Abused Doberman puppy with severed spine rescued

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Spencer was Wednesday’s 911 call for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. The Isabella fawn and rust purebred Doberman was brought to the county shelter in Kershaw City, South Carolina. The one-year-old puppy was emaciated, scarred and wounded. His ears had been cropped in a half-witted home slicing debacle, but that wasn’t the worst of it for young Spencer. Something terrible happened to his back.spencer-the-dog

“Why does he look bent in half? Why can’t he stand properly? Did he escape an abusive situation only to be hit by a car? We will never know his full story, but Spencer’s life didn’t just go downhill today! He didn’t come from anywhere good,” explained Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the New York City based rescue organization who often specialize in the most severe cases of abuse and cruelty. 

When brought into the shelter, Spencer was in horrific condition as blood dripped down his face as he hobbled around in pain. And with all of those painful obstacles facing the Doberman, it didn’t stop him from being friendly to everyone he met; both human and canine. Rushed to the rescue’s partner specialty veterinarian, extensive X-rays and an examination by a neurologist determined the dog’s spine has been severed. His only hope for survival is immediate surgery once he is stabilized. Estimates for the operation and intensive care are between $5,700 and $7,000.

“We took him because he was suffering, and he deserved to live,” Jackie posted to their followers on the rescue’s Facebook page. “It was the right thing to do, but we need your help. We put down a $3,000 deposit just to bring him in the front door. It is no wonder so many dogs can not be helped. In addition to the operation for his spine, his stomach is full of bones – which is another problem we will have to address.”spencer-the-dog-2

According to veterinarians, the Doberman probably escaped from whatever hell he had been living. Clearly starved and abused, he had been eating a dead animal trying to stave off his terrible hunger pains when he was hit by a car. Tragically, that driver never stopped to help either.

Spencer has a long and difficult uphill battle ahead, but his short life of abuse and neglect are over. From this day forward, this puppy will have the best of care and hopefully be able to look forward to a long and happy life. To help, please click here,  or here. Donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org.

(Photos of Spencer and video courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Check out Spencer’s earlier video:



29 replies
  1. angelina ricketts says:

    Bastards. Hate abuser’s I catch them I will abouse them my self and friends will to and join in with me. X

  2. Rob says:

    Poor dobie, his owner should rot in hell. Hard to believe people can be that much of a scum bag and treat an innocent animal this way. They’ll end up at the gates of hell!!!

  3. pennysdachshund says:

    Of course South Carolina !!! The Texas of the South East!!! Our Society in the USA is far Too civil to deal with the LIKES of the PURE TO THE BONE EVIL< VILE < BUZZIARD < PUKE that Get Such PLEASURE out of MAIMING< BUTCHERING< MURDERING HELPLESS < CREATURES That can't defend themselves… They need to be emasculated , and hung from the highest tree !!! Something has to be done to get the attention of these EVIL BASTARDS so THEY KNOW for a FACT our Country, is SICK and Tired of their EVIL SHIT!!!

  4. Deborah J. says:

    For the love of GOD, please, help this dog. No animal should have to suffer like this. Please, step up for this dog.

  5. Linda Patton says:

    The human(s) responsible must get long harsh prison terms. There is no excuse for this other then pure evilness. Hunter suffered for months at a minimum. I’m so glad he escaped, no matter how he did it. He has the will to live. He deserves to live. He deserves a family who will dote over him, love him with all they’ve got, and spoil him to the ends of the earth. Thank you for saving Hunter. Everyone, please if you can, donate to help Hunter get the medical treatment he needs. Thank you

  6. Kathryn Aldridge says:

    This is BEYOND HORRIFIC! I hope they find the monster who did this and send him to jail for a LONNNNNG TIME. I wish I could donate, but I’m barely scraping by, myself. Sending prayers for Spencer! ????????????

  7. Ed says:

    Let’s start with lunch have fun baseball bat smash their f****** heads to start with male or female and smash their f****** skulls with a baseball bat I don’t think we’re still at the accessibility of the puppy that you said it again and pain Put smash their f****** face again with the butt

  8. Cherryl Gallo-Trapolsi says:

    My language…& DISGUST 4 PEOPLE …
    Anyway, to the rescuerz & nu mommy, thank u…just THANK U MILLIONZ! As she said, “she needed our help” these r the dogs I want to see their lives turned around! Hugggz & ????

  9. Solveig Pettersson says:

    Dont be live how people can do this too a innocent Beautiful Little dog !!!! Hope he can get a careful foreverhome ???????????? Karma will come too People do thism! !!!

  10. Doris Schoning says:

    This poor puppy is the result of human and other problems in his country I say when there is an abuse to any anima the person or persons that does this just needs to be shot and get these sick people off the planet why put them in prison to let tax payers keep them get rid of the trash . they do not deserve to live in comfort where they get food, water a warm place to sleep they need to suffer as this poor dog is doing before we just shoot. Any one who does this Is ay get rid of them they are a waste if air them. I am tired of seeing animals being abused and people dropping them off on roads and kill shelters this will not stop unless people stand up to this. As long as we keep picking up others r rescuers keep saving them this will continue make dog and cat owners responsible and accountable for their pet , have stricter laws , protect the dogs and cats Every animal that is adopted should be check on and we need a data bases for all abusers so they can be. just like rapist checked on and A data base is cheaper then vet bills then still shoot the abuser
    at least do to them what they did to the animal same treatment.

  11. Sandy says:

    This just breaks my heart and makes me very angry that people do this to a defenseless animals. I have not stopped thinking about this poor boy since I’ve seen this post. I have 3 doberman’s and all they want is to love and be close to you definitely do not deserve being treated like this. Love, kisses, hugs and prayers to you spencer. You are a fighter baby keep fighting sweet boy.


    Feel so heartbroken and angry with stupid heartless humans who inflict pain and suffering on voiceless loving creatures of God .My only hope and prayers is they pay in their karma .God bless all you kind souls out there who dedicate your life and care for these poor abused animals .Bless you xxxx

  13. Tracy says:

    It breaks my heart to see the great sadness this toddler aged puppy is and that this is his short past. Thank you to those being able to give this boy a sense of trust so he will be happy soon as he is on an incredible journey now so enjoy sweet foofer.

  14. RevRNR says:

    Or they could use those resources to save a dozen healthy dogs.

    Our nation is so unreasonable about death. People don’t seem to understand that death isn’t cruel. Suffering is cruel. Death is natural, and the dead don’t suffer. And dogs don’t have the same abstract understanding or fear of death that humans do anyways. I don’t know why people are so averse to euthanizing animals that are clearly suffering. The most ethical thing to do is to put this poor creature out of his misery.

    • Jeanette Rein says:

      Spencer is a creature of God put on this earth for a purpose just like all creatures. If Spencer was a young child would you want the same, put the child out of it’s misery and suffering? I hope not…Spencer deserves a chance to live a life filled with love and a loving family, as do all of God’s creatures. If you’ve never had the love of a family pet, you won’t understand….Spencer deserves to have a family!

  15. Gisele says:

    very sad I moved to Harlem NYC in 1984 we had a lot of horrible abuse I feed the cat on the street and met a great vet dr Peterson on second ave who help wwith abuse cat abuser have to be punish


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