Authorities searching for man who kicked dog

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In the inner city of Toxteth in Liverpool, England, authorities are searching for a man videoed kicking his small Jack Russell dog in the face. The disturbing footage, videoed by a Good Samaritan and later posted on social media, showed the dog owner slamming his foot into the face of the brown and white pup along the street of Park Road late in the afternoon on Wednesday.

According to the Echo, the dog flew through the air by the force of the man’s kick. The Good Samaritan, so upset by the dog being abused, confronted the owner.

“The RSPCA was made aware yesterday evening of footage circulating on social media which showed a man kicking a dog in a street in Liverpool,” posted the organization in a tweet on Wednesday night. “We are assisting Merseyside police in their investigations.

The video was posted on Facebook followed by an angry comment. The witness had been walking down the street when he saw the man drag the dog off the bus and kicking it from side to side. The dog was terrified and was trying to wiggle out of its leash but the man kept yanking the defenseless pooch:

“Anyone know who this … scumbag is, volleying his dog up and down Park Road, leaving blood all over the dog and all up the road. He’s roughly around 50-60 years old… I thought it was one kick away from falling to the floor and dying, at that point everyone ran over confronting the man screaming at him.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the RSPCA on 0300 123 8018 or contact police at 101.

(Photos of man kicking dog in the face via Liverpool Echo screenshots)

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11 replies
    • anna says:

      put him in jail!! that is exactly where he belongs!!!!!!!!!!!!! his behaviour , is disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!! to say the least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Helen says:

    Inexcusable. On lookers should have just taken the dog away from this mental case. I hope the authorities find this dog abuser and lock him up for good. The dog should also be removed from its owner. Hopefully the poor pup is still alive.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Blood on the ground and no one stopped this disgusting person? Should have been accosted until police could arrive.


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