Abused puppy seized by authorities after neighbor secretly videoed animal cruelty

In Jacksonville, Florida, an extremely brave, though frightened resident, secretly videoed a disturbing animal cruelty situation involving  a black and white puppy. As the abused puppy cried both in pain and fright, the egregious situation was videoed from a nearby shed. Pet Rescue North Inc., a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter in Jacksonville, soon became an important participant in rescuing the innocent little victim.

“We got this video on Wednesday without an address,” the organization stated on their Facebook page after the disturbing video had been sent to them.  “We couldn’t report it without it. The person that took it was extremely frightened of this man; that is why it was taken from a shed. By Wednesday evening, they contacted the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO). JSO took the report, and the Officer said he wasn’t going to let this drop- he gave his word.”

On Thursday, the puppy was still at the home, but legalities were needed as the Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services were in the process of obtaining a warrant based on the graphic video. By Friday morning, the puppy’s owner was served, and the puppy removed from the residence. From viewing the video, it appears as if the puppy may have defecated in the house, and when the owner picked the puppy up to punish her, the dog was so frightened, she defecated all over her back end. Obviously the owner became more infuriated. The man could be seen roughly handling the dog, using a hose to clean it, picking the puppy up by the neck, slapping and kicking her away – as the pup quickly ran away to hide. The puppy’s punishment wasn’t over however, as the yelling man grabbed the puppy again holding her by her neck and telling her “you’re going to learn.”

“He (puppy owner) indicated he is going to fight them to get the puppy back. So they (authorities) are not releasing his name. About the address he lives in a rental. And we gave our word to the person that took the video, we would not give out the address if they would give it to us to help the puppy. It is not going to help their situation. If we broke our word, no one would trust us enough to help them the next time they need help with an animal,” Pet Rescue North stated as they updated the news.

The rescue organization continued:

“We do want to know who this animal abuser is. We want a name with the face, so he doesn’t adopt an dog or cat. If you want to help please share his picture eventually someone will recognize him.”

Be the voice for those who cannot speak. A brave person stood up to defend this puppy. And another hero is honored and thanked by animal advocates everywhere.

(Photo via Pet Rescue North Facebook)

Video is grainy and hard to watch. Graphic … and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.

  1. Sheri
    Sheri says:

    I pray this POS doesn’t get that poor puppy back and will never be able to have another dog or cat or any animal again. Thank you to the person who had the guts to stand up and do something to stop this!!!

    • Eugenia K
      Eugenia K says:

      I hope this “human” will never get this poor puppy back. Puppy will never be safe around this guy- he obviously has a serious problem with patience and anger issues and self control. He will take out all his life frustrations on this poor animal or any other animal in his posession..or a child …or a woman.. anyone who is physically weaker than him.
      I pray he will not get to take the poor innocent animal and will be forbidden from owning any animals- forever. Since abuse becomes stronger and worsens with time. Please do not experiment by putting any animal in danger.. please do not let this guy have any animals 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😢

    • Silvia
      Silvia says:

      This idiot did everything wrong, violence against a pup for pooing, he needs help and holding a dog by the neck, hitting it, he does not deserve the privelage of a beautiful pet, so sad!

  2. maxiemom
    maxiemom says:

    Why does he want the puppy back? So he can kill her? Bastard deserves a lesson in good old fashioned justice- a real a** whoopin’. Would love to see someone do it.

  3. pennysdachshund
    pennysdachshund says:

    Good GOD this Putrid fits the BILL ” HE IS A PERFECT ASS HOLE” Now someone needs to Castrate this BASTARAD so HE CAN”T SPAWN any OFF SPRING so his GENES are not passed on to another Generation!!! This Poor little GIRL she probably would have been tortured to DEATH is this BRAVE INDIVIDULE HADN”T the COURAGE to INTERVENE …. They are a TRUE HERO!!! This PUKE needs to have a LIFETIME BAN on ever owning an animal!!!!!

  4. Helen
    Helen says:

    This person deserves a good beating and hung by his neck until he drops dead! A grown man beating a puppy is no man, but a scrum bag and should rot in hell.

