Stray dog found covered in paint

Animal control picks up stray dog covered in paint

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A dog is recovering after being picked up as a stray by animal control in Cleveland, Ohio. The dog, dubbed “Sherrill,” was covered in paint…all the way up to her eyes. On Friday, the rescue group, FIDO’s Companion Rescue Inc., described the stray dog’s extreme discomfort from the dried paint:

Oh sweet Sherrill! As you can see in the first picture she has paint all the way up to her eyeballs! She was so uncomfortable that she was ripping out the hair and paint herself. This could be toxic if ingested.

The dog had to be sedated in order for a veterinary team to shave the fur from Sherrill’s body. The rescue group stated, ” the hair so tight to her skin shaving the only option was to pull the paint off of her. This leaves her sore, red and raw. It took a team of people working for a solid hour to remove the paint on just ONE side.”

It was determined that shaving away all of Sherrill’s fur at one time would cause too much discomfort – after she has recuperated from this sedated shaving session, she will undergo treatment next week for the remaining side.

Anyone who is interested in contributing to Sherrill’s veterinary expenses can help by phoning in a donation, or mailing one. The rescue agency wrote:

 Call Sam at (216) 252-4500, or mailing a donation to PO Box 518 Avon, Oh 4011.

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    Another prime example that proves humans are the lowest form of life on this planet. May Sherrill completely recover and get the safe loving home she was denied. May whoever did this to her get exactly what they deserve – a fatal dose of street justice.


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