Fourth dog has died in Iditarod Race

Another dog in Iditarod Race has died

Another dog participating in the 2017 Iditarod Race has died. A press release from the Race Committee indicates that the latest race victim is a three-year-old dog named “Shilling.”

The Race Committee information about the dog who died on Wednesday reads:

At approximately 10:30 a.m. this morning, Shilling, a three-year-old
male from the race team of Roger Lee (bib #10), collapsed and died shortly thereafter.
The incident occurred about ten miles prior to Lee’s arrival in Unalakleet.
A necropsy will be conducted by a board-certified pathologist to make every attempt to
determine the cause of death.

Shilling is the fourth dog to die in this year’s Iditarod race. According to a subsequent release from the Race Committee, the latest dog died from pulmonary edema:

The gross necropsy has been completed on Shilling, a three-year old
male from the race team of Roger Lee (bib #10), by a board-certified veterinary
pathologist. Extensive pulmonary edema was the most significant abnormality
determined. Further tests will be conducted in an attempt to identify the underlying
cause of the edema, and to complete the necropsy study.

On Tuesday, a four-year-old dog named Flash died outside of Koyuk. The gross necropsy results for Flash revealed that the dog died from acute aspiration pneumonia. Before Flash died, a two-year-old dog named “Smoke” perished from hyperthermia while being flown from Galena to Anchorage. The first dog to die in the 2017 Iditarod was a two-year-old male named “Deacon.” Deacon was part of veteran Iditarod musher Seth Barnes’ team – the dog collapsed and died on March 9, just prior to Barnes’ arrival at the Galena checkpoint.

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