Authorities locate woman who abandoned dog in cage

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A surveillance camera video from the City of Bartlett Animal Shelter in Tennessee has garnered national attention after a woman is pictured pulling up to the shelter in a pickup truck, getting out of the truck and removing a dog in a cage from the tailgate. She then leaves the  abandoned  dog in the parking lot- quickly driving away. The short video, along with the following comments, were posted on the City of Bartlett Animal Shelter’s Facebook page Monday afternoon:

“Does anyone recognize this woman, dog or truck? If so, please let us know. We have a few questions for her. Thank you. I think we can all agree this is upsetting. Please keep foul language off this feed. It does not help.”

More than 581,000 views, 15,000 shares and 2,800 comments later, ranging from “how cruel can anyone be,” to “the woman could have dropped the dog down into a ravine,” the person responsible for the abandoned dog was located. Still the comments drew harsh criticism for leaving the dog in a parking lot despite a posted excuse:

“Here is one person’s explanation…. It was not her dog. She is a child who was told by an irresponsible adult to leave the dog because the adult did not want to wait for the shelter to open. You do not know the full story. She did return to the shelter after it opened and filled out paperwork that said the dog was a stray.”

The pooch, believed to be a five-year-old, female Australian shepherd was terrified when found, but the staff at the shelter report the dog to be very sweet and friendly. And although some comments have stated the person dropping the dog off saved the pooch from harm, the shelter didn’t agree:

“Had the lady put the dog on the sidewalk, we would agree. However, our parking lot connects with the street where there are garbage trucks flying through here. She could have been hit in that cage.”

The Bartlett Police Department were able to track down the person who abandoned the dog. The organization posted on their Facebook page the person had been located and was coming to the shelter to fill out the paperwork so the dog could be adopted. The police department wants to remind everyone that abandoning an animal is illegal.

“If you feel the need to bring an animal to the shelter, please come inside so we can assist you and ensure the safety of the animal,” a department spokesperson stated.

Be the voice for those who cannot speak. There is never an excuse to abandon a pet; even youngsters should know better.

(Photo of abandoned dog freeze shot from video.)

The short video can be viewed here:

*****UPDATE 1/10/17: The dog is ok. We do know who the people are and we are handling the situation. Thank you for your help. Does anyone recognize this woman, dog, or truck? If so, please let us know. We have a few questions for her. Thank you.I think we can all agree this is upsetting. Please keep foul language off this feed. It does not help.

Posted by CITY OF BARTLETT ANIMAL SHELTER on Monday, January 9, 2017

25 replies
  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    It sounds like she only came in and filled in paperwork AFTER they identified and contacted her. I wonder if she would have if they hadn’t found her. Given the temperatures in Tennessee this time of year, the dog could have frozen before being found. I hope she is charged. There is NO excuse for this!

  2. Gloria Fischer says:

    Anyone who abandoned or harms an animal should be on a nation wide black list, precluding them from ever possessing an animal again!

  3. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Je ne sais plus quoi penser de l’espèce humaine, à part qu’elle n’aurait jamais dû exister. J’ai honte de faire partie de cette espèce.

  4. Star Shelley says:

    I am sorry. But their excuse was a real sorry excuse. They need to charge the mom who obviously has not taught her child correctly, I can just image what kind of up bringing this girl has. No compensation for animals, no heart nor soul. Love to slap her across her sorry ass face. Wishing this poor pup a better life of care and love.

  5. Robin says:

    This person was in such a big hurry to dump the dog she didn’t even put it behind the concrete bumper to keep it out of harm’s way. Poor dog was terrified out in the open with no protection!

  6. Edward says:

    For those who believe that this woman did no wrong go see Hillary Clinton lying trash piece of s*** some people are just f****** retarded that do it could have been killed run over by a truck I agree it was no excuse you wait to the f****** shelter opens and you bring the f****** animal ends for his protection on her

  7. susispot says:

    Australian Shepherds are so smart. Someone that knows their intelligence will be blessed to have this dog in their family and home. The dog is better off without those dopes to count on. God bless this girl with a special home that values her as the gift she will be.

  8. Chastity Sisk says:

    She knew what she was doing,,, she did it way to cruel, the baby’s leg was hanging it the bottom of the cage,,, and then she ran back to the truck,,, call BS on her excuse

  9. linda says:

    Who was the driver? Isn’t he/she just as guilty? Obviously the shelter WASN’T closed you can hear a conversation during the surveillance shot!

  10. Linda says:

    I found a stray cat- very friendly- and called the humane society and pound about bringing her in. They told me they wouldn’t take her unless I paid them $25. I could not afford that, let my kids eat this week or turn in a stray. Not a big decision. Told me that if I dropped her off in a cage at the door they had cameras and would arrest me. Couldn’t keep her so I had to just put her back out to roam the neighborhood. Oh yes it was winter too.

  11. Lizz says:

    You do not abandon a dog. She could have easily just wanted until the shelter was opened. What she did was irresponsible. She should be held accountable for her actions. The only reason why she came in to fill out paperwork after the fact is because she found out she had been identified and knew she would get in trouble so she lied about what really happened.

  12. Darla says:

    I don’t care if she was a “child” who was told what to do. She looks old enough to me to know right from wrong. Stop with all the effing excuses. You’re a lowlife POS if you abandon your dog. I’m so glad for video evidence. I was just reading the story of a woman who videotaped a spawn of Satan as he beat and kicked a dog and then she called 9-1-1. Without videos, much of this would never be reported.

  13. brigitte st jean says:

    Karma to that fucking bitch. I do not beleive anything she says. Take her and put her in a cage and leave her in the woods. The child was quite fast to put the dog down. She knew what she was doing POS.

  14. kim sawyer says:

    They did not know the camera was there! But someone got to them and told them. Then they had to come up with a plan. Please tell me that they did not give her the dog back???


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