Family dog tackled fleeing suspect

‘Atta dog!’ Sheriff’s Office praises family dog for tackling fleeing suspect

A Florida family’s dog is getting high praise from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. The dog, a black mixed breed named Georgio, tackled one of two suspects who were fleeing from the police on Thursday night.

According to Click Orlando,  Mario Figueroa was getting ready to enjoy a fire in his backyard when the men ran through. Figueroa told the news station, “All of a sudden I hear the dog tackle a guy in the yard, a gentleman runs by me and I hear one of them say, ‘Get the dog off me.'”

On November 10, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office posted video of the take down and a few words about the “good boy” responsible for the tackle:


Even the pets of Volusia County have our backs. Watch as this very good boy defends his yard against intruders.

The fleeing suspects in this video were driving a Camaro with a stolen tag last night. They also were carrying several baggies of heroin, cocaine and about $2,000 in cash between them. They’re in the Volusia County Branch Jail this afternoon.

Figueroa has high praise for his rescued dog:

“Yeah, he took him down like a professional police dog. He’s pretty awesome. Georgio just took care of me. He’s a wonderful dog.”

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2 replies
  1. susispot says:

    Great job by the dog getting the trespasser. It is fortunate he backed off or the police might have shot him to get to the perp. It could have ended badly for the dog. Just saying. We have seen too many dogs loose their lives by trigger happy officers.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Georgio is a HERO and best be treated like one – Thank God he backed off because with the brains (or lack thereof) of some cops Georgio could have been killed – I hope his owner appreciates the great dog he has and give him a giant steak for dinner – he deserves it.


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