ACS worker suspends small dog in mid-air with noose of catch pole while walking down driveway

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A disturbing image posted to social media on Friday led Animal Care Services in San Antonio, Texas to an investigation after animal advocates expressed outrage over the treatment of a small dog being carried by a  noose at the end of a catch pole. The incident occurred in the 200 block of Thorain Boulevard where five abandoned dogs had been left by a tenant who had been suddenly evicted – leaving the dogs behind like trash.

According to Kens5News, the dogs had been roaming the neighborhood and causing problems. Two of the dogs were captured without incident, and a third dog had been secured in a humane trap. When Animal Care Services arrived to remove the frightened dog, the officer used a catch pole.

And moments later came the disturbing photo of the agent using the pole with a noose at the end and suspending the tiny pup in mid-air as he walked down the long driveway. The dog was clearly distressed; having been handled in such an inappropriate manner.

When Animal Care Services were shown the photo, they pulled the officer from the field and assigned him to administrative duties. On the organization’s Facebook page, the response to the public from Heber Lefgren, Director, City of San Antonio Animal Care Services, stated:

“A picture has recently been circulating online. We hear your concern. We share it and we have opened an internal investigation into this incident.

We take our responsibility of humane care and handling very seriously and we want to assure you the dog involved in this case, who has confirmed placement with a rescue partner, has no apparent injuries (as verified immediately by our vets).

That does not discount the fact that lifting and carrying a dog with only an animal restraint pole is not acceptable by ACS staff.

Again, an investigation into this matter is underway.

Thank you for caring for the animals in our community. Please know we share that same passion.”

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(Photo via Facebook. Video Kens5News)

Check out the video:



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  1. SMH: can’t believe the cruelty…… I hope this little treasure is ok and finds a new furever home where he is a beloved and treasured family member…….

    The POS former owners are going to burn in Hell forever for their cruelty…… just hope they get there sooner than later (& they die painful and terrifying deaths)……

  2. Perhaps someone should take that POS by a catchpole or something equivalent and carry him about for awhile so he’ll know how it feels.

  3. What ??? My trust issues are bad enough. You POS. Get another job. Actually just go away You have no right touching another living soul.

  4. Administrative duties is too good for him but at least it’s something. He should go back to school to learn how to handle dogs.

  5. Sadists often find positions like this where they have control over someone and can misuse their authority getting off abusing others. sicko. Go shovel shit for a living. You don’t need to be taking care of any living thing.

  6. He should be charged with animal cruelty. There is no excuse for that sort of treatment of what is obviously a small dog.

  7. Saw this of face book. In this article they failed to mention the dog defecated while he was in the choke hold along the driveway.

  8. This fat,ugly,bald animal abusing POS must have his employment terminated immediately.It would be wonderful to receive notification of this bastards death ie a slow and painful death!

  9. Fire that SOB. He don’t know how to be a Compassionate. ACO.. If He done this to my Dog, He would probably get Shot.

  10. Another animal control officer who has NO right to be anywhere near any animal. His actions are despicable, cruel and inhumane. Watched the video and to me it was just a lot of lip service – nothing will happen to this piss poor employee whose lack of compassion for a small dog will never be addressed – after all, this is Texas where animal cruelty runs rampant and seems to be condoned by authorities. I hope these dogs all get the safe loving homes they obviously never had – AND, this so called ‘owner’ needs a massive dose of street justice because no justice will be given by authorities – they should know who lived in this house and abandoned these dogs.

  11. That fat bastard needs to have the noose put arund his neck and drug down the driveway. What a fucking prick!!!

  12. this pos needs to have a rope wrapped aroud his neck and dragged a round for awhile,see if he likes being strangled, and fuck the desk he needs to be fired imediately

  13. You people are so bad .Look at that pup
    there ton of fleas on this pup
    It was bad what happen and it still going on
    Do your job and take care of him

  14. More barbaric actions from an Animal Care Services employee that is supposed to be helping animals not putting them in a noose and hanging them! This POS needs to be fired, obviously he has NO compassion for the animals his is entrusted to take care of. I don’t know what “administrative duties” involve but if it has anything to do interacting with animals, this fool needs to be GONE!

  15. I can only imagine the things he has done that has not been caught on tape. This so called animal control officer should be fired. No other animals should be subject to that kind of treatment by someone that is supposed to be helping them.

  16. What a STUPID,STUPID,STUPID ASSHOLE! It’s pretty damn sad that this cold hearted idiot has to be told that this is inappropriate! HELLO! Do have any working brain cells left in ur head? Most 5 year olds know this in wrong! Thank God this traumatized fur baby is being rescued!


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