Abandoned dogs and puppies rescued from Dakota Access Pipeline site

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Volunteers with the Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue have rescued two abandoned dogs and six puppies from the Dakota Access Pipeline since protesters vacated the site. According to the rescue organization, as governmental crews cleaned up the area in Oceti Sakowin, North Dakota, the dogs were seen roaming the area and trying to deal with the intense winter temperatures and the lack of food. Furry Friends Rockin' Rescue.jpg 2

“Extremely sad being these guys were left behind. But we offer, Furry Friends offers hope. I mean there’s so much hope within Furry Friends as far as these puppies finding homes,” Tiffany Hardy posted on the Facebook page of the group.

Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue plan to return to the protests camps to catch more animals. The task has been extremely challenging as the loud machinery brought into the area to clean up, continues to scare the lost animals. According to Fox News, Julie Schirado, with the rescue group, described the area as a real mess – making it very difficult to find the animals, but volunteers intend to stick it out and will return to the camps every weekend.

The dogs have all been given veterinarian care, baths and are now in quarantine making sure they are healthy before they are made available for adoption. Some of the dogs suffered from frost bitten ears, patchy fur and overgrown nails.

” This is about the well being of innocent animals. This is not an outlet to express your views on the DAPL project or protest. We will be monitoring postings.  If you are the owner of any of these dogs, please send us an email (contact information is found on our website) and we will gladly speak with you on the process of returning your animal,” the rescue announced.

At this time, no more adoption applications are being accepted for the puppies. It is unknown if protesters abandoned the dogs or if stray dogs from the area arrived at the site looking for food and help. To donate to Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue as the group continues to help the stray animals in the area – regardless of the politics, please click here.

Photos of the first eight dogs and puppies rescued from the Dakota Access Pipeline site  courtesy of Furry Friends Rockin’ Rescue.


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    • They are not cruel people! They were burnt out and forced out at gunpoint. The mess that was left was from the government bulldozers that destroyed all theuir belongings. Educate yourself please!

      • Please don’t assume on my comment. I was not commenting on the protesters. I made mention of cruel people abandoning their pets.

  1. Thank you Furry Friends for your dedication and commitment to rescuing these poor animals. To the aholes who abandoned these dogs may you find your loser self living under a bridge and no one cares.

    • They are not cruel people! They were burnt out and forced out at gunpoint. The mess that was left was from the government bulldozers that destroyed all their belongings.

      • I’m not surprised the government would do this to these people. I’m sorry if I placed the blame where it did not belong. I must admit I haven’t been watching what was going on with this pipeline story, I’ve been so disgusted with the way things are going in this country, keeping up on dog news has been depressing enough. I’d say it’s the government’s responsibility to clean up this mess! Of course they obviously (the government) don’t give a hoot about the environment or these people’s drinking water let alone stray dogs that might be looking for food!

    • The Moon is actually made of Cream Cheese , but the government didn’t want to release that information to the masses because there would be a world war with several different countries clammering to get to the Moon first to state a claim and there would be an undue amount of traffic in Space!!! Our government was not the ones’ at fault for not attempting to get the contaminated Cheese!!!

    • Take a few hours and look up Reservation’s in North Dakota, Montana, ( Ashland , Crow Agency, Lame Deer, Wind River, Lodge Grass! Obama came out to Crow Agency and was made an honorary Crow… hasn’t been back that is for sure.


    • They are not cruel people! They were burnt out and forced out at gunpoint. The mess that was left was from the government bulldozers that destroyed all theuir belongings. Educate yourself please!

  3. Not LIVING in the Western Part of the USA where this ‘So-called protest about saving the Land” look on line and See for your selves what a horrific, toxic, vile, amount of human waste, rotten garbage , bottles, drug related paraphernalia, these so called environmental POS indigenous people left… Work for a living and a better life! Ha!Ha! Jane Fonda you “fucked ” up again!! First Viet Nam! Now the Native American Fraction that doesn’t want to work , go to school, ( which incidently is free) want the government to give them total financial support for life, do copious amounts of illegal drugs, and alcohol, expect free substance abuse treatment life long… :YOU think these little animals are the only ones the Native American has abandoned .. Well go to Montana and drive down by Busby, Prior, Lame Deer, Crow Agency, Lodge Grass , talk to Rez Dog Rescue… hundreds and hundreds of dogs, cats, horses, are abandoned , and left out to freeze and die, to be run over, starved,….. yet work and make something of themselves… they would rather protest, and do drugs while doing the protesting…..

  4. I don’t give a damn about what they were protesting my only concern is for these dogs and puppies! It would seem that once again humans have proven that their agenda is more important than the animals left behind! The fact that these dogs and puppies were there during this time is evident! The fact that they were abandoned there along with the rest of he crap these things brought there sends a clear message! Their agenda was more important and once they saw that was going south they followed but their pets didn’t!

  5. Why would anyone think they were left behind by protesters. The army corp of encineers threw them out off the property
    they werent giving notice they were escorted with a rifel to their heads. maybe they were lost or as the writer said they were strays coming into the area to skavange for scraps of food

    • You are NOTHING Short of a “NITWIT”. They are not talking about a little bit of Debris left behind there were hundreds of tons if not thousands left there !!! It has taken bulldozers.. not a rake and shovel to clean up several sites!! You need to go and look for yourself at the reservations!!! BETTER Yet GET Jane Fonda to take you!!! It is not all Native People that do this!!! There are thousands that are very well educated and they are constantly working to make progress in animal neglect abuse, ALSO child ABUSE and Neglect, … Chemical use and abuse, education…. Just look up Rez Dog Rescue. I believe there is a chapter in Billings, Mt. Just for once instead of shooting off your trap… do the research in the area’s mentioned above!!!

    • LOOK YOU Little Brat!!! YOU have “trashed” Me continuously calling me an “ole ass” … among other insults continuously…. this is NO JUST The “ellen cottone” site .. I don’t give who the hell you or Rich parents are or the senators’ and other congress members your family apparently “Brown Noses” .. I have JUST as much right to post and speak my opinion as you so go take a crap in YOUR ROSE GARDEN YOU have enough fertilizer to fertilize your and the White House GARDEN. BE careful Diarrhea really smells bad!!1

      • What’s this the kids hour? Pennysdachsand all you do is rant and rave about nonsense! Please if your going to speak on issues then do so but the capital letters and trashing different parts of this country gets a little old because when it comes right down to it animals are abused in every state in this country and that’s the bottome line no one state has more than another this is not about keeping score! It’s about bringing to justice those who abuse animals! I don’t care about anything else!

  6. Well !!! They wouldn’t print what I had to say about the way animals are tossed out to run along the highways in search for food in shelter in The Southern Montana , Southeast Montana area, as just a small example of how animals are treated on reservations! Look up the RezDog Rescue of Montana and you can see the wonderful work that organization has done in neuter, spay, vaccination, and finding homes for thousands of Dogs and Cats, NOT Hundreds!!! What happened in North Dakota is nothing BUT the Norm in the Native American Population… Pine Ridge South Dakota is no different… Sad to say but The Environment is not what it is All about!!! otherwise why would the land have been left in total devastation … to look like a third world country after it was abandoned!!

  7. I just can’t believe this leaving behind these poor furbabies thank you for rescuing these poor furbabies I’m Christian and Cherokee and would never leave a helpless animal behind

  8. Thank you to rescued this sweet dogs! !! They nöt deserves this behaving ???????????????? Wish them all careful foreverhome ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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