arrest expected in brutal dog beating

Arrest expected following brutal dog beating in Texarkana

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Update from Texarkana Police Department:

A felony arrest warrant was issued this morning at about 10:00 for LeGus Holloway, 79, of Texarkana Texas, for Cruelty to Non-Lifestock Animals. This is as a result of a video that surfaced over the weekend on social media that shows Holloway viciously abusing a dog.

Officers are currently searching for Holloway but have not yet been able to find him. At this point, there are concerns for Holloway’s safety as a result of threatening comments that some people have made on social media. If you know where Holloway is, please call the police department and let us know.

According to the authorities, an arrest warrant is expected in a case involving a dog who was brutally beaten in Texarkana, Texas. On Sunday night, the Texarkana Police Department notified angry social media users who were bombarding the Department’s Facebook page with requests for an investigation into the beating, which was captured on video and uploaded to Instagram.

The police stated:

We have gotten several messages and phone calls about the dog that was being abused in a video that was posted to social media. Like many of you, we were upset by what we saw and take this kind of thing very seriously.

We have identified the man in the video and expect an arrest warrant to be issued very soon.

The Department also requested that people STOP calling to report the abusive video, “Thank you to everyone who cared enough to bring it to our attention. However, we ask that you please not call to report this incident to us. We are well aware of it and are already working hard on it.”

The dog in the video was pulled out of a vehicle and then hit by a man wielding a belt – the dog is then lifted by her neck and hurled to the ground. Immediately after the dog hit the ground she began to scream in pain.

A subsequent update by the police indicates that the dog was found and taken to a veterinarian for an exam. In unconfirmed Facebook posts, there is indication that the abused dog suffered a broken leg in the disturbing incident. The dog allegedly did not belong to the man in the video.

More details will be released as they become known. Find the original article about this animal cruelty case here.

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19 replies
  1. Darla says:

    Arrest the POS who videotaped the cruelty, too. He’s just as guilty. I’m glad the dog was found and is being treated. I hope she recovers and finds a great home, never to suffer another minute of cruelty.

  2. Wanda says:

    I am so relieved to read that the dog was found and taken in for veterinarian treatment.
    I couldn’t stop thinking of that dog and her condition. It bothered me so much that I couldn’t sleep. I just lay awake, with pain in the pit of my stomach and burning rage for revenge on her abuser, hoping that she was still alive and was rescued.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Arrest not just this scum who did this to the dog but the one video taping this abuse. Both scums should be in jail with bubba.

    • susan froman says:

      The person who taped it sent it off to the police trying to help this dog.
      They posted it on instagram also asking for help from anyone who knew who he was.

  4. ellen cottone says:

    dog breeder….. isn’t there another word for that these days, pretty much isn’t the word a red flag these days. what kind of an operation do you think he is really running these days. investigate his properties , investigate the real owner of the dog. investigate his family’s properties. seize his bank account and see how much dog food he buys a month.
    And more important. send in the drones.and rescue the other 150 dog’s in his fight kennel ,puppy mill and pig , goat and chicken backwood slaughter house.come on good ol boys, time to put the coffie and donuts down and push that belly out from under that desk. get up, get busy. and get the hell to work

  5. Jacqueline Kenny says:

    Attention police department this is not good enough if this were a child how would you deal with it. That bastard laughing should also go to jail. It’s only a matter of time when they will do it to a human

  6. Melissa Gurley says:

    I believe the police department will do their job and get this SOB they are just as disgusted as the rest of us I am sure they want to find him and they will

    • Kelly Giannetti says:

      They’re only disgusted becoz they have been bombarded with calls and posts on social media!! Otherwise, they couldn’t give a damn! Small towns, big towns…the law, the DA, the judges…none of them give a damn! How do I know? Becoz all they do is slap their hand AND give the dog BACK to the abuser to be abused even more…or KILLED this time!

  7. paula calabrese says:

    I hope this sick scumbag really gets hard time.Karma is a bitch i hope tose inmates in prison beat the crapp out of him .Karma what comes around goes around as afor the sick bastard who enjoyed watching a animal be beaton they need to charge his ass throw him in jail also. i hope they both rott in prson.

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    Exactly how much do authorities need to investigate?? They KNOW who this hunk of maggot shit is – go and arrest him NOW! This cruelty is on video and the dog needs to be rescued ASAP before this bastard kills him. I have little faith in any animal cruelty case involving the state of Texas – they drag their heels and ignore animal abuse – GET THIS BASTARD AND PUT HIS FILTHY ASS IN JAIL – GET THAT DOG OUT OF THERE.


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