Animal shelter opts to terminate pregnant dog’s full term puppies

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A three-year-old pregnant poodle mix is overwhelmed with confusion and fright at the Carson Animal Care Center. Named Miss Bella, the dog will be available for adoption on November 14; the concern however is the dog is very close to having her puppies. The dilemma is described as follows:

“Saving Carson Shelter Dogs The county policy is to spay/neuter all dogs that leave the shelter. If one is pregnant and a private party wants to adopt, that dog will be spayed and the unborn babies will be aborted. This dog is way too far along and the babies are almost full term. They will have to individually euthanize each one if the adopter goes through with the adoption. If they release their hold to adopt her, a rescue organization can save her and they will allow her to go out pregnant. The shelter called the adopter but they haven’t called back yet was the latest….”

There have been several approved organizations that have offered to rescue Miss Bella, care for the puppies when they are born and then adopt them out through their programs, however on Monday, an update posted on the Facebook page of Saving Carson Shelter Dogs Facebook is worrisome:

“Update: 11/13/17 2:00pm PST. I just left the shelter. The Carson Shelter manager told me the dog is going to be spayed tomorrow. She will not be made rescue only. He is aware there is a rescue willing to take but that’s his final decision. The dog will be spayed tomorrow meaning the unborn puppies are going to be killed.”

Animal advocates can call the shelter and respectfully request Miss Bella be released to an approved rescue organization while still pregnant.

MISS BELLA 11/03/17


#A5127068 I’m an approximately 3 year old female Poodle Mini. I am not yet spayed. I have been at the Carson Animal Care Center since 11/3. I will be available on 11/14. You can visit me at my temporary home at C239.

Poodle Mini  AGE:3 years
Female  ARRIVED:11/3
Carson Shelter – 310-523-9566
M-TH 12pm-7pm, F-SU- 10am-5pm
216 W Victoria St. Gardena, CA 90248

(Photo of pregnant Miss Bella courtesy of Saving Carson Shelter Dogs)

Check out this dog’s video:



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    • If it is murder then every shelter worker who has ever killed a dog for “space” should be in insult and belittled the families of the victims of murder when you compare spaying a dog to the vicious crime of murder of a human being

      • Anti abortionists call abortion “murder” what is the difference between that and killing unborn puppies! Nobody is insulting and belittling families of victims of “the vicious crime” of murder here and nobody is comparing it to a vicious murder of a human being! You obviously don’t view life of a dog or puppies to even be of value! Spaying a female dog whose puppies are almost ready to be born is WRONG! just as aborting a child that has come to term is WRONG!

  1. You are soooo wrong. You have no right !!! POS. Let me decide your fate. I’m just as qualified as you obviously. Since anyone can decide Well I decide You are useless and need to be aborted from human race

  2. Full term puppies? I’m okay with spaying a JUST pregnant dog, where the puppies aren’t even really puppies yet, but full term? Not only is it MURDER for the puppies, but SO DANGEROUS for the mama dog. The chance of excessive bleeding is high and the mama dog can die.

  3. Thats cruelty to animals. That bastard manager should be brought up on charges. How is someone who thinks like that a manager at a shelter, that hypocritical.

  4. CARSON Is the hell hole of California!!! If there is a rescue out there why be so God Damn heartless as cute and small I am more than sure they would all get good home… they should euthanize the heartless bastard that is demanding this action…. or send him to TEXASS!!!!!!!

  5. Hasn’t he got sense enough to know what that will do to her mentally? That dog knows she is pregnant!! Someone over rule him PLEASE. They s is really sick.

  6. What a bunch of cold hearted monsters! They should all go to jail! Whoever performs this atrocity should be barred from any contact with animals and ho to prison too!

  7. That’s Carson. Murder means nothing to them. Keep us posted please. Poor Miss Bella. Our heart breaks for her and those tiny babies. .

  8. I just spoke to a woman at the number listed about my concern regarding Miss Bella, A5127068, and her being spayed and her puppies destroyed. She said that all she could do was email the person who had control over that decision. I told her how displeased I was when there was a rescue that would take her pregnant and let her deliver her puppies, which would be more humane. She told me she had no control over that decision but would pass my concerns on in an e-mail. I told her that I hoped the person would reverse their decision and allow a rescue to take her.

  9. Praying Bella is allowed to have her puppies….this is do wrong…..the babies are full term….they are alive and Bella knows she s having babies….don’t you care what this will do to her? Would you take a full term baby away it’s moms belly & Kill it? This is wrong on so many levels…..PLEASE DONT KILL HER PUPPIES. Keep calling her adopter until they answer…..I cant imagine they would say kill the puppies.

  10. Shleters are suppose to protect these animals, not kill the unborn. So this dog has her pups who will be taken by the rescue and then she would be spayed and the person who wants to adopt her can. What the hell is wrong with these people who are suppose to protect these animals from harm and stress? Disgusting, ridiculous and downright heartless of them.

  11. Totally unacceptable……I hope that county fights this all the way until it is stopped. This shelter is the worse I’ve ever had to deal with…l

  12. How in the world can they do this?!?!? They would have no problem adopting out the puppies….DO NOT KILL them….what the heck is wrong with this place, it seems like killing animals is their favorite past time!!!!!
    SOMEONE HELP!!! I will contribute if you need funds!

  13. Why won’t the “several approved organizations” take her now…that’s the problem. They need to get her now, otherwise, they’ll abort her puppies. So much for those “several approved organizations” they talk the walk, but, don’t walk the walk.

  14. How can they say they care about animals? They kill the puppies because of POLICY when several rescues say they will take the mama??????? What kind of reasoning is that? I will be calling the shelter in the morning and I suggest everybody else call too!

  15. That is the stupidest thing I have heard. What a pos. Who is he to decide. Oh that makes me able to decide to abort him. PIS. You need be homeless and rely on someone else to help you !!! Not. And not deserving !!!!

  16. What the FUCK is wrong with that ASSHOLE???? How can they do that to this innocent baby???? There is someone out there who wants them so why do you want to ABORT those innocent babies???He is an ASSHOLE and needs to be FIRED!!!

  17. This is despicable and so typical of these miserable examples of a so called ‘shelter’ who a rescue was willing to take Bella and let her deliver her puppies – NO – instead Carson in all its incompetence and stupidity just decides to murder the puppies so they can spay Bella and get her out of there. I am positive that is what they are doing – the adoption fee is the only priority, not the lives of the puppies – this place has a lot of balls to call itself a shelter.

  18. Too bad this hasn’t gotten on the local news in California about what is happening to Bella, that hopefully stop what is happening to this poor pregnant dog at this shelter. I know that the puppies would easily be adopted out after they were old enough to be adopted, most people want small dogs. Who could adopt a pregnant dog and knowingly let them abort her almost full term puppies, I sure couldn’t?! I would let the puppies to be born and adopt Bella after the puppies were adopted out.

  19. WHat an adorable dog. She would have cute, cute, cute babies, very adoptable. Let the rescue take her and let them find the pups homes. To spay her with full term babies in simply insane!!


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