Animal cruelty officer moved to tears after discovery of dead puppy found in cage

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A RSPCA animal cruelty officer was moved to tears on Thursday afternoon after the discovery of a dead puppy found in a cage along a side road near Doncaster Sheffield Airport in South Yorkshire, England. According to a RSPCA  news release,  a cyclist found the eight-month-old Staffordshire terrier’s body surrounded by rotting human food which had been pushed through the bars or thrown into the crate.

Someone had stuffed in rotting bread, chips, chicken nuggets and meatballs.

“It’s very distressing to think about what this poor pup went through in his short life,” stated Inspector Jordan. “He’s obviously been badly neglected and suffering for a long time, but, if he was still alive which I believe he probably was – to be abandoned like this and die alone in this crate on the side of a road is heartbreaking.”

The rusty crate was filthy, and the puppy had been covered in fresh feces. A piece of foam was inside of the crate; possibly this had been the bed and the horrible living quarters of this poor pup for weeks. His microchip traces his birth in February back to a breeder in Pontefract who said the puppy was sold in April. Inspector Jordan expressed her distress in tears, thinking about what the poor puppy had to have gone through in such a short, dismal life.

Anyone with any information about who owned him, or who saw anything at all that might help to find justice for a poor puppy is asked to contact the RSPCA inspector appeal line at 0300 1234 8018. To help the RSPCA continue investigating incidents like this please visit:

(Photos via the RSPCA)

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19 replies
    • Jill says:

      I want whoever did this to be locked up in cage. Hung from a tree with no food. Blindfolded. Until he dies! U sooooo deserve this u savage abuser! This little dog did not deserve what he got!!! Cruelty to the absolute max!!!

  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    The breeder must have records of who the puppy was sold to. I hope they didn’t just sell the puppy to just anybody, if they did, that breeder should be closed down immediately.

  2. Helen says:

    Something doesn’t sound right. If this person is a reputable breeder, there should be records of all the puppies sold. It’s heartbreaking how this puppy must have suffered before passing away. RIP sweet puppy, you’re free now. I hope this baby receives justice and the POS who sentenced this pup to death should be locked up for good.

  3. Barbara Garabedian says:

    Poor puppy what horrible persons who did this I pray they get back what they put out they should be killed & die god bless poor puppy bg

  4. maxiemom says:

    The ‘breeder’ doesn’t know who he sold him to? Doesn’t sound like a breeder, but a GD PUPPY MILLER who should be hanged by the scrotum!

  5. paula calabrese says:

    i want the heartless Bitch who ever did this to be lock in a cage like this animal went through alot of torture i want to see the heartless psycho path go through for she did to the animal Karma is a Bitch. i really hope Karma gets her good!!!!!!!

  6. paula calabrese says:

    Horrable people . tjis is why i love animals over people any gay. no body cant change that ever. i want to see this time, i hope to inmates finish him off…..
    i want Justice done for this baby. i hope gets hard time in prison with no parole, i hope he rotts in hell

  7. Mary Ann Clark says:

    Find whoever did this and give them the exact same death sentence and torture that they perpetrated on this poor innocent puppy!

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    “Breeder” is nothing more than a fancy word for ‘Puppy Mill’ and this idiot is a prime example of one. And the RSPCA has proven its ineptness, incompetence and complete lack of professionalism in the past by their lack of action regarding animal cruelty cases. The maggot shit that did this to this innocent puppy should be nailed to a tree and left to rot.

  9. Julie Ann Enos says:

    If there is typically rotting food laying around my guess is Passersby through food there. Which begs the question why don’t passers-by do anything. Don’t people know there are vets and rescue leagues to take these strays to. You do not have to pay and they only want to know how and where you found them. I think the breeder let him get too sick and did not want take responsibility for the puppy. Even if it is your animal just at least take it to the rescue league


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