Another dog dead after hunter makes a mistake

Hunter killed family dog
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Another family dog is dead after a hunter mistakenly believed that he was a wild animal. On Monday, a therapy dog named Kaoru was shot at point blank range in front on her owner while they were on a hike in British Columbia and now, an Alaskan shepherd named “Tonka,” is dead in New Jersey after a hunter claimed to think that she was a coyote.

According to, Tonka was killed with a crossbow arrow near her owner’s property line. Her owner, Elizabeth Mongno, recounted on Facebook what happened:

Yesterday, Tonka was walking to the house with me and must’ve seen some deer in the woods (there is a small section of woods adjacent to our property and connects a few properties). I was following him and loudly calling him back, but we was happily chasing the deer. He has done this before and comes back 30 secs later). This time, he didn’t make it back. One of our neighbors, unbeknownst to us, had given a relative property to deer hunt. A man saw Tonka running. Tonka stopped, probably about to return home, and the man shot and killed Tonka with a cross bow. 

Though the hunter, identified as Romeo Antonucci, claims that he believed the dog was a coyote, Tonka’s owner isn’t buying it. Her dog was wearing a collar, is larger than a coyote and is mostly white.

By law, hunters are allowed to shoot coyotes – whether or not this person will face any charges is unknown.

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  1. Put this hunter in jail and take away any guns he has. If he can’t tell the difference between a dog with a collar and a coyote, he needs his head as well as eyes examined. Stupid, disgusting hunter. This is why many people see no use for those who say hunting is a “sport”. Great sport when you kill a family dog.

  2. This has got to stop!!! This man has to be HEAVILY fined at least. Make him be 100% sure if what he is murdering is wild or someone’s pet!!!

  3. Another irresponsible hunter who shot before they even knew what they were aiming at – prime example of the lack of responsibility these idiots display – the only priority is to bag an animal – now this is the 2nd dog killed by some ahole who has no insight or consideration that there are others besides him in the area. Tonka had a collar but this braindead blind selfish bastard paid no attention – all he saw was an animal.

  4. Yet another SOS POS pretending he couldn’t tell the difference between a dog and a coyote! Give us all a break, you murdering piece of filth, and admit that you simply wanted to kill something!

    I hope they lock you up; take away your guns and crossbows; and let every single person in the prison with you know what you did. Let’s see how long you last then.

  5. Why is there not a law against shooting at any other animal, except the kind being hunted? This guy had permission to hunt deer; no other animal. In areas with farms and homes on large tracts of land, pet dogs roam free. The risk of killing one in an area like this should have been obvious to the hunter who murdered that poor dog. He never made any effort to be sure he was not killing someone’s dog, or he would have noticed Tonka’s collar. Licenses issued to hunt deer, or dove, or ducks, or whatever, should also outlaw the shooting of any other animal. We need more laws to protect our beloved pets.

  6. If these hunters don’t know can’t tell a dog from a coyote, then they shouldn’t be allowed to hunt! I don’t for one moment believe he thought he was shooting a coyote, It was a slow day hunting and killing a dog is better than nothing! May be if they start holding this idiot’s accountable for shooting a family pet, they will be more careful what they are shooting at. My condolences to Tonka’s family, I can’t imagine losing a pet like this. If the authorities won’t do something about this moron then I would be hiring a lawyer, he needs to pay for his reckless behavior!

  7. Tears. Incompetent sick hunter. Aboys dog is dead and this jerk cries it was a coyote . Prosecute and let Bubba at him when he goes to prison.

  8. I am so sick of these trigger happy, now arrow itching hunters killing innocent animals…I hope this guy is punished to the fullest extent of the law….this has got to STOP. THIS LITTLE BABY WASNT DOING ANYTHING WRONG, he was out with his Mom being a puppy.

  9. I was born and raised in the suburbs, but even I know what a coyote looks like. There is NO excuse for this, and while I really wish they’d outlaw hunting, anyone who can’t tell the difference between a dog and a coyote has no business being in the woods with any weapon with intent to kill an animal. I hope they press charges on this idiot. Condolences and prayers for the family. What a horrible way to lose a family member.


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