Animal welfare and police rescued a dog being abused for months

Animal welfare organizations state there hasn’t been much progress in Jakarta, Indonesia for abused and tortured pets, although animal activists insist government take a more active role in the humane treatment of domestic pets. And that’s exactly what happened recently, after compassionate volunteers and efficient police officers rescued a dog – only one-year-old and abused for months; the details caught on a very disturbing video.

According to the Garda Satwa Indonesia Facebook page, the animal welfare group helped the Beagle mix named Bruno out of the cruel hands of his owner, Kebon Jeruk who ran a business in West Jakarta. On April 2, the group received a report from a neighbor about the puppy’s mistreatment – which had been going on for months. (Graphic and disturbing video warning)

WARNING, SENSITIVE CONTENT ‼️‼️Stop Animal Abuse!________________Kami mendapat laporan dari Nadia, bahwa tetangganya menganiaya anjing miliknya sendiri: Dipukul, dicekik, dilempar dan sebagainya tanpa alasan. Penyiksaan ini berlangsung dari 6 bulan yang lalu sejak anjingnya masih kecil. Suara lengkingan kesakitan Bruno (nama anjing ini) membuat Nadia tidak tahan dan ingin menolong Bruno. Berkali-kali Nadia menegur, tapi pemilik beralasan sedang mendidik anjingnya (kekerasan dengan alasan apapun tidak boleh dilakukan, kecuali alasan melindungi diri, maka masih bisa diperhitungkan). Hari demi hari, malam demi malam akhirnya Nadia sudah tidak sanggup menyaksikan penganiayaan tersebut, dan melaporkan kasus ini pada kami Hari Minggu 2 April 2017. Pada tanggal 4 April, kami mendampingi Nadia untuk melaporkan tetangganya atas penganiayaan satwa peliharaan yang diatur di UU peternakan No. 41 tahun 2014 Pasal 66A dan 91B ke Polsek Kebon Jeruk.Polsek mengatakan bahwa ini kasus pertama mereka menangani penyiksaan satwa yang dilaporkan ke Polsek. Kasus ini juga bisa jadi contoh untuk masyarakat dan perangkatnya bahwa penganiayaan satwa dapat ditindaklanjuti di ranah hukum.Garda Satwa Indonesia bermitra dengan Direktorat Kepolisian Satwa Mabes Polri (K9) mendampingi kasus ini agar tersosialisasikan dengan baik, agar siapapun yang menemukan kasus serupa, untuk ikut melaporkan tindak penganiayaan terhadap satwa kepada pihak berwajib agar nantinya tidak akan ada lagi bentuk penganiayaan seperti ini. Ingat, satwa juga dilindungi haknya oleh NKRI.Unit Reskrim Polsek Kebon Jeruk bersedia mendampingi kami malam ini Rabu 5 April 2017 untuk mengambil alih Bruno agar diselamatkan dan mendapat tindakan medis, setelah itu akan kami bawa Bruno ke shelter kami untuk rehabilitasi dan setelah siap diadopsi, akan kami carikan pemilik yang akan menyayangi, berkomitmen, dan bertanggung jawab atas kesejahteraannya sepanjang hidupnya.Terima kasih sebesar-besarnya kepada Nadia, pelapor yang berani, dan mau repot untuk menjalani ini semua demi menyelamatkan Bruno, Pihak Polsek Kebon Jeruk yang membantu mendampingi dan menindaklanjuti kasus penganiayaan ini, juga Direktorat Kepolisian Satwa Mabes Polri (K9) yang memberi arahan dan masukan untuk kami dalam menangani kasus ini.Semoga malam ini Bruno berhasil kami bawa 🙏🏻🙏🏻 mohon doa dan dukungannya Guardians! #rescue #stopanimalabuse

Posted by Garda Satwa Indonesia on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Just days later, with the help of police, the owner surrendered the dog stating he was only trying to discipline his puppy. Bruno is now under the care of Garda Satwa Indonesia and is slowly learning to trust again. The pup’s rescuer, Icha had the following to report:

“Physically he’s relatively healthy, there are some bruises and cuts and he needs to be de-wormed and have his ears cleaned,” but mentally, he gets scared when he sees us carrying a newspaper because his owner used to beat him with a rolled up newspaper or a bottle.”

It is hoped that Bruno will soon be ready to be adopted. As for the dog’s previous owner, the neighbor who videoed the abuse would be the person to levy animal cruelty charges, but it is doubtful she will since it is a very small village and the man is the father to young children. As to the rest of the village and those who have read the comments on the organization’s Facebook and blog, their outrage continues to fester.

(Photo via screenshot rescued a dog Facebook of Garda Satwa Indonesia.)

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Check out Bruno’s first day of playing with other dogs:

First day Bruno living without his abussive owner. Everydog deserves a happy life. #stopanimalabuse #gardasatwaindonesia

Posted by Garda Satwa Indonesia on Wednesday, April 5, 2017


20 replies
  1. Jennifer Garlick says:

    What a brave man he is, beating a puppy , it doesn’t matter whether it’s with a rolled up news paper or the hand puppies and cats bruise easily there is no reason for using physical punishment, the voice is enough for letting them know they’ve done wrong, and it’s not what you say but how you say it. I’m relieved that the puppy has been taken away from him he shouldn’t ever have another. He’s a sorry excuse for a human being!

  2. Linda Szymoniak says:

    “The man is the father to young children” – how long before he turns his abuse to them? (If he hasn’t already.) Some people should just never be around animals. At least now this man will know he’s being watched and any future issues will be reported. Glad Bruno is going to be okay – at least physically. It could take years to undo what this monster did to him emotionally and mentally.

  3. Tina Browning says:

    The laws have got to change these are God’s creature’s not for any human torture,abuse or neglect!!!

  4. Me' says:

    Karma is a bitch. Justice would be if an animal lover came in contact with you on the street and beat the life out-of you. You probably beat your wife and kids too

  5. Sheri says:

    It is way past time something is done. I’m sorry if the man has young children, he made the decision to abuse the animals and he needs to be punished. Someone PLEASE do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Mary Ann Clark says:

    This man needs to be put in prison for a very, very long time! The fact that he has children makes it even more urgent!

  7. Becky Harris says:

    Thank God, they got that pup away. Not excusing anyone but there are folks that feel this is the way to discipline animals, it’s what their folks did. HOWEVER, it can be unlearned. my folks used negative reinforcement with our dogs. I have always used positive…I don’t like my dogs cringing from me.

  8. tina says:

    That’s the way he disciplines his dog. What a fucking scumbag. Someone needs to discipline him with a baseball bat better yet a machete.

  9. Cynthia Como says:

    The abuse and torture of dogs spans the entire globe,and thinking about it is over whelming. I feel so helpless and think this will never ever get better! It’s a heart wrenching and devastating reality.

  10. Nancy Raymond says:

    I thank all those involved in saving Bruno, this piss poor example of a man, much less a human being will hopefully get his just punishment, not by any authority BUT by some severe street justice – Kebun Jeruk will more than likely ‘discipline’ his children as harshly as he abused Bruno – this idiot needs a real dose of ‘discipline’ himself and hopefully, someone gives it to him.

  11. Renee Thompson says:

    What a real big man it takes a big man to beat a puppy you goddamn stupid loser I’ll give you my address so we can meet up and I’ll show you to beat a Man Down just like he did a poor little puppy

  12. Marianne Taylor says:

    Wish I could snap my fingers and be there when this was happening. I would grab whatever he was using to beat his dog with and beat the hell out of him. Then I would steal his dog and give it all the love it could handle and then some.


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