Actor Patrick Stewart melts hearts as he showers rescued pit bull with kisses

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The “X-Men” star Patrick Stewart has melted hearts making his fans smile from ear to ear after posting on Facebook that he and his wife Sunny Ozell are fostering a lucky pit bull named Ginger. It’s all about those kisses and the gentle strokes as Ginger contently sleeps on the couch; or the fun just hanging out at the pool.Patrick Stewart and dog

Ginger is a sweet gal rescued from a pit bull fighting ring. Found at a Los Angeles shelter, Lesley Brog, the founder of the rescue group Wags and Walks just couldn’t resist the dog’s positive outlook on life despite what she had been through in the past. An immediate bonding experience began the moment Stewart and the dog met. Ginger knew – as she lathered her new foster parent’s face with those slobbery, wet kisses.

“Thank you for that, that was a nice greeting,” Stewart said in his video. “Thanks to @ASPCA and @WagsandWalks, @madameozell and I are finally fostering our 1st pitbull! Meet Ginger. I’m in LOVE. #AdoptDontShop #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbulls,” states the caption accompanying the video.

The way Stewart just melts as he watches Ginger walk up the driveway and opens the door of his home to this sweet dog is beyond sweet. While stopping by to be interviewed by television host Conan O’Brien, Stewart admitted he hadn’t had a dog in 50 years. On the show he said:

“I’ve longed for this day. We are looking for a permanent home for her.”

If interested in giving Ginger a permanent home, check out the nonprofit Wags and Walks to fill out an adoption application. There has been a lot of speculation as to whether Stewart and his wife will become what is affectionately referred to as “foster failures,” (adopting Ginger) however his press comments seem to indicate no at this point.

“They’re just doing a really, really beautiful thing,” said Lesley Brog, founder of the rescue organization. “Hopefully this will help so many more.”

(Photos via Instagram)

Check out the video:

17 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    OK Mr. Stewart – I think Ginger would be a perfect addition to your family permanently! She has had a hard life and deserves the safe loving home you could give her.

  2. Helen Montalvo says:

    Sir, I think you should keep this beautiful and precious little furbaby of God’s ,you too have already started a bond between the two of you.

  3. Kathryn Aldridge says:

    I’m also inclined to urge Sir Stewart to keep Ginger. But then the thought occurs to me that…Who WOULDN’T want to adopt a dog that PATRICK STEWART fostered? So maybe he should be a “serial foster”, enabling even MORE pibbles to get adopted! My hat’s off to you, Sir Stewart! ????????????

  4. Johanna Pontin says:

    Thank you, Patrick Steward. Your life is so much more meaningful with giving love, friendship and loyalty without limits!

  5. Kathleen Drude says:

    It’s a wonderful thing the Stewart’s are doing for Ginger! We need more good homes to foster dogs and cats! It’s a wonderful thing for an animal to rest and recuperate in a loving home environment! These pets have a 99% rate of finding a forever home! Sometimes the foster family become the forever home! The need is great please if you the room, the time and most importantly the love share it with a 4 legged or less friend! Kathleen Drude DVM

  6. ellen cottone says:

    He’ll name the dog wolverine cause hes a funny guy.
    Hes in that happy time in life where its just him his loyal mutant
    and his Medically Prescribed Medical marijuana. Hes been to outer space.


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