  5. (SunWolf) Beth C.
    (SunWolf) Beth C. says:

    You saw an animal being abused and screaming in pain you became this little girl’s  voice and got her out of the abusive situation.
    You are truly a voice much gratitude💕🐾🐾

    And for the low life scum ass who is going to fight to get her back let’s hope he does not! and in the meantime he better not get another one

  6. linda
    linda says:

    Cheryl Hanna I am confused. If the puppy was removed from the POS’s home why are they asking if anyone recognizes him? Am I missing something from the article?

  7. Sherry Merritt
    Sherry Merritt says:

    I would have had to stop it rather then video tape it. I know the video helps, but I wouldn’t have been able to stand by and watch this happen to an innocent puppy, or any animal for that matter

      • ellen cottone
        ellen cottone says:

        It is not our place to stop it. That violent intervention would not stop the human attack on dog. Documenting it and presenting the video to athorities is what stoped it. This elderly person got the dog out from behind closed doors and from god knows what. I hope a good neighbor will watch over him the thought that he is now being harassed is as criminal. But none is supriised. a bully is a bully to all smaller things. I bet he has an ass kicking comeuppance in his future

      • pennysdachshund
        pennysdachshund says:

        There should at the very least!!! a police /welfare check done several times during the day FOR SUPPORT and nightly drive buys several times a night!! If necessary the force can swing by on the way to their coffee / lunch breaks and back again… No specific time JUST to keep that Asshole next door on HIGH ALERT!! and the little Hero from being frightened!!!

  8. Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray
    Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

    I think a lot of the shaking in the video is because the person is, as they stated, extremely frightened. Please don’t let this subhuman son of Satan have that poor frightened puppy back!

  9. Ana Maria Aceituno
    Ana Maria Aceituno says:

    This person must go straight to jail,no mercy for people like,the innocent angel can`t talk and suppouse to get affection and love,it`s very disturbing and frustrating video.i wish i could rescue the little soul.

  10. Roselyne CORNETTE
    Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Se fils de pute doit être attrapé rapidement et condamnés sévèrement, c’est un monstre, se n’est pas comme ça qu’on éduque un animal, il ne devrait même pas en avoir un. Qu’il brûle en enfer.

  11. 4animals
    4animals says:

    Eye for an eye justice. That is the only way we can clean up this earth of this evil. Poor puppy, thank you neighbor for doing the video. Protect the innocent. Help make this neighbor feel safe, I am sick of this animal abuse. Everybody should help this neighbor feel safe. He did the right thing.

  12. ellen cottone
    ellen cottone says:

    She spied….
    with her tech-no eye.
    saved a dog, Forever!
    Put an animal abuser into the syster “forever”
    Alerted “on the ball animal rescue athorities, Who can not be swayed, who Will not be swayed.
    To his location.
    Very Couragious.
    This is the century the animals speak.
    Their crys of pain and injustice.
    Thru each of us.
    We use our hand held

  13. Edward Nagle
    Edward Nagle says:

    i did .not to see the whole viedo what i did see i.like because. u had cinder blocks i put the one over ur fuckin head and.smash ur face

  14. Colleen Langlois
    Colleen Langlois says:

    Omg; he needs to prosecuted to the extent of the law! There r other dogs that r on the property & need to be removed immediately. That poor angel; such a monster. Please don’t let these monster ever own any kind of pet again! So disturbing & very brave of this lady. I can understand why she’s nervous of this maniac as well as this innocent baby.

  15. Solveig Pettersson
    Solveig Pettersson says:

    Thank you for report this horribel behaving! !!! He shall NOT HAVE THE POOR PUPPY AGAIN🐕🐕🐕 HE WILL NOT HAVE ANY ANIMAIS AT ALL !!! EVIL MAN !!!

  16. Nancy Raymond
    Nancy Raymond says:

    This hunk of white trash has no right to EVER have any animal ever again – The authorities know who this so why are they asking if anyone recognizes him? Put this bastard’s picture in every shelter and rescue in the Florida area so they are aware of his cruelty – personally, I’d just give the dirtbag a quick trip to the wood chipper – then all animals would be safe from him.

