Crazy reason puppy is in 'jail'

Animal Control Throws Tiny Pup In ‘Jail’ For Months – The Reason Is Crazy

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For months, an adorable young puppy named “Luna” has been locked away in doggy jail. The puppy has been confined, away from her family, since the tender age of 8 weeks because she was in the vicinity of a bat which made its way into her owner’s home in June.

The crazy thing is Luna never actually came in contact with the bat – in fact, at the time, she was securely locked away in a dog crate, behind a closed door in another portion of her owner’s home. How did this madness happen? According to Angela and Timothy Munson, a call was made to a veterinarian out of concern for the family’s cat – the veterinarian called animal control.

In short order, an animal control officer was at the Munson’s door – demanding that Luna be turned over to them to either be put down, or to be placed in quarantine. Apparently, the health department worries that Luna, who was too young at the time to have had her rabies shot, could have been “living with the bat” for an extended period of time.

Out of what appears to be extraordinary caution, she is being quarantined for months – in fact, she’s not supposed to be released until December. Luna, a rescue pup, is literally growing up behind bars. In a fundraiser, her family wrote about the toll this is taking on their household:

Our family is devastated. Every day feels like we’re preparing for a funeral. Our once vibrant and joyful household is now grieving. Our other dogs are grieving, too – even treats don’t elicit any excitement. For the first time in my life, I feel helpless to ease the suffering of those I love most. The impact on my family at home is obvious, but what about Luna? Luna is in the critical development stages of puppyhood, a time when she needs to bond with her family. What impact will 6 months of isolation have on her development? We’re going to do the only thing we can do to fix this – we’re going to put our family back together, no matter the cost. We’re going to free Luna.

Luna’s owners are going to court to fight for the return of their puppy. According to state law, animals who are suspected of being rabid are held for just 10 days – Luna has been sentenced to six-months of confinement because officials apparently believe that there is “reasonable suspicion” that she was exposed to rabies.

Fundraiser for the court fees and boarding here.

What do you think? Reasonable or crazy?

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54 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Was the bat even rabid? This is ridiculous, if the pup had been exposed to rabies certainly Luna would be showing signs by now, why are they doing this!!!!!

    • susispot says:

      that is my question too. No mention if the bat was tested, or even caught for that matter. As a puppy, I would think the disease would have shown up quickly and ended her life by now. This is insane.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Did you look at the go fund me? What they are charging these poor people to quarantine the dog is beyond ridiculous also!

  2. Jeanette Fossum says:

    these people including the vets are idiots. 2 weeks is long enough for rabies to show up. you don’t have to be a vet to figure it out, it is called commonsense. something these morons are animals control, do Not have!

  3. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Where the fuck is this lunacy happening????? What stupid city is responsible for this shit??? Ever hear of house quarantine? Criminals gets better treated than this.

  4. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Go to the TV stations in the area, go to the radio stations, make sure this is plastered across everything in the area that these people are not giving your dog back to you.

    • Stephen Lee Phillips says:

      Amen! SCREW ANIMAL CONTROL AND THE BASTARD WHO PROPAGATED THIS ASININE RULING… and the vet who called them, in the first place!
      They are VIOLATING state law by exceeding the 10-day statutory requirement, and should be forced to reimburse this family ALL expenses!
      What kind of damage is sweet Luna suffering, deprived of her family during these crucial, formative weeks???

  5. pennysdachshund says:

    They Need a VET who Instructs at a College for Vet School to be a spokesman on the subject or of course DR POLL!!

  6. BA says:

    sounds like they are just a bunch of animal haters and enjoy being rotten and evil…what proof is there? a puncture? just because shes a puppy that’s there reason???? they just went in and decided she was “in contact” with a bat so lets take a family member because we suck!!!!!???? get a lawyer, this is disgusting and INHUMANE!!!!! WHERE IS THE PROOF?????????? give her back to her family!!! heartless and inhumane OMG

  7. Lizz says:

    Ah, the quarantine period for rabies is 10 days. If the animal has not exhibited any type of symptom by then the animals is not infected!!! I should know, I had to quarantine my cat for 10 days after she bite me. These people are beyond stupid. I would say brain dead but they are still waling and breathing.

  8. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    Are you really kidding me???? This is the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard!!!!! The longest any animal is held is 10 days, 10 days!!!! Why the HELL is this poor baby in quarantine for 6 MONTHS????? They are so STUPID!!!!! LET THE PUPPY GO HOME!!!!

  9. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another prime example of TOTAL STUPIDITY – this poor puppy needs to be home w/her family, not stuck in some hell hole of a shelter to no reason – if she had rabies they would sure know it by now – I cannot believe the arrogance and ignorance of some people who are SUPPOSED to be educated in animal control – apparently not in this place – SEND LUNA HOME!!!!!! You have made complete assholes of yourselves long enough.

