Agonizing moment bucking bull breaks his leg during rodeo

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Some people find it amusing to watch animals tied with straps, antagonized and paraded before thousands of people with a cowboy poised on the frightened bucking bull’s back as he desperately tries to buck off his intruder. And so it happened on Saturday when a video caught the agonizing moment a bucking bull cried out in pain when his back leg snapped as he tried to throw a rider off during the controversial Adelaide, Australia rodeo event.

According to the Daily Mail, the bull and the rider both fell to the ground. What was really disturbing occurred as the rider got on his feet, the bull was still bucking and clearly writhing in agony from his quite apparent fatal injury. Spectators were very distressed and could be heard groaning and sobbing. Even as the rodeo organizers attempted to lead the bull out of the arena, the frightened animal continued to buck, putting more weight on his broken leg. Who can even imagine the animal’s pain?

A person on the loudspeaker could be heard assuring the audience the bull would receive the best medical care.

The RSPCA Australia has condemned the entire event and had tried to stop it. The organization issued the following statement:

“Last night our worst fears were confirmed when a bull suffered a horrendous leg injury during the Professional Bullriders Australia event hosted by Adelaide Entertainment Centre – an event we had fought to have cancelled because of the potential for animal suffering,’ a spokesperson for RSPCA South Australia said.

We are shocked and appalled by this incident and our inspectors will launch an investigation.

This bull’s injury was unnecessary and could have been avoided. RSPCA South Australia will gather a team of senior legal counsel to investigate what can be done to change laws to make bull riding and rodeos illegal across the state.”

(Photos via video screenshots)

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Graphic and disturbing video – not suitable for all viewing audiences:




4 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    Any form of animal abuse should not be tolerated especially events like this. This was that time that a bull was fatally injured due to humans.They feel pain, fear and try to fight back and protect themselves. What enjoyment this audience gets out of this type of event is beyond what I can understand. Need to be investigated. Fear is not how any animal should feel about humans. We are there to protect, not abuse.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    ANYONE that considers animal abuse entertainment needs a psychiatrist ASAP. To sit and watch an animal being tortured by idiot humans pisses me off to no end. And since the RSPCA is involved I am sure little to nothing will be done as this organization has the reputation of being irresponsible, corrupt and incompetent. Rodeos are nothing more than animal cruelty events – abuse of those with no voice.


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