Authorities investigate burned alive body of family’s Shih Tzu

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Authorities have launched an investigation into the suspected burned alive body of a Shih Tzu in the wooded area of Mead Walk in Walker located in Newcastle, United Kingdom. Firefighters found the charred remains of the dog’s body on Wednesday afternoon after having been called to extinguish a fence on fire late in the afternoon.

According to the Chronicle, the dog’s body was taken for an examination at a local veterinarian, who found a microchip identifying the poor pooch as three-year-old Charlie. It is suspected the dog had been alive when he was  wrapped and stuffed inside of a shopping bag and then ignited.

“This is really shocking and upsetting discovery,” stated RSPCA Inspector Cathy Maddison. “The fire service was called; they had no idea the horror they would discover once the fire was put out. At this stage we don’t know whether the dog was alive or not when the body was set on fire, which is horrific.”

The necropsy revealed the unaltered Shih Tzu mix was approximately three-years-old and had a cream and tan coat. His microchip identified his name, but did not contain any information as to his owner(s). Police released the posted image of the site where Charlie’s body was found hoping that someone can identify anything familiar with the area and if someone from the neighborhood saw anyone acting suspiciously on Wednesday afternoon. Anyone with information is asked to get in touch with police by calling 101.

“This incident took place in the middle of the day and we believe members of the public in the area would have seen those responsible,” stated Northumbria Police Inspector Paul Duncan. “It is a very distressing incident and we need to understand what has happened to this young dog.”

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    • Roselyne CORNETTE says:

      Une fois retrouvé, il faut tout simplement lui faire la même chose, qu’il sache se que ce pauvre bébé a subit. Quelle ordure, une condamnation à vie ne serait que justice.

  1. ellen cottone says:

    You can still find the owner and he is the one who set him on fire.
    If the dog is chipped it was chipped thru animal rescue This dog did not come from a breeded. Either a mobil or a shelter Its an amazing phenomenon that this happens more than not that a chipped dog is handed to an adopter. Even with the rigerious backround checks and endless paperwork it is then up to the gardian to register. they do not. Also we are not handing out unfixed males pedigree here in the states for obvious reason Its lawless to hand out a dog that can be exploited as a puppy mill breeder.Grow a heart england. do your police work get busy and fill a cell.

    At this point the chipping systen is not working.And heres the simple solution.
    Every shelter director when they give out a dog should take the adoptor by the scruff of the neck with left hand and daintally guide adoptors right hand pointer finger over “shelter” not personal phone and follow thru with the most inportant part of trusting a potental owner with an innocent animals Registering the chip. This must be followed thru on the inside of the shelter.
    Essensially this chipping system is the first steps in establishing a social security number for animals. they are protected log and noted thru this i.d.( can medicare coverage be far behind to cover animals health. i hope so)
    With this extra 5 min follow thru you protect an animal and can prosecute. another way of getting abusers off the street. And stop handing out unfixed animals ya morans. End your problems!
    Instead of proliferating the heart ache.

  2. Kara says:

    This is absolutely horrific!!! These disgusting people better be held accountable for this!!!
    I can’t believe how some people are so heartless! What a disgrace!! I hope they rot in hell!!! Karma’s s bitch!!!

  3. Effie Jane Wood says:

    This is a very cowardly thing to do to a defenseless little dog. I have one they are such sweet and loving dogs, would not harm a thing, i hope when they catch this person they punish them the way he punished this poor helpless animal!!!!

  4. Joanne says:

    Heartbreaking, Sad, and Horrific! This poor innocent pup suffered agonizing pain, horrible abuse, extreme fear, unspeakable terror and profound betrayal! Sweet Charlie, I am so very sorry your despicable sub-human did this horrific and excruciating abuse to you. Rest in Sweet Heavenly Peace, Angel Charlie, you are now safe in the tender loving care of Jesus. Angel Charlie, play and fly with all the Angels in Heaven’s soft white clouds. Angel Charlie, I am praying for your deserved justice and the evil monster that did this horrific torture and despicable murder is severely punished to the maximum degree! RIP, Precious Furbaby ♥️????????⛅️♥️

  5. susispot says:

    I can’t breathe knowing there is such a freakin’ sick monster out there. RIP little dog. I am so sorry people let you down and let someone heart you so terribly.


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