  10. Cynthia Como says:

    This is one of the most asinine things I think I’ve ever heard! I would love to know where the hell this is happening at! If it were me I’d be hiring a lawyer,staging protests,and getting the local news invovled,and if possible the national news too ! I would also have petitions started! There are also lawyers out there that SPECIALIZE IN ANIMAL LAW! In fact I had the name of a lawyer in the field of animal law that was recommend to me not too long ago but I would have to contact the advocate who gave it me because I do not remember his name off hand! Also this family can go to ANIMAL LAW SOURCE.ORG!!!! I wish I the name of this animal control because I would start a petition myself!!!! They also should find animal advocates to get involved because they can be a force to be reckoned with! Animal advocates will raise holy hell and they really can raise awareness to the masses! ThIS IS A TOTAL ABUSE OF POWER AND NOTHING MORE THAN CRUEL ABUSIVE BULLYING!!! I’m %1,000 sure this is completely ILLEGAL and THIS ANIMAL CONTROL IS BREAKING THE LAW!!!! Once a good lawyer gets invovled I’m totally confident this will be resolved sooner than later! This animal control needs schooled in what is legal via of a law suit! IM DYING TO KNOW WHAT CITY THIS IS HAPPENING IN!!! I HOPE LUNA’S family does all that I mentioned….ESPECIALLY GETTING A ANIMAL LAW LAWYER AND STARTING SOME PETITIONS AND FLOODING SOCIAL MEDIA WITH THE PETITION! This city has to follow the law just like the rest of us!!!! OHHHHH MY GOD THIS HAS ME SO FREAKING PISSED OFF!!!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE KEEP US UPDATED! PET RESCUE CAN U PLEASE PUBLISH WHERE THIS IS HAPPENING? THIS NEEDS RESOLVED ASAP!!!

      • Cynthia Como says:

        Thank you Shirley,North Carolina,it figures! I’ve shared this craziness to Twitter and Facebook and now want to start a petition. I’ve never started a petition but I would think it pretty easy. I’m really,really angry and outraged over this and that deepened when I watched baby Luna’s video! WTF IS WRONG WITH THE IDIOTS RUNNING THIS SHELTER……this is ILLEGAL! Thanks again Shirley for the info????

  11. Dawn Eaton says:

    This is sad, horrible, and infuriating!!! I would steal her out of there if I had to…then SUE the county/state!!! Poor sweet angel!! Wishing the family EVERYTHING to get their precious angel home- she’s ADORABLE!!????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????

  12. BJ Hutter says:

    I am a retired canine behaviorist and can assure everyone, according to the CDC, that to this date, NO PERSON has ever acquired RABIES in the United States!!! And, no dog shall be quarantined for more than 10 days! THIS IS A SCAM… SPENDING MORE THAN $16,000 in in a month is ridiculous 🙁 These people just want hard earned money from strangers! I’m going to make sure the appropriate officials find these liars and scammers and press charges for Federal Fraud.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  13. Red says:

    This is a bunch of crap!! This poor little thing needs to be released. If she hasn’t shown any symptoms yet SHE WON’T!! Let this baby out to be with her family!

  14. Deanna says:

    This is ridiculous, and I know for a fact that animal control does not care about you, or your pet, so what they are doing is just being mean, which is why they are in that business, for them to even consider putting this little guy down is heartless. And have they tried catching the bat? That would tell them something, but they are just being jerks, poor little baby, no symptoms no rabies. Let her go home!

  15. Mary Ann Clark says:


  16. Jacey Horvath says:

    This is cruelty and pressure needs to be put on this judge to release an innocent animal! Please, let’s start a petition and get animal cruelty activists involved! This puppy shows no signs of rabies and is being mentally tortured!!!!!!

  17. Jacey says:

    Can’t somebody legally do something since this is breaking the law? I’ve contacted every person that the family listed in govt. I would encourage you all to do the same. Even if they say they can’t help. We need to put pressure. Animal activists, please help!

  18. michelle lesmond says:

    All of the incompetent,uneducated animal control moronic staff involved with seizing and confining sweet puppy Luna most definitely must have their employment terminated and charges imposed for their corrupt,repulsive behaviour.There was NO reason at all for poor Luna to have been isolated, for in excess of 5 months.A couple of weeks would have been appropriate,but nothing longer!This is disgraceful animal abuse!

  19. Headie says:

    This is bullshit, 2 weeks is all that’s needed. Did they catch the bat? Test it for rabies? I don’t understand what kind of backwoods ignorant decision making has been involved in this process.


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