Addict tries to sell 10-week-old abused puppy for crack cocaine

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An abused 10-week-old puppy is recovering from his injuries after his owner tried to sell him in exchange for crack cocaine. A local resident,  Kaitlin Cappelluti, from Charlotte, North Carolina tells the disturbing story; explaining she had been at the Quick Trip on Albermarle Road Wednesday evening when she inadvertently walked into the middle of an ongoing drug deal. 

“I went to the gas station on Albemarle Road and saw a group of men crowding this pup. I went to ask what was going on and they were trying to trade him for crack…or some kind of rock looking drug. I ended up talking the guy into letting me buy him for $50. I have checked for a chip and nothing. I will file a report with A.C.,” Kaitlin posted on her Facebook page.

According to Fox News Charlotte, the owner of the puppy asked Kaitlin if she had any “rock” on her – assumed to have meant “crack,” but as she turned away to walk into the store, she couldn’t help but notice the small puppy sprawled out on the floor panting very hard. When the owner told her she could have the puppy for $50, Kaitlin paid and immediately started to make phone calls hoping to find some help.

Fortunately South Charlotte Rescue stepped up. The puppy, now dubbed Bart, hasn’t had an easy first few months of his life. Someone had docked his tail in what appears to have been a home cut job – his tail stump is infected. He was dehydrated and has burns and marks all over this little body.

The animal cruelty case is being investigated by the Charlotte-Mecklenberg Police Department. Bart is expected to make a full recovery and will be available for adoption in a few weeks. Despite the suffering this puppy endured, the rescue states he is friendly and already loves to play.

To donate to Bart’s care or to inquire about adopting him or one of the other adorable pets at the rescue, please click here.

Many thanks to Kaitlin for helping this puppy and being his voice.

(Photos of abused puppy to be traded for crack cocaine via Facebook from South Charlotte Rescue)

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9 replies
  1. Cynthia Como says:

    I truly despise drug addicts! U can bring them back from deaths door and instead of seeking help they immeadiately go right back out and do it again! They are a drain on society. My compassion ends when they refuse to seek help! I shudder to think what this poor baby has endured and what would of happened if Kaitlin didn’t step in! MAKES ME SICK! THANK YOU KAITLIN AND THANK YOU SOUTH CHARLOTTE RESCUE! MAY GOD BLESS YOU BOTH! GET WELL SOON PRECIOUS BART

  2. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    Thank you for stepping up and saving this poor baby. I hope the person responsible for this goes to PRISON!!!!

  3. slv says:

    Thank you Kaitlin for rescuing this sweet boy. And thank you South Charlotte Rescue for stepping up to the plate to help. I pray Bart finds the loving home he deserves

  4. susispot says:

    I bought a puppy off a “hippy” on Hollywood Blvd in the early 70s. She only cost me $10. $50, inflation? She was a joy to my life. I know I saved her’s.

  5. Sherry says:

    God bless Kaitlan for NOT looking the other way and for deciding to take action. She is a courageous hero that has given this puppy a way out of hell. Hopefully the pup recovers from his injuries quickly and is on the way to a great life! Glad they are investigating into the abuse case because this is despicable.


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