Puppy abuser sentenced

Admitted puppy abuser will be spending time behind bars

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A puppy abuser, who admitted to his cruel transgression, will be spending time behind bars. According to ABC 7 News,  25-year-old Roberto Martinez pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the beating of a puppy named “Sally,” who was so grievously injured that she lost a leg.

On Friday, Martinez pleaded guilty to a felony charge of aggravated animal cruelty for the September 2016 incident which wounded Sally, who was eight-months-old at the time. The puppy was badly hurt when Martinez lifted her high off of the ground and then slammed her to the floor.

Sally’s owner, Martinez’s girlfriend, had tried to claim that the pup fell down some stairs, but veterinarians found evidence that the abuse had been happening for some time. The pup has since recuperated from her injuries and she is now living in a new home.

Martinez will be sentenced for his crime in mid-November…in addition to being banned from owning an animal for a period of five years, Martinez will have to register as an animal abuser and spend one year in jail.

(Image screenshot via USA Today/Stacey Axelrod ASPCA via AP)

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10 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    I certainly hope the judge who presides over this case has a backbone and gives this hunk of sewer slime named Roberto Martinez some serious jail time – not a couple of months, try at least five years w/no time off for any reason whatsoever – and as far as I am concerned his useless sack of shit girlfriend should be sitting in jail too for her friggin’ lies about Sally’s abuse – they are both maggot puke. Sally deserved much better than to be in the hands of either one of them.

    • Cynthia Como says:

      The post says he is getting a year in jail,5 yr ban on owning animals and has to register as an animal abuser. But I do not see what state this took place.

  2. Helen says:

    It’s a start, but insufficient prison time for the POS who caused Sally to lose her leg. Martinez and his enabling girlfriend should be forever banned from having any living animal. I’m glad the vets reported to the authorities that Sally suffered abuse for some time and action was taken against this sub-human trash.

  3. Barbara Garabedian says:

    I hope he spend forever in jail & gets his head cut off what a cruel evil creep he is poor puppy please someone take him& adopt to a loving caring home & never ever go to another abuser like this asshole bg

  4. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Praying for the maximum sentence for this POS, too bad the girlfriend can’t be in jail with him for lying and probably being an accomplice!

  5. susispot says:

    Not enough time…1 yr is more like a vacation. Hammer this guy. He’s a monster. The girlfriend needs to go bye-bye too.

  6. pennysdachshunds says:

    Sally ‘s owner NEEDS to be charged to ::: For this Putrid girl to try and give a alibi to this POS Boyfriend who tortured, crippled, maimed her loving dog>>> She deserves to treated like the criminal minded Bitch —she is!!!

  7. Red says:

    Hope this useless, worthless, excuse of skin gets locked away for minimum of 10 years, fined $10,000 and receives a life time ban on every owning or living in the same home as a pet!!!!!!!!!!!


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