Angels Camp owner accused of ordering customer’s dogs to be euthanized

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In Angels Camp, California, the owner of a pet boarding facility has been arrested in connection with illegally ordering three dogs to be killed while they were at her pet care facility. A man who had previously been boarding his dogs at a facility in Valley Springs, after losing his home in the Butte Fire situation, had been visiting his dogs regularly for over a year. In the middle of June, he was told he would have to find another place to board his dogs, as they were reportedly showing signs of aggression as a result of kennel stress.

According to Fox News,  the man moved his dogs to the Pet Bath House on June 21 and paid for his dogs’ care in advance. One week later, the owner of the pet facility, Vonna Hughes, 68, contacted the man telling him his dogs escaped from their pens and got into a dog fight with another dog at the facility. Hughes told the man to pay for the veterinarian bills for the dogs, and he obliged.

On July 1, Hughes contacted the owner stating his dogs were involved in another fight – this time causing injuries to other dogs. The following day Hughes informed the owners she ordered his dogs euthanized because of their aggressive behavior, and indicated the Angels Camp Police Department had been involved in the decision to kill the dogs. The police, however were never notified, and it wasn’t until July 4 when the dogs’ owner called the police did they know anything about the case.

An investigation followed and confirmed Hughes gave false information to the Calaveras County Animal Services, lied to police that the dogs had been turned loose and a follow-up story that the dogs had been returned to their owner. Police also discovered the dogs had been turned over to Patti Guy, 60, and was told to “take care” of the dogs. Guy remains under investigation.

Hughes was arrested on July 8 and charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty, animal neglect, animal theft and conspiracy. The dogs have not been found and detectives fear they are dead.

(Photo via Angels Camp Police Department)

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19 replies
  1. Cynthia Como says:

    Remove EVERY dog from this lunatic and SHUT THIS PLACE DOWN!!! One look at this psycho and I would NEVER let my dogs board there! And if the other monster has any dogs remove them also! This ugly ass bitch care not one iota about ANY dogs she is in for the money and only the money at the suffering of every dog in this place! She looks like an escaped from a mental hospital,so scary looking! Just another dog abuser among the many many out there! OMG! I hope she gets a harsh punishment and loses everything she owns including her house! Such a scumbag sewer rat POS!

  2. Adrienne says:

    If I read this correctly, the owner does not have the dogs bodies nor any proof that they were killed. What type of dogs are they and how old?Seem to be a very fishy story and many parts missing. If the dogs are pure breeds, could she have sold them and just kept giving this many false information? Glad the police are involved with this and more information on the dogs status.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Vonna Huges has proven herself a liar, a cheat and scammer – I hope the owner of these dogs sues her for every cent she has – she murdered these poor animals. Personally, I’d enjoy ripping that nasty wig off her head and shoving down her throat. She deserves it.

  4. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Cette grosse SALOPE, doit être sévèrement condamnée et ne doit plus jamais approcher un animal de toute sa vie.
    J’espère que les chiens seront retrouvės rapidement.

  5. vicki hood says:

    Exactly—Evil POS Needs charges, needs sued, felony charges, beat up in jail, needs someone to twist her tit off. How sad for the dogs and owners. Vonna Hughes is less than sewer scum.

  6. Helen says:

    Remove the dogs and shut the place down. This person looks like a crazy person and needs to be thrown in jail for good.

  7. Barkley's Mom says:

    It was Vonna Hughes’ responsibility to watch and care for the man’s dogs and in no way, shape or form did this Evil POS have the right to order his dogs to be euthanized! I hope he sues her and Patty Guy along with her! This is horrible, I have a feeling if the dogs were getting in fights, it was her letting them do it! You have to wonder what kind (if any) supervision and care she was even giving the dogs!

  8. Sherry says:

    This transvestite (no offense to them) but THIS one needs to rip off that ridiculous Shirley Temple wig, wipe off the BARNUM & Bailey CIRCUS CLOWN makeup and use a magnifying glass next time he decides to paint on his eyebrows, which for his info, eyebrows are not vertical. He looks insane and acts insane and should not be boarding anyone’s animals. For one thing, I don’t believe anything he says, but if the dogs keep getting into dog fights, why are they allowed to “escape” their kennels repeatedly. Is there no professional there that can handle dogs? So bizarre. Sorry for this man, who lost his home in a fire and then was deceived by this shit operation that he entrusted the care of his dogs to. Sorry dogs wherever you are, hope it is safe.

  9. Julie Enos says:

    There is a lot missing I hope the police keep investigationing. And this does look like a man. I hope they have already shut this place down

  10. vicki hnood says:

    What is the latest on this sewer scum? Dogs ever found? Court proceedings? Dogs Daddy get any justice for what his babies went through? please keep us posted.


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