her in every aspect of her insignificant life! Low life POS

  4. The same should be done to her as she did to this tiny dog, and then jail time in addition to a heavy fine. She should never be allowed to care for any living thing, including a human.

  5. She should face jail time for this abuse! And God help her if she ever has children and they should have an accident! I say it’s time to tie her tubes as well for the sake of a human life!

  6. Keevona Wilson: I hope you get the payback your nasty cruel self so well deserves – you are just another useless hunk of maggot puke who needs a beat down desperately – pick on a defenseless little dog will ya? Lady, if I could get my hands on you – I swear you’d be in a world of pain.


  8. Classic example of a waste of manure to manufacture this ugly, evil piece of shit posing as a human. Hopefully someone will flush this disgusting piece of crap down a sewer somewhere. Hopefully I can adopt this pup where she will never be abused again.
    Hope you get cancer and your tits fall off, you fucking bitch.


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