Animal Control officer discovers dog buried alive up to its neck in creek

An Animal Control officer was shocked when he discovered a one-year-old dog buried up to its neck in a creek in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. On Sunday, the discovery of the dog and a few of the details of the heartbreaking story were posted on the Facebook page of the Two Tailz Rescue, located in Roswell, stating the dog was “buried in mud in a creek submerged up to his head unable to move.”

The dog, dubbed “Moses,” is a Labrador retriever and pit bull mix who weighs approximately 60 pounds and was discovered by the officer on July 15. Fortunately, the officer was able to free the dog from his murky would be grave and brought him to Animal Control for care. Moses suffers from demodex mange, bacterial and fungal infections, eye infections and stomach troubles. 

The rescue organization has asked for the public’s help in finding a foster home for Moses. It is extremely important he find a temporary home or an adopter because he cannot go into boarding due to his health issues. At this time, Moses needs to rest, get lots of attention and have someone available to administer his medications. His conditions are not contagious; he is described as extremely sweet, very trusting and very friendly. Please share this dog’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts.

“Our founder went to visit Moses today. His spirit was definitely lifted. He is such a sweet boy. He met another dog, and he definitely wanted to play …it was very sweet. The other dog was not sure about Moses, so it was a quick interaction,” the group posted on their Facebook.

What makes this case even more concerning is this is the second dog involved in a similar incident recorded last month. In June, a man discovered a chow mix that had also been buried alive off a trail in Tucker. Sadly, that dog did not survive.

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