Abandoned Jennie chewed off her leg to escape hurricane flooding

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Who could imagine Jennie’s emotional state after her owner tied her up and abandoned her as Hurricane Harvey moved closer to her home? Flood waters began to rise – the desperation and fear engulfing her every emotion. And then came the young dog’s decision; would she drown or would she try to escape however she could? 

And so Jennie chewed off her leg. For over a week she suffered until rescuers arrived. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were asked to help, and without hesitation, Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the organization volunteered:

“This is what desperation and despair look like,” stated Stacey as she posted the heartbreaking photos of Jennie  on social media with the lower part of her leg missing. “Her owners left her tied like this and abandoned here. It’s miraculous she survived this horrific event. We rushed her to Blue Pearl Emergency Hospital in Spring Texas where she remains.”

It may have been just in time that the dog was rescued. Immediately upon arrival Jennie needed a blood transfusion. When her condition is stable, she will need to have her leg amputated.

“Jennie was an innocent victim of despicable owners who just left her to die an agonizing death.”

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(Photos and video of dog who chewed off her leg to escape courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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Watch this poor pup’s video:

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Sunday, September 10, 2017



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40 replies
  1. Betty says:

    OMG How sad it that My heart goes out to the poor pup
    and as far as the A**Holes that tie her I hope you rot in hell you know that was so bad
    Heartless Bastards

  2. Helen says:

    Thank you RDR for stepping in to care for Jennie. May Jennie’s despicable owner rot in hell. It’s bad enough the owner abandoned Jennie, but to tie her up to die in the storm is the epitome of evilness.
    I hope IRMA totally destituted this heartless owner.

  3. Adrienne says:

    The owners need to be charged with felony charges for what they did to this dog. Animals do not understand what is happening but they do exhibit fear and that is what this dog felt to try any way he could to release him self from being chained. Owners were trying to get out themselves, but to take time to chain this dog up rather than take him with them shows that they are void of any emotions towards this dog. They should pay for this dogs medical expenses and never own another dog or cat.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Thanks to those who rescued Jennie and especially to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC – if it weren’t for them she surely would have died. As for the mthrfckers of owners who just left her tied up to drown – I hope your house is in total ruins and you end up living under a bridge – there is a special place in hell for human trash like you. You bastards just ran off and left her being only too interested in saving yourselves – Jennie deserved much better and hopefully, she will get a safe loving home that she obviously never had.

  5. Sherry D Hadley says:

    Rescue Dogs Rock comes through again. Poor darling, how frightened she must have been , but she did what she had to for survival. Shame on those ridiculous people to chain her which left her NO way to escape ! They never deserved her to begin with! Hopefully she has a bright future now!

  6. Mary DeStefano-Flahive says:

    This is heartbreaking!! The fear & trauma that poor dog suffered had to be severe for her to actually chew her leg off to escape!! The heartless owners need to be charged with felony animal abuse/cruelty and forced to pay all the medical bills!! Praying she recovers & gets a deserving loving home!

  7. Dog Lover Texas says:

    Sick of seeing dogs go to horrible scam “rescue” groups. Pathetic.
    Haven’t people realized this “rescue” is not reputable yet??? Especially now after natural disasters…
    All about the money.

    • Stephanie says:

      I donate to this rescue when I can and they pull/save dogs from kill shelters all of the time. Thanks for trying to take away from these innocent animals.

  8. Kathleen Drude says:

    This is not an isolated incident! Those who tie their dogs up then leave are signing that dogs death warrant! These humans don’t love their dogs, if they did they wouldn’t condemn them to die this way!

  9. Star Shelley says:

    I pray with all my heart that this owners are charge with animal cruelty. I cannot believe that they had to tied her up. Why?????? hope they have nightmare for the rest of their life, and no peace in their hearts , mind and soul. sending prayers to Jennie. Thank you Rescue Rock NYC.

  10. Mary C says:

    That makes no sense. The owner wouldn’t tie the dog up by the foot. You can’t easily tie a dog up by a foot. I think she lost her foot in another manner. They are making up this story to get donations. People have used my animal rescue photos to beg for donations in scams.

    • Deb Anderson says:

      She could have been left tied and the cord/chain became tied around her leg. Could easily happen, particularly if she is panicking due to flooding.

      • Stephanie says:

        I’ve seen a shackle and chain around a dogs leg before.
        How disgusting for you to insinuate the rescue is lying. That is despicable. Great of you to take the attention off of this poor dog that is suffering, and turn it against the rescue who are actually helping!!
        What are you doing to help??? Nothing, you’re only hurting.

      • Luna says:

        Deb, I’m not asking this to disagree with you. I am asking because I am genuinely curious. I have the same question as the person above “how did the chain get around Jennie’s leg?” Let’s say the dog was tied up around its neck. How would the chain get onto its leg? I could see maybe if the dog was tied around its torso, but I’ve never seen a dog tied up that way before. Also, how would the rescue know the dog chewed its leg off for that reason? It’s not like the dog can tell them. I’m sure after a massive hurricane, the chain wouldn’t be lying in the area it originally was either. It’s definitely possible the dog got something else caught on her foot, when she was in the storm. I am interested in your explanation of how a dog can get a chain around its leg, so I can be more educated in the future. Thanks!

      • audrey says:

        Luna a dog can easily get a leash entangled within its legs. I saw a dog loose walking with a leash entangled around his leg.. If its long enough it does happen. Thankfully I found the owner.

  11. Bill says:

    I concur with Mary C…common sense says to ask why someone would tie a dog up by the leg? Don’t be a suckered and fall for the scam!

  12. Russ says:

    Mary C., my thoughts exactly. How do you tie up a dog by their foot? Maybe the dog was tied up and got his leg caught in something trying to get away? Main thing is she is safe now. Find the owner and prosecute them!

  13. humanitygone says:

    owners of animals need to be photographed with their animals and if lost or left abandoned they can be identified who the owner is so they can e prosecuted to the fullest…no acceptable reason any animal should be abandoned when owned by a human none at all and need to fess up to it when found and if possible face heavy jail time…

  14. Christi Nation says:

    I hope the owners are prosecuted!! She looks and seems like such a sweet baby. If released from the hospital and deemed safe to find her new home, I would love to come meet her and see if we can become furever friends and family. Let me know!

  15. Larkin Vonalt says:

    Seriously? This dog was not “tied up by her leg.” That doesn’t even make sense, and the end of that leg has not been “gnawed.” She might have been trapped somewhere, or had the leg caught or even was hit by a car, but no one “tied her up by the leg.” Try to use the critical thinking skills God gave you — and for those of you calling for the imprisonment of the dog’s owner— even though you don’t have the first clue how dog and owner were separated– you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

    • Mark says:

      It never stated the dog was tied up by her leg. The dog was tied up and abandoned. The leash became entangled. Read Cheryl Hanna’s commit above. If you had scrolled above you could avoided your dumb ass comment!

  16. AD says:

    Wait, was her leg tied? Was something on her leg preventing her escape? Why would she chew off her leg if like every dog she was tethered by a collar around her neck?

  17. Corynn says:

    My heart is so heavy. I pray this baby is feeling loved right now and those who abandoned her are punished to the greatest extent of the law (and then some).

  18. Red says:

    Hope her family is found, made to pay for her surgery and recovery but NOT GIVEN this precious baby back to them!!! This is a travesty!!!
    The owners should never be allowed to own another pet!


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