Arrested: AZ man who killed injured dog with a sledgehammer

Man arrested for killing dog with sledgehammer
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An Arizona man, who took it upon himself to “euthanize” his neighbor’s injured dog, has been arrested and he is facing a charge of felony animal cruelty, reported AZ Central. Kym Jesus-Garcia’s three-year-old pit bull, “Beau,” escaped from her Phoenix area home last Sunday with the family’s other dog while Garcia was away – while the dog was wandering, she was struck by two vehicles.

Witnesses told Garcia that the injured dog was able to get back to her front porch with the help of the family’s other, uninjured dog – other neighbors gathered around to try and help Beau, but one man, identified as 49-year-old Ivan Lawrence, decided that Beau was suffering and that she needed to be put down.

Against the desire of the other bystanders, Lawrence got a sledgehammer and hit Beau twice in the head, ending the dog’s life. Witnesses have stated that the dog was going to be taken to an emergency veterinarian for care and that Lawrence refused to let them – in addition to the felony animal cruelty charge, he is facing a charge for failure to render aid.

Lawrence was booked into a Maricopa County jail – he maintains his innocence, claiming that what he did was done out of mercy for the suffering dog.

Prior story about this situation here.

(Screenshot and booking photo)

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  1. What the hell – were all these ‘concerned’ neighbors handicapped so that they could not overcome this maggot and stop him? This makes no sense that they stood there and allowed Ivan Lawrence to beat an injured dog to death and did nothing! They are ALL responsible for letting this happen to this poor animal. Where does this asshole get the authority to decide that Beau was not going to emergency vet? There is something very suspicious about this whole story and poor Beau was the victim of a bunch of cowards.

  2. Mercy my behind! This wasn’t HIS dog to do anything with. I’m glad he has been arrested and I hope he is punished severely!

  3. Killing Beau with a sledgehammer? How the HELL would any compassionate human being call that mercy? Only a vile, evil bastard would THINK of doing something like that, especially when others were going to take him to a vet!!!

    Guess what, ahole? A judge will look at this for what it is: your desire to kill a dog in the cruelest way possible. All Beau saw was someone bashing his brains in after he made the valiant effort to return home once he’d been struck by those cars and others were there to render aid. He saw evil win out, and that was YOU. That was the last thing he saw on this earth. For that you’ll burn in Hell. You will go to jail.

  4. Good. I’m glad this low life got arrested and charged for animal cruelty and denying this dog proper care. I hope the owner ensures maximum punishment impose on this scum bag. And let the owner learn the lesson that you never allow your dog outside without supervision.

  5. Please keep us posted on the final outcome of this horrible man. Not only was he not on his own property, but witnesses should/could have stopped him. Hope someone puts him out of his misery in a slow, painful way in jail. The dogs legs were probably only thing wrong with her.

  6. What a disgusting POS…….
    Delighted to learn he was arrested & hope he is locked up forever with animal lovers who can give him “special attention”……. Lose the keys!!!! Keep him out of society as he is not needed or wanted by the rest of us…..
    Hope the rest of his useless life is filled with pain and suffering. Execution would improve our planet since this POS is a waste of resources……
    RIP angel. The monster who did this to you will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty…….

  7. Asshole. It wasn’t his decision! RIP Beau. However, who was taking care of the dogs while the owner was gone and why were they roaming free?

  8. What a FUCKING RETARDED LOSER….he better get jail time..if he doesn’t then the owner should take matters into her own hands. I sure would, she can’t get her precious family member back.

    • Agreed. He would need to be in protective custody if Beau was my furbaby…….

      No one harms my furbaby without severe consequences……..

      The minute this useless POS gets out of jail, he must watch his back as I would be watching and waiting for my opportunity for “payback”………

  9. I saw this bonehead on the news last night. A total idiot. May he get exactly what he deserves. RIP Beau. YOur family is torn up at the loss of their buddy.

  10. What the fuck!! Why didn’t the other people stop this assinine animal killer? There was more of them against one disgusting animal killer,they could of and should of stopped him! Once again we all have to hope and pray this evil jackass gets the maximum allowed but I certainly won’t hold my breath that the judicial system will do the right thing! I have had my dogs for 14 years and they have never gotten away from me and I feel the fault originates with the owner,those dogs should of not been able to leave the safety of their home/yard! I hope this brutal neighbor gets what’s coming to him by both the owner of these dogs and the courts!!


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