  17. Kathleen Drude
    Kathleen Drude says:

    This has to stop! Once a baby has been taken away from these things they can’t be allowed to get them back! If that was was a human the thing would be in jail and that would be the end of it! There should be no less importance put on this just because it’s a 4 legged baby! The laws have to be strengthened! Too many animals are losing their lives because the laws are too lax! Time to make it as much of a crime for animal as it is for human!

  18. Laura S.
    Laura S. says:

    No puppy for you! The first rule of puppies is that the only thing that hitting teaches is to stay out of range. Bad human, BAD!

  19. Marleen
    Marleen says:

    Arrest records are generally public information. If he was charged, would there not be an incident or arrest report on the county’s web site? Can you search on the day the puppy was removed. There should be an animal complaint or animal abuse report out there. The name sure does need to be shared so no other adoption agencies will ever make the mistake to adopt to him again.

  20. Tracy Whitcomb
    Tracy Whitcomb says:

    I hope that bastard goes to Prison and stays there for a very long time. He does NOT deserve to breathe or even see the light of day again. I hope he gets PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST!!!! STUPID BASTARD!!!!

  21. susispot
    susispot says:

    I hope this dickhead doesn’t hurt the person that busted him. He has probably put 2 and 2 together and has a pretty good idea who got the puppy removed (thank you God). I hope the puppy hero will be safe.

      • tina
        tina says:

        Get off your religious bullshit and stop using this site to preach. Karma does exist. Yeah karma!

      • Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray
        Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

        Someday everyone will know the truth. The Bible tells us that the vast majority of people will go to hell. So, I will continue to “preach”. Until then, God exists (not karma). Yeah, God!

      • ellen cottone
        ellen cottone says:

        Karma does exist. Your jonny come lately religious sub cult of a religion has blocked your understanding of the world around you. perhaps the pagan term frightens you. in all its simplicity.
        but heres the fact self-proclamed doctor of nothing.
        Every story in the bibal is a testiment to karma. Starting with the snit between adam and eve and god.
        The 10 commandments are cautionary rules to stop bad karma.
        Maybe you would feel less ofensive to god ( your words)if we reword for you. Dumb it down a bit so you understand.

        Every bad thing you do evey bad thought has physical cause and effect.
        These are the teachings of jesus christ as well as buddia.
        But you wouldnt understand that. because the sad thing about you christian is that you do not have what it takes to be a religious leader.You need to have a legitamate education. you need to be a scholar in theology. You do not.You need to understand all cultures and religions. Your limited,
        to your own social ignorance and predijest.
        But for now,
        Do not ever speak for god. you have no authority.And do not ever speak to people what you think is blasphemous to god.
        Because you really dont seem to know him.

      • ellen cottone
        ellen cottone says:

        yea karma!!
        Teri your killing me!

        Dont you hate
        Religious intolarance
        from the intolaran religious?

      • Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray
        Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

        Pennysdachsund – You answered your own question. HELL is exactly what makes me continue to “preach”. And, I don’t need to speak for God. He has commanded us to not put any false gods before him. Using the word karma which is a big part of the belief system of some false religions is doing just that.

      • tina
        tina says:

        No Yvonne I meant Yeah. Karma does exist maybe not for you but for many. As I have said stop insulting other religious practices. You’re just a disgusting fucking troll! And Ellen and Penny…….WTG!

      • tina
        tina says:

        Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray needs help!!! Please lets all Pray for her ignorance and prejudices that she has against other religions she proclaims are false. Oh my she needs help. She’s only making an ass out of herself. Please forgive her for being such an insensitive person.

      • Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray
        Rev. Dr. Yvonne Ray says:

        Jesus Christ was loving but he spoke more about the consequences of sin and hell than anyone in the Bible. He was so brutally honest, politically incorrect and unpopular that he was murdered. But the unsaved world, pseudo Christians and lukewarm Christians can’t handle God’s unpopular truth.
        I am not being insensitive or intolerant. I am being honest and trying to help you folks.

      • ellen cottone
        ellen cottone says:

        Amen, Sister!
        Today your sermon was delivered with the grace of calvery.we like to test people here. thats why we get nothing done. welcome to the think tank.The more we share the more we learn and maybe we can make life better.for people and animals.
        Happy St Patricks Day! Christian soldier.

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