Alaska man wakes up to family of eight Lynx playing on his porch

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In Anchorage, Alaska, photographer Tim Newton woke up to a noisy party on his front porch last week. And there they were; a family of eight Lynx playing on the deck – momma kitty with her seven little ones. On Newton’s Facebook, he posted many of the delightful photos and described his experience:

“Tim was awakened by noises on our deck last week – and looked outside. In astonishment, he grabbed his camera.. and can you believe it? Mama Lynx and her SEVEN kits!! She called to them and they all lined up right outside in front of where he was standing (he was inside the screen door!) Amazing ALASKA WILD LIFE!!! (They proceeded to run and play on our deck, and then in our yard!)”

It had been on September 19 when the family gathered on Tim’s neck. They had been running back and forth in playful kitty antics when Tim heard the strange noises. Pulling back the curtains, Tim originally thought the visitor he first spotted had been a domestic cat, but as the youngsters played, he noticed the long tufts on their ears and their huge paws.

What could be cuter than the litter of kits frolicking in the early morning hours – mom watching over her babies very carefully, but enjoying their carefree antics? In a few minutes the family disappeared towards the northern side of the home. It was then Tim heard the mother’s distinctive Lynx meow. Apparently she had been calling the kittens, and as  the tall grass moved, tiny camouflaged little ones ran towards their mom.

Clicking away with his camera, Tim could hardly believe his luck. One click did alert the mom, who momentarily checked the photographer out from behind the screen door, but no worries there, and the kittens turned the deck back into their playground. It had been an incredible 40 minutes of having a close encounter with one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creatures just enjoying being free.


” You can now view Tim’s photos and buy prints of your favorites at: – thank you for your interest and following me. I am so happy you all are enjoying them so much!”

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  1. Adrienne says:

    What a wonderful opportunity for this man, and glad he just let them enjoy themselves for all that time.He was not threatening to them, so they had no fear of him. More people should be this considerate of wild animals. They definitely have big paws.

  2. linda says:

    “When the family gathered on Tim’s neck”? Sorry Cheryl had to giggle at the misprint. Lynx are so damn beautiful. What a sight that must have been.


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