Abandoned in a school yard: Someone hurt Benjamin with malice and hate

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In a quiet area of Dallas, Benjamin curled up along the outer hallway of a local school. The dog, thought to be a  SharPei and Basset hound mix, had been in excruciating pain; he was alone and seemed to be just waiting to die. 

“We cried when we saw the first photo of Benjamin knowing that his injuries were clearly performed with malice and hate,” stated Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder Stacey Silverstein on the organization’s Facebook page on Tuesday evening. “His injured eye is missing, smashed in, bloody and the other eye is closed and infected. We hope the eye can be saved.”

No one knows what happened, nor does anyone know why this dog was nearly beaten to death by a depraved  person determined to inflict misery on a defenseless dog.  When rescued, Benjamin’s ears were ripped and gashes and bruises covered his entire body. Blood was everywhere.

The dog was rushed to the organization’s veterinary partner emergency hospital where he is receiving life saving care. Benjamin was administered heavy pain medication as clearly he had been in severe discomfort. He is currently on intravenous medication and needs supportive care. Benjamin will be given a full medical work up to correctly diagnose and treat his severe injuries.

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Injured dog

Posted by Leslie Hennings on Tuesday, September 5, 2017




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16 replies
  1. Susan Brummett says:


    Rescue Dog Rocks NYC has rescued Benjamin, who was abandoned in a school severely injured. He needsour prayers a d well wishes If you can donate to his medical, a link is provided. Please share to help Benjamin.

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    THIS KIND of EVIL is only getting worse and the really horrific thing is It appears the authorities are not VESTED in finding, convicting the PERPS WHO are committing this EVIL SHIT and the LAUGHING AT THE WORLD BECAUSE THEY GOT BY WITH TORTURE < MAIMING <an innocent DOG!!! These SCUM BAGS ACTUALLY NEED TO DIE THEMSELVES!!!!

  3. vicki hood says:

    Need updates and some financial support for this super baby. He was so gentle when he was hurting so. His eye is gone, his throat is wide open. Keep us posted. Who has him?

  4. Adrienne Crognale says:

    RDR comes to the rescue again and are giving this dog the best treatment possible. That is what they do regardless of circumstances.Why aren’t law enforcement making it a priority to find who did this. Are they going to wait until it happens to a human? Get these things off the street.

  5. Debbie says:

    Praying for you precious one….you never deserved to be treated this way and I pray they catch whoever did this & punts them away for a very long time. And that a loving forever family adopts you and you never have to want or suffer again…

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    Thank you Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for again helping a dog in Texas! Prayers for Benjamin and may whoever hurt him rot in Hell!

  7. Helen says:

    So sad! Find the bastard who hurt this pup and make sure this person pays dearly. If it was up to me, this person won’t be breathing.

  8. Nancy Raymond says:

    THANK GOD for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC – if not for them Benjamin would have been put done in a heartbeat – Texas has little to no intent of any attempt to save any injured animal – they have proven it over and over by killing them daily. The maggot puke who did this to Benjamin will never be caught because Texas will never put any real investigation into finding them so they can continue to abuse animals – I truly hope this skank fucks up and gets their filthy ass killed and left in a gutter where they belong